Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1320 - Find It

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Chapter 1320: Find It

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Blodwen fell to the bar, and Steve’s men immediately gathered around him.

Disappointed, Little Ford said, “Oh s.h.i.+t, did he get drunk so fast?”

Big Ford sniffed through his cold-clogged nostrils and ask, “Is he pretending to be drunk?”

“Probably not. It would be too embarra.s.sing. Can the red devil of the Blodwen family bear such shame?”

“Yeah, it’s humiliating.”

“Li has finished six shots, and this guy only had two. Oh no, one and a half, sorry.”

No matter how strong the drink was, it needed time to take effect. At the end of the tough guy drinking contest, the rule was that everyone had to finish those six shots and then wait for the alcohol to kick in and see who falls last.

That was why such compet.i.tions could be deadly. One had to drink six shots of stiff liquor, disregarding the possible consequences, which were sometimes fatal.

Blodwen knew the rules, but he wouldn’t really drink that much alcohol, so he leaned over the table with his eyes closed and pretended he got drunk without losing face.

Then Steve waved and said, “Here, get master Blodwen up and onto the couch.”

There was some warmth in Blodwen’s heart. Steve was not a bad person, and he was kind to him.

Someone came forward and pulled Blodwen up. He put on his full act, letting his feet drag on the floor as he was hauled onto the sofa.

Little Ford came up and lifted his eyelids, muttering, “So drunk? Really? No, he’s just breaking the rules.”

Blodwen didn’t know what a drunkard’s eyes were supposed to look like. He didn’t pay attention to that before. Therefore, he kept his eyes shut tight.

Steve said, “Yes, indeed. I have an idea. Hold him up, get him to sit up on the couch, and get master Blodwen’s mouth open…”

Blodwen felt things were getting out of control. His mouth was forced open, and a gla.s.s of liquor was poured in!

Someone ma.s.saged his throat so that he couldn’t throw up while leaning back on the sofa, and before he knew it, another shot of liquor ended up in his stomach, hurting and burning even more than before.

In the video, it showed he was already dead drunk, and it would be embarra.s.sing if he suddenly came to his senses and refused to drink more. If the video were shown to the public, his family would become a laughing stock.

He could only try to shut his mouth against more liquor, but it was too difficult. The other side was were clearly masters in this. Someone easily pinched open his jaw, and another shot of liquor was poured down.

After several shots, he felt that his mouth and esophagus were numb and he could not feel anything, and the sensation in his stomach was the worst.

He felt his stomach burn and ache, as if a flaming dragon were rus.h.i.+ng around in it, or as if a big hand had grabbed his innards and squashed them.

Fortunately, the liquor was acting fast, and his consciousness began to blur. He felt uneasy in his stomach and threw up on the sofa.

Li Du frowned and said in disgust, “Will he be OK?”

Steve said casually, “He will be fine, his sick brother has been torturing him since he was a kid, and he still grew up fine and is even stronger now, so don’t worry about him.”

“Is he really drunk this time?” asked Little Ford.

Big Ford said. “Would he have this it if he hadn’t been?”

Bollevin threw up on the sofa again, his face buried in the mess.

A bodyguard tried to come up and take him away. Steve stopped him and said, “Don’t bother. Your young master likes to sleep on the sofa. You just make sure he is safe.”

The bodyguards knew the ident.i.ty of Steve and his entourage, and also knew that they had no voice in front of such a person, and could only look with pity at their boss.

Li Du said, “The young master is drunk now. What should we do? Get something to eat?”

Steve laughed and said, “Take your time. Now call all the guys in and let’s do a search. Find the meteorites hidden in here, don’t leave a piece behind!”

Bodyguards swarmed into the house and searched room by room. They were searching not only in Blodwen’s igloo but also in the igloos around it.

Everything in this unusual camp was built out of ice, including the housing of the bodyguards and meteorite hunters, the warehouses, and the main building, Bollevin’s palace.

There were more than a dozen rooms in the ice-house, each with its own theme. Li Du found it very interesting to see them. Bobby Blodwen was a big bad guy, and he did some unscrupulous things. However, his interior design ideas were cute.

There was no kitchen, but there were plenty of bedrooms, each with an animal theme, such as a penguin room, a polar bear room, a seal room, and even a panda room.

The walls, roof, and floor of these rooms were all made of ice. Li Du was not sure how Blodwen had managed that. The roof and the walls had embedded lights that would change color, giving the room a magical atmosphere.

The igloo was so technologically advanced that to get air flowing, the rooms had hard curtains instead of doors. These stiff curtains had many invisible nanoscale holes and were very breathable.

Each house had an ice bed with an insulated mattress on the bed frame and an integrated bedding pillow, sort of like a sleeping bag, but bigger and more comfortable.

Li Du’s tent was also equipped with such bedding, which could withstand temperatures as low as 35 degrees Celsius below zero, and was perfect for temperature fluctuations.

The floor of the rooms was almost completely covered with thick spongy carpets, and some places were covered with deerskin. There were different ice sculptures in different rooms.

While visiting the rooms, Li Du released the little bugs. The two little bugs flew in various rooms and found a safe.

The safe was embedded in the ground, and because the sponge carpet was spread on the floor, it was not easy to find. However, there was a pistol with an ivory handle and some ivory carving artwork that attracted Li Du’s s.p.a.ce-time bugs, who discovered it easily.

In addition to the ivory items, there were some rubles, some green dollar bills, and four large and small stones.

The largest of these stones was close in size to a volleyball and the smallest was about the size of an orange. It was greyish-black, with some cracks and fissures on its surface. They were clearly meteorites.

Li Du took out the safe, and Steve came to open it and laughed. “I knew this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wasn’t telling the truth! Red devils are always full of lies!”

The Ford brothers were equally delighted as they pa.s.sed the meteorites around. They said, “We got off to a good start. We found four meteorites as soon as we arrived on the island. G.o.d is really on our side.”

“We should be grateful to Li. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have been able to catch Bobby Blodwen so easily and track down these meteorites,” Steve patted Li Du on the shoulder.

Little Ford laughed. “Let’s drink to Li tonight!”

“Of course, but let’s just make a toast, not a battle.” Little Ford added, “I’m going to get Li to be my best man when I get married. He can win any drinking contest!”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1320 - Find It

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