Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1290 - Motorcycle Stunts

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Chapter 1290: Motorcycle Stunts

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du remembered that Russia, their neighboring country in the north, seemed to have good relations with the Chinese nation and was once the Big Brother of the young republic, helping China fight the j.a.panese in Kanto.

So deep down, Li Du felt better about Russia than he did about the United States.

Later, after experiencing some discrimination and deception in the United States, he felt even worse about the United States. However, when he came to Russia this time, he found that Americans seemed to be friendlier to Chinese than Russians.

Many people in Russia did not like the Chinese, especially people at the lower levels of society. They thought that Chinese people stole their jobs and their wealth.

Nowadays, many Chinese people have come to thrive in Russia, in the fields of farming, animal husbandry, fish and forestry business, and other industries, so that many poor Russians were now working for a Chinese boss.

There would, naturally, always be a conflict between employees and their boss. The workers wouldn’t dare to do anything to the Chinese in their boss’s cla.s.s but would bully the Chinese in their own cla.s.s.

Speaking of bullying the weak, Li Du felt that the Russians were often gifted in this.

For example, just now, the other side called people like him “Yellow Dog”, which was an even more grievous insult than “yellow monkey”. The other side obviously had enough understanding of Chinese culture to know which epithets were more insulting.

Li Du face turned somber. He pointed to that big fellow and said. “Hey, what did you just say?”

He said that in Chinese. The big man could obviously understand some Chinese since he cursed him in Chinese just now.

The big man stared at Li Du menacingly, then made a few big steps to push him. When he raised his hand, Brother Wolf, G.o.dzilla, and the others wanted to intervene, but Li Du dodged the attacker, shook his head and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

“I asked you to get lost,” the big man said in Chinese again.

Li Du smiled contemptuously and said, “You speak Chinese well. You do rely on the Chinese to earn money, don’t you? Doesn’t it hurt your conscience to insult your income source like that?”

The big man could speak Chinese, but his vocabulary was limited, so he couldn’t understand Li Du’s words. Instead, he pointed at Li Du and swore in more proficient Russian, gesticulating and swearing.

Li Du could not bear his att.i.tude, so he slowed down the speed of time. Like a flash of lightning, he came forward, grabbed the big man’s fingers and twisted them.

The big man didn’t expect him to start a fight and wailed in pain as his joints cracked.

Li Du kicked at his lower abdomen and sneered, “Get lost yourself!”

While they quarreled, many people gathered around to watch. When Li Du started the fight, some young men from the crowd squeezed out, stood behind his opponent and looked fiercely at Li Du.

There were Chinese people around as well. Someone heard him speak in Chinese earlier and now advised, “Go, brother, these are local gangsters, leave now!”

Li Du smiled and stood still. He, too, had many people on his side. Brother Wolf, G.o.dzilla, and the rest stood behind him since the beginning. Steve and the Ford brothers came when they heard the commotion and they had at least as many people as the other side.

Therefore, the gangsters were a little afraid. They did not continue to fight back, but pointed at Li Du and mumbled in Russian.

Li Du had several men on his side who understood Russian. Steve had a few men who were retired Russian high-ranking bodyguards, better than Special Forces.

The big man said a few words. Big Ivan was angry, and snarled, “Clean your mouth! Is this your road? They want to drive us away! d.a.m.n fools!”

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h,” remarked Little Ford.

The bride fair was a town event, and the local police were in charge of security. If there was a conflict between any two sides, the police would warn them not to cause trouble and chased them away. Now, however, the police forces seemed reluctant to interfere and merely observed the situation from a distance.

They had only come to the fair a little while ago, but after encountering the gang, the atmosphere soured and it seemed as though staying was not worthwhile.

Li Du shrugged. “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this.”

Steve was nonchalant. “There aren’t any pretty girls here, so there’s no point in staying.”

Pursuing his advantage, the man who had a conflict with Li Du raised his middle finger.

The man next to him knew they could speak English, so he challenged them in English, “There is no police to protect you, little birds! You are doomed.”

Li Du looked down upon these rascals and was too lazy to continue talking to them. He waved and said, “Let’s go.”

The big men stopped them. Of course, they were only a few of them, so they dared not use a more violent way. They only stood in their way and said, “What, are you leaving? Aren’t you very arrogant just now?”

“Are you scared now? You can’t go now!”

Others shouted, “I’ve called for help, our brothers will come soon to let them see who we are!”

That was no empty threat. After a while, a loud sound of motorcycles engines was heard. Li Du saw that pedestrians were giving way and some motorcycles came into view.

There were many motorcycles, about twenty of them. Most of the bikes had people riding double, some carrying steel rods, others baseball bats or even machetes.

The motorcycles were fast, and their line was long. The motorcycle in front came fast, and the motorcyclist showed some stuns on purpose and dashed towards Li Du and the others, stopping only when they were quite near.

The big motorcycle almost knocked into them, so they fled to the roadside, caring very little about their reputation in the eyes of these people.

The bullies laughed, enjoying the spectacle.

Looking at these arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and the motorcycles lining up behind, Li Du secretly hated them. He released the little bug to go look for the brake line of the two motorcycles behind.


When he and Hans were together, he often had to deal with vehicles and now he found the brake line easily. The little bug quickly absorbed the time capability of the brake line, and it broke at once due to the tension.

The tow motorcycle sped from behind; the youths riding it looked high-spirited, proud and unrestrained.

Like their companions, they wanted to reach the front at high speed and slam on the brakes. They found, however, that when they pressed down on the brake, the motorcycle was still speeding along at high speed!

Suddenly, they turned from high-spirited to crazy.

The incident was sudden. The young men had no time to avoid the collision. The motorcycle sped on and crashed into the bike ahead. The column was all knocked over!

Boom! Clang! Clang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the car crashed, screams and curses followed.

Two large motorcycles crashed into the group of cars, knocking over bikers who were about to pull a stunt. One rolled down to the ground, while the other slammed through a front window and crashed into a nearby restaurant, frightening the diners in the restaurant’s lobby.

The thugs waiting for their mates’ help were dumbstruck. They had clearly not expected this to happen and were c stunned.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1290 - Motorcycle Stunts

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