Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1322 - Without A Proper Reason

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Chapter 1322: Without A Proper Reason

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


A loud sound rang out. The pickup truck had crashed into the helicopter.


With another resounding crash, the pickup behind had turned around and smashed into the helicopter from the side.

Li Du regained his composure and looked to young Ford. He said, “Is this a traditional way for the locals to welcome their guests?”

Young Ford yelled, “F*ck, what is this?! Are these sc.u.mbags crazy? F*ck, f*ck!”

The other party had launched their attack. Brother Wolf and his people hastened to react. However, they did not take out their rifles. They only whipped out their pistols and watched the two pickups cautiously. They shouted, “Get out of the car! Hands behind your head and get down!”

As they called out, a few men jumped out of the truck, pus.h.i.+ng the door open.

These people had a typical Slavic look. One could call them old men. They were tall and big but they were clearly aged. All of them had white hair, rough skin and looked like they were in their fifties or sixties at the very least.

Additionally, all of the old men had something else in common. They were all carrying rifles and of the AK-47 model!

One old man wearing shades was holding onto the rifle with one hand and gesturing with another. Saliva sprayed out of his mouth as he started to shout in Russian. Very soon, the rest of them began to shout as well.

Big Ivan translated and said, “They want us to scram.”

Li Du was confused. “That’s all they said? They seem to talk quite a lot.”

“If you wish to hear the vulgarities they said in Russian, I can help to translate those. But those are not nice to hear,” Big Ivan shook his head.

The Old Man in shades had a bad temper. Seeing that they had not reacted, he walked over in big steps with his rifle. He pointed the muzzle at them.

G.o.dzilla instantly made a decision, “Change our guns!”

Li Du’s group quickly dropped their pistols and pulled out the rifles, ready to start a crossfire.

Although the men were old, it was easy to tell that they were not easy targets.

The men were holding onto their rifles with just one hand, and taking this into account, the muzzle was remarkably stable. From that, one could tell that they were all good shots.

Li Du did not want to fight with them without any apparent reason. He asked, “Who are these old men? Are they the poachers?”

Big Ivan s.h.i.+elded Li Du behind his back and at the same time asked his questions in Russian.

The old men continued to shout and Li Du asked, “What did they say?”

“More profanities. These old men have foul mouths. D*mn it, I want to kill them,” Big Ivan said angrily.

The group of old men was quite aggressive. Neither side had any interaction with the other yet and they were already ready to engage in a fight.

It was not enough for them to shout profanities. An old man raised his gun to the sky and pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang, bang!

Following the gunshots, a few yellowish bullet cases fell out. As they fell to the ground, they made a clear, crisp sound.

Li Du and young Ford immediately retreated to the back of the helicopter to seek shelter. That was not funny. The two groups were standing close to each other and both parties had automatic rifles. Many lives would inevitably be lost once crossfire began.

They were rich people and had a long, bright, promising future during which they wanted to enjoy their wealth. They did not want to die there.

As the other party had shot at the sky, Brother Wolf gestured for the rest to stay vigilant but not to return fire. He was a bodyguard and his top priority was to protect his boss. He was not hired to fight to death with random enemies.

“Big Ivan, go, try to communicate with them.”

Big Ivan was brave. He threw his rifle to the ground and walked forward. Then he started to talk to the old men in Russian.

Seeing that he had thrown down his weapon, the old men’s expressed softened a little.

After a heated discussion, Big Ivan turned and said, “These old men are very stubborn. They are unwilling to say anything. They are only cursing us and telling us to scram.”

Li Du was surprised. “You guys chatted for so long and nothing came out of it? Introduce us to them and ask them about their ident.i.ty.”

Big Ivan said helplessly, “They don’t want to say anything and they won’t listen to me. They just want us to go away. Otherwise, they will shoot and kill us.”

Madman shouted, “Ha, what show-offs! Look, I’m shaking with fright all over. Hahaha!”

Firecracker, too, yelled, “So let’s take off. Let these old folks see the power of the M4A1. Do they not know the difference in the capability of our weapons?”

Hearing that they were shouting, the Old Man in Shades became angry again. He waved the rifle in his hands and shouted in English, “Go away! You go away! All of you, go!”

Obviously, the other party did not intend to communicate with them. The moment they opened their mouths, it was either to curse them or chase them away. Li Du was furious. Even the gangsters they met previously were not as arrogant and unreasonable.

The atmosphere was tense. Brother Wolf and the rest held onto their rifles tightly.

If both parties started a shoot-out, the old men would be dead meat. On Li Du’s side, other than Big Ivan, all of them were armed. Besides, the M4A1 was highly accurate in its shots. They all already had their eye on the old men and were ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

However, the old men were standing in the open. They exposed themselves to the shooting. Hence, if there were a crossfire, they would not be able to hurt Li Du’s people. In fact, they would end up dead very quickly.

The old men should have been aware of that but they did not care and continued to stand in the open, shouting obscenities in Russian.

Li Du and his people were tough and the old men were fearless.

He looked at young Ford and asked, “What do we do?”

Young Ford shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s go. We don’t really want to go into a battle with these crazy old folks, right? D*mn it, what’s wrong with them?”

Li Du retreated and Brother Wolf and the rest returned to the helicopter. Just like that, although they had just landed, they were being chased off without an inkling of knowing what was wrong.

They had just randomly found a spot to land and were unsure if there were meteorites in the area. Hence, they had no motivation to start a conflict with other groups.

Back in the helicopter, the atmosphere was dull. Ah Meow and the rest of the little ones, usually energetic and boisterous, quietened down as well. It was the first time they saw someone more arrogant than they were.

“Why are they chasing us away?” Li Du still could not understand. “Is this their own land?”

Young Ford said calmly, “They must be poachers who think that we are here to enforce the law or s.n.a.t.c.h their resources from them. Anyway, they see us as a threat and hence they drove us away.”

It was the first meeting of both sides, but the old men appeared to see them as enemies at once. That was very unusual.

Brother Wolf. “That can’t be. They did not have the look of poachers. They looked more like rangers protecting the tundra.”

“aren’t they a bit too old to be rangers?” Young Ford asked in return. “Also, aren’t there too many of them?”

Brother Wolf continued to shake his head. He, too, was uncertain.

The helicopter traveled slightly more than ten kilometers to the north before landing again. Big Ivan said, “D*mn it, we wasted so much petrol. We might as well have killed them.”

Li Du patted his shoulder, gesturing for him to cool off. Then he asked, “You chatted with them for so long. Didn’t you manage to get any information out of them at all?”

Big Ivan looked helpless and said, “They were unwilling to cooperate. They didn’t want to talk to me!”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1322 - Without A Proper Reason

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