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"Who bought a pile of trash again? With your level of intelligence, you should go collect dog sh*t instead!" Hans mocked.

After facing such losses, Lambis was already barely able to contain his anger. Hans' mocking was like a spark in a warehouse filled with gunpowder, completely pus.h.i.+ng him over the edge.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Cursed Lambis as he kicked a toolbox in Li Du's direction.

No one could have expected that he would actually a.s.sault Li Du, so Li Du, who was only a few meters away didn't have time to react.

As the toolbox whistled towards him, Li Du realized that there was no time. Nevertheless, on reflex, he subconsciously thought how great it would be if he could slow down the pa.s.sage of time.

For anyone facing a sudden attack, this would be quite normal. However, what was unbelievable in this case is that after Li Du's thought, the speed of the toolbox actually did slow down.

Like watching a clip captured by a slow-motion camera, the speed of the toolbox reduced to about half of its regular speed. Taking advantage of this, Li Du was able to dodge to the side. After the toolbox skimmed pa.s.s, time once again returned to normal while the toolbox struck the walls with a loud 'Bam'.

This shocked everyone watching.

"Sh*t, what kind of man posses this kind of reaction?" Exclaimed a black man from the crowd.

Unlike the spectators, Li Du understood that it wasn't really his reaction that saved him, but the fact that the speed of the object, or more accurately, the speed of time, slowed down. To be honest, not even he fully understood what had happened, but the most likely guess was that this was some sort of new ability from the little bug.

To support his hypothesis was the fact that followed the incident, he was. .h.i.t with an unusual wave of fatigue, the same feeling that he would usually experience after operating the bug avatar for an extended period.

For Hans who was watching from the side, that attack really angered him.

The sound of the toolbox hitting the wall was like that of a gunshot. When he recovered from his initial shock, he furiously ran towards Lambis and kicked with all his might.

Lambis was originally on guard against that sort of retaliation, but Li Du's inhuman reaction really stunned him.

That's why when Hans attacked, he was still in a state of shock, and was unable to fully escape that kick, only avoiding hits to the most vital points.

At this time, Li Du was caught up by his tiredness. This little bug's new ability really matched up with the idiom of 'killing the hen for the eggs'. Even though Li Du could normally use the avatar ability for close to five minutes, he had already become exhausted after a simple 0.5 seconds of slowing down time.

After taking two deep breaths, he was able to recover some of his energy, so he immediately joined in the brawl. Taking a metal stick beside the wall, he swung towards the black man who was attacking Hans.

However, the black man was clearly an experienced veteran at street brawls. From the peripherals, he saw that there was no way to escape, so he used his arms to protect his head and allowed his back to take the blunt of Li Du's attack.

"Go to h.e.l.l, tras.h.!.+" the black man shouted turning his attention to Li Du.

Seeing that the fist was about to hit his face, Li Du once again activated his ability to slow down time.

The familiar feeling of fatigue once again filled his body, but the black man's motions really did slow down.

Knowing that he didn't have much time, he quickly twisted his head to avoid that strike, before swiping his legs towards the black man, landing a direct kick on his "leg".

"F*ck your mother!" came the black man's shriek. In the next moment, he collapsed onto the ground. Covering his crotch with is hands, he curled on the ground like a large prawn.

There's really no way to protect that place. No matter if you are an boxer or a street thug, as long as you are not a Shoaling martial artist, all you can do is kneel!

On the other side, Hans was raining down punches onto Lambis, pinning him onto a motorcycle frame. When the other black thug rushed to the scene, what waited him was Li Du's metal stick.

However, this one was more talented. Twisting his body to avoid the stick, he swung his fist in a counterattack.

"Quickly slow down time!" Li Du wished. The little bug seemed to have read his thought, and immediately, the black man's motions slowed to a crawl.

Knowing that he hadn't much time, he quickly moved out of the way, and used all his strength swinging his stick at the black man's neck without mercy.

While he really did put all his strength behind that attack, in truth, after using all his energy slowing down time, he didn't have much stamina left.

Compared to the energy used for the avatar ability, the energy used to sustain to slow down time could quickly be regained.

Further explanation; it took around ten hours to recover after using the avatar ability, while it only took a quick rest to recover from slowing down time.

However, the neck is still one of the weaker areas of the human body, so despite not having much energy behind his strike, the black man still felt his vision going black, and soon collapsed onto the ground.

Hans gave Lambis another two punches, knocking him out. When he turned around, he was stunned at the sight of the two men on the ground.

"Let's go, Fox," Li Du said, feeling uncomfortable having involved himself in a brawl.

Hans on the other hand appeared to be completely unconcerned, "No worries, the auction is now over. Unless those bast*rds call the police, n.o.body is going to come. However, if they really do that, then they will become the laughingstock in this circle."

Finis.h.i.+ng that, he spat on the ground and swaggered away.

As for the crowd, their murmuring reflected their enjoyment at watching this show. Finally, someone asked, "Hey Fox, where did you get this bodyguard from? Could it be that he's a Chinese Kung Fu master?"

"He's not a bodyguard, but this treasure tyc.o.o.n's new partner!" Hans proclaimed, proudly giving Li Du a pat on the back.

Although Hans said that no one is going call the police, in the end, they still quickly cleaned up the storage unit and left with their goods.

In America, those types of storages were mostly filled with garbage, and it took extra expenditure to legally process garbage of that scale.

So when Hans threw the trash at a nearby dump, they drove away at an even faster pace than when they had left the storage, fearing that they'ld be caught by the police.

Clearing the warehouse took a really long time, so it wasn't long until night arrived.

When they drove past 'The Golden Aquitaine', Hans went to get some food.

Aquitaine was the name of a French Duchy full of history. It was said that even now, their beef was one of the best in the world. Because that restaurant used Aquitaine meat for their dishes, the prices were very high, reflecting the dinner as one of the higher end restaurants in Flagstaff.

Although Hans only bought four steaks, a beef salad with lemon vinaigrette, some kabbabs, a 12 inch beef pizza, and a serving of their special baked potato with beef and chess sauce, the whole meal came to over eight hundred dollars.

The price really shocked Li Du, "Dear G.o.d, are you planning to invite the president to dinner? Isn't spending this much for a simple meal a bit too much."

Hans only smirked, "I'm planning on treating you and Hannah. Since we've earning quite a bit, we should celebrate, do you know how much that Harley could sell for?"

"How much?"

"It's enough to spend an entire week coming here for our meals," answered Hans.

If it's only Li Du, he wouldn't allow himself to spend that much money for a simple meal. However, Hans, or perhaps Americans in general, tend to have a completely different consumer habit.

That was something that he found when he came to America. Most Americans would possess some form of debt, but not very large savings. It was their habit to spend anything that they earned.

For treasure hunters, this spending habit was even more widespread. Compared to others, it was much easier to earn large amounts of money, but that was normally spent just as fast. It wasn't much of a surprise if one went bankrupt facing one bad deal.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 13

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