Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1288 - Drunken Monkey

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Chapter 1288: Drunken Monkey

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ah Bai was drunk, and it gave Ah Meng a sharp hit because Crispy Noodles brushed its head with his tail.

It was a little crazy, but that was what happened.

Ah Bai skipped around for a while and finally, the burning sensation subsided. However, not long after, the drunkenness came over it. It staggered as it walked, and its vision became blurry.


The other five little ones found it interesting, so they went up to tease it. Crispy Noodles swept it with his tail and ran away. Ah Bai spotted Ah Meng, who was behind Crispy Noodles and went up to hit it.

Li Du was amused at first. Is this monkey boxing or drunk boxing? Soon, however, he stopped laughing.

Ah Meng was vengeful. It would scratch a tree even if it were he who accidentally b.u.mped into it. Being hit on the neck without any reason enraged it.

I’m going to kill you, thought the angry honey badger.

Ah Bai was usually timid. It never dared to provoke the other five little ones, certainly not Ah Meng, who was intimidating. However, it was drunk and unafraid of anything.

Ah Meng fiercely shook it down, turning its head to bite it. Ah Bai climbed up the table shakily, grabbed a small beer bottle and back-flipped while it jumped down with extraordinary agility. It banged the bottle fast and fierce on Ah Meng’s head.

This was malicious enough. Ah Meng could endure hitting, but this move definitely could stun it for a bit. Ah Bai threw away the bottle and climbed again shakily on the table. This time it grabbed a knife.

If Li Du hadn’t stopped it in time, there would have been bloodshed.

Ah Meow and the others, who were watching from the side, were shocked. Apparently, they did not think that the soft weak little monkey would fight so boldly!

Other than being shocked, they were envious of Ah Bai’s ability to use tools, which gave it a huge advantage in a fight.

Li Du kept Ah Bai under control, while Sophie appeased Ah Meng. Ah Meow and the others felt neglected and ran to them to beg for attention. Chaos occurred again, with neither of them able to have their meal in peace because they had to take care of the little ones.

Small towns had low prices. The meal cost only 40,000 rubles, or less than $800.

They had more than ten people with them, and most of them were men with healthy appet.i.tes. They ordered expensive food, including at least ten plated of caviar!

Steve booked the hotel. A standard room was only 1200 rubles per night. The room was s.p.a.cious and clean. They had no air conditioner and used the fireplace. The coal was abundant locally and the fireplace burned the whole day, making the room warm and cozy.

Seeing Li Du and the others, Steve asked, “Why are you so late?”

Li Du shrugged his shoulders and said, “I wouldn’t say our trip here was smooth, but I’m glad to see you. If it weren’t for my quick thinking, we probably wouldn’t be able to meet you.”

“What happened?” wondered Steve.

The TV in the hotel lobby was showing the news. The news reporter was talking with a frown on his face. In the background, Li Du saw a familiar building of red, with personnel in white coats swarming around it.

Instead of answering Steve, he asked Hank, “What’s this about?”

Hankway translated, “…According to the report of the Vorkuta mental hospital, a total of 15 patients were lost today. Since the files have not been transmitted yet, we cannot release the photos of the lost patients. Please pay attention to any strangers. If they appear to have an unusual mental condition, please call the asylum or the police… ”

When he translated until this part, he laughed and said, “Some asylum lost their patients. This is funny, I wonder how they managed to do that…”

“It wasn’t that they lost them, they just didn’t pick them up,” The hotel clerk smiled and explained, “My brother is a policeman. He was talking about this just now. It’s really interesting.”

“What happened?”

“A group of mental patients was sent to Vorkuta for treatment. They arrived by plane, but the driver had a drink and his pickup was delayed. When he arrived at the airport, he didn’t find the patients, so he just picked a group of tourists. Haha, isn’t that interesting?”

Steve and the others laughed, and Little Ford sniffed, “This is something! Is Russia still that primitive?”

“Bad luck for the tourists. How long have they been locked up?”

“Haha, I bet these unlucky people got a lot of valium shots. The more anxious they were to tell they were normal, the more needles they would get…”

Li Du and the gang did not find it funny, however. Their faces were stony.

Steve soon realized what happened and exclaimed, “Oh my G.o.d, those unlucky tourists…”

Li Du said in a flat tone, “Yep, it’s us.”

There was an abrupt end to the laughter. The atmosphere was awkward, but soon there was a loud chuckle.

Steve took them to their rooms, told them to rest, and said he would show them around the town at noon tomorrow and take them to a very interesting market.

After using his energy on the asylum and the few little ones, Li Du really needed a rest. He and Sophie had not had much sleep during all their time in the wilderness, and now that they were in the hotel they had to take the chance.

Steve, who contacted a farm that hosted groups of people who wanted to eat authentic Russian country food, arranged dinner.

After a good nap in the afternoon, Ah Bai was finally awake from its drunken slumber. It obviously didn’t remember what happened during lunch, so when Ah Meng chased it to take revenge it felt it was wronged.

However, it remembered vodka and loved it. At dinner, none of them noticed that the bottle of vodka fell, and because it was a long Russian table, Li Du didn’t pay attention.

This time Ah Bai was more experienced. Instead of clutching its neck and jumping around in fear when it gulped the vodka down, it jumped around in happiness. Apparently, it enjoyed this feeling.

Li Du was frustrated. This mischievous child would become a drunkard one day. He wanted to hit Ah Bai, but punis.h.i.+ng it while it was drunk would not be any use.

Ah Meng seized the opportunity to bite Ah Bai. Ah Bai picked up a small shovel from the ground and hit Ah Meng’s hard on the head. Ah Meow and the others, who were watching, could feel their companion’s pain too.

Ah Bai jumped onto Ah Meng’s back and kept hitting with the shovel.

Li Du was worried. Why is this mischievous child so uncontrollable? This was not a playful tussle; Ah Bai could not control itself when it was drunk. Although it wasn’t intentional, it could cause serious injury.

Steve was envious. His manul was by his side, cowering in the cage and pretending to be dead. It would run away at the first chance, not feeling the least attachment towards its captor.

The Fords now laughed at Steve every day, saying that they had the foresight not to compete with him for the manul, who proved to be a depressing, burdensome charge.

Steve could only gnash his teeth in frustration. He hated himself for being so stubborn. He privately thought he should have let the brothers take the manul so that he would not be stuck with it now.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1288 - Drunken Monkey

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