Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1293 - Lady Who Brought Herself to the Door

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Chapter 1293: Lady Who Brought Herself to the Door

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The dice cup was opened and the die read ‘one’. Li Du had won again.

Long Hair’s expression turned sour instantly and he slammed a punch onto the gambling table before shouting something in Russian.

A commotion broke out among the crowd that had calmed down minutes before. A youth was pushed forward, looking agitated and shouting in Russian. He tried to retreat as he yelled.

G.o.dzilla rubbed his hands and asked solemnly, “Is he cursing me?”

Seeing the look on G.o.dzilla’s face, the youth became even more afraid.

Long Hair said to Li Du, “Change your guy!”

Li Du smiled gently and nodded as he said, “No problem, I’m not a difficult person. Big Quinn, you do it.”

Big Quinn, who looked like a hangman from a horror movie, walked over. There was not much of a difference between his physique and G.o.dzilla’s. However, he looked scarier. After the Russian youth saw Big Quinn, his legs turned weak.

G.o.dzilla walked off and said to Big Quinn, “All the best, buddy, let me see the power of your arms.”

“I can’t beat you,” Big Quinn said as he grinned. However, his smile made him look even more merciless and ruthless.

He stepped in front of the Russian youth and inhaled. Then he gave him a resounding slap.

Although Big Quinn had admitted that he would not be able to match up to G.o.dzilla, he did not feel good about it deep inside. He wanted to compete with G.o.dzilla.

Hence, the unfortunate youth collapsed onto the floor as well. Big Quinn’s slap sent him flying. However, he did not faint from the impact and only clutched his head when he rolled on the ground, screaming.

Big Quinn shook his head with regrets and said, “I will buck up for the next slap.”

Long Hair turned pale. Just before the dealer was about to shake the dice cup, he stopped the cup and said, “This time, I guess first!”

Li Du laughed, “Is that the promise of a Vorkuta man? What did you say just now? Do you need me to repeat?”

Long Hair stared at him and said, “We, the guys of Vorkuta, are men of our word. However, there’s definitely something fishy about you. You can’t possibly make the right guess time after time.”

Li Du folded his arms across his chest and said with ease, “Whatever you say. However, if you feel that there’s something fishy about the die, you can swap it. If you feel that I’m cheating, find the evidence.”

Long Hair looked to the handsome youth and then turned to a middle-aged man in a suit. The middle-aged man shook his head and said softly, “There shouldn’t be any problem.”

Unable to produce any evidence, Long Hair knew that he would just appear unreasonable if he continued to make accusations. Swallowing his anger, he patted the table and said, “Alright, again! However, you have to change that guy. All these people of yours, they are really ruthless.”

Li Du pointed at Brother Wolf and got him to step forward. Then he said, “How about this, you can change the guy who will take the slap and I will bring forth a different man here. That should be fine now, right?”

Long Hair stayed silent and looked solemn.

Li Du made his guess first again and when the dice cup was opened, it turned out that he had won again.

Brother Wolf rolled up his sleeves and stepped forward. Gritting his teeth, he gave the man a slap and the fellow, again, was flung onto the ground by the impact.

As long as it was Li Du who guessed first, there was no way that Long Hair could win.

Just like that, Li Du’s bodyguards took turns to do the slapping. They treated it as though it was a compet.i.tion. One slap after another, they wanted to test who was stronger and who could slap harder.

For the ten consecutive rounds, Li Du had won. He did not lose one round!

Long Hair could take it no more. He kicked the leg of the table and stood up. He pointed at Li Du and yelled, “D*mn you, American dude. There must be some kind of trick!”

Li Du looked at him and said calmly, “And what would that be?”

Long Hair was stumped. He kicked the leg of the table again and said, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. You dare to play games on my turf? Listen, there’s a limit to my patience…”

Without waiting for him to complete the sentence, Li Du stood up and pushed his arm back. He smiled and said, “There’s a limit to my patience too. Seems like you don’t want to continue gambling, right? Then let it end now, goodbye.”

He waved his hands to bring his people away. G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn opened the path for them up ahead and the bodyguards lined themselves by the side to guard them on their way. Long Hair’s men did not dare to block their way and stepped aside for them.

Previously, G.o.dzilla and the rest had displayed that they were formidable opponents. When the local hooligans recognized that they were no match for that, n.o.body dared to create trouble.

The other reason was that they now had serious reductions in their combat power. More than a dozen people either were in concussion or had been sent to the ground screaming. The gangsters had allocated some people to take care of those men, and now there was no way for them to confront Li Du’s gang.

Someone looked to Long Hair and asked, “Boss, now what?”

Long Hair saw that his people all looked frightened and weak and saw that Li Du’s people, in contrast, were all brave and ready to fight. What could he do? He could only say angrily, “Very well, very well, let them get the h.e.l.l out!”

After leaving the casino, Li Du and his people drove back to their hotel. Li Du knew that the local hooligans did not care about the law and were no easy targets. Worried that those people would create more trouble, he arranged for Brother Wolf to take extra measures for their safety.

In the afternoon, they ate at the hotel. After they got out of their room to go to the lobby, Li Du started to tell Sophie about the Bride Fair. Suddenly, someone rushed over to reach him.

Brother Wolf, who was beside him, swiftly placed himself before Li Du and stared cautiously at the person who had run over. It was a red-haired, handsome, tall lady.

The red-haired lady looked at Li Du and said, “Hi, hubby, why did you leave me behind at the market this morning and went away without me?”

That was truly shocking. Li Du took a deep breath upon hearing her words. “What? What did you call me? Have you recognized the wrong person?”

The red-haired lady revealed a jovial smile and replied, “Of course not, darling, I’m Vika Jalina. You picked me at the Bridal Market this morning, didn’t you?”

Half-smiling, Sophie asked in a dangerously quiet voice, “What did you do this morning at the Bridal Market? Seems like there’s something you didn’t tell me about?”

Li Du held up his hands helplessly, “G.o.d can prove my innocence. Oh, and so can Brother Wolf. I didn’t do anything like that at the market.”

He looked at Vika and said, “Lady, you must have got the wrong guy. I admit that I’ve been to the Bridal Market. However, I didn’t talk to any woman and I don’t know you.”

Vika revealed a cheeky smile and said, “It seems that your memory is playing tricks on you. I’m sure you’ll recall in a moment.”

Steve, who was standing behind him, laughed and winked at Li Du before saying, “Hi, handsome, seems like you did some stuff behind our backs at the market. Now you had better man up and face it.”

Li Du wore a look of helplessness and said to the lady, “You really got the wrong man. Why do you think I would be interested?”

The lady looked serious as she said, “You saved me at the market from a d*mned hooligan. Doesn’t that mean that you set your eyes on me? Similarly, I also set my eyes on you. Hence, it seems to me we have an understanding.”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1293 - Lady Who Brought Herself to the Door

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