Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1353 - Fire !

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Chapter 1353: Fire !

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the movie “First Blood”, veteran Rambo returned to his country from Vietnam. When he was back in the small town he came from, he felt that the place was foreign to him. Ever since the local police chief set his eyes on Rambo, the policeman had made things endlessly difficult for him. The chief had even brought Rambo back to the police station and humiliated him.

As he was unable to endure the brutality, Rambo struck back and then escaped. The chief gathered numerous police officers and the National Guard Soldiers to launch a search and arrest Rambo. Meanwhile, Rambo had escaped into the deserted woods and dealt with the soldiers using the military knowledge that he had picked up in Vietnam.

At that time, his war instincts had been awakened. In the small town, there was no person, law or weapon that would be able to stop him.

Hearing Li Du’s words, the two police officers started to laugh. Smith turned around and said with a chuckle, “This dude must have watched too many movies or read too many comics. I will have something funny to tell the boys tomorrow.”

Li Du, too, smiled. He opened up his leather briefcase, revealing the neat piles of crisp new hundred-dollar bills within..

Then, he took out his phone and rang up his private lawyer, Bauer Neuberger. The lawyer was very competent and handled every problem Li Du encountered regarding property laws. He had resolved every issue.

“Bauer, I’m having some problems with the police in Riverdale, Arizona. The police officers are being racist towards me and deliberately messing with my case. Help me to sort them out. You can find someone to help you. I want this to be resolved as soon as possible. I have one hundred and fifty thousand here with me. You can use that sum to hire someone to help.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Du closed his briefcase and laughed coolly. “Take a good look at this cash, officers. These are the funds that will send you guys to h.e.l.l.”

The two police officers became angry. Smith pointed at Li Du’s face and raised his voice, “Hey, c.h.i.n.k, do you want to go to jail? This is considered as threatening government officials, do you understand? You’ve committed a crime, you know?”

Li Du only continued to smile coolly. He looked around and saw the electrical circuit at the corner of the wall. He had an idea. He released the little bug to absorb the time energy.

It was an old building. Inside, the circuit was crammed full of wires. The rubber on most of the wires had been worn out. The little bug sucked away the time energy and very easily destroyed them.

Pat, pat, pat. The sound of electrical sparks rang out. Then, the lights in the police station flickered. Two of the police officers had yet to have the time to react when the lights went out.

At once, the police station became pitch-dark. The old building in the rural town did not have a backup electrical source. Once the circuit went out, the lights would be gone until someone fixed the issue.

Someone spoke up in the darkness, “Time to run! Do you really want to go to jail?”

The five black men belonged to the category of those criminals who were fearless and dared to break the law. Li Du had been the one who spoke up. While he spoke, he pinched his nose to alter his voice.

Indeed, after the short-lived silence, there came noises of confusion. The old police officer shouted, “Don’t move! F*ck, stay put! D*mn it, I’m going to shoot – f*ck, where’s my gun?”

Li Du could see better than any of them now. The darkness did not affect the vision of the little bug. Li Du went up and punched the old policeman. Along the way, he pulled the pistol off the officer’s belt.

Then, he sent a kick to Smith’s leg and s.n.a.t.c.hed his pistol, throwing it into the Black Hole.

In any country, it would be considered a grave mistake to lose the duty weapons that the policemen had been a.s.signed.

The two policemen made a ruckus and without anyone to stop them, the black youths took the chance and ran off. They pushed open the window and jumped out, disappearing into the moonlight.

However, Li Du knew that they would not be able to escape punishment. In fact, escaping from the police station would exacerbate their offense.

Initially, they had not committed kidnapping. At most, they would be guilty of extortion crime. However, it was much more serious now that they had escaped from the police station. They would be sentenced to jail for at least ten years.

Realizing that their guns had been s.n.a.t.c.hed, the two policemen became very anxious. They began to chase the escaping youths and at the same time, whipped out their phones to make calls.

Sparks continued to fly from the switch of the electrical circuit. After a while, it sounded like something caught fire, which soon expanded with a crackling noise.

At that moment, the two policemen were outside. One of their calls had gone through. “Chief, yes, some d*mned thing happened. It’s complicated, I don’t know where to start. G.o.d, there’s a fire, f*ck! The police station is on fire!”

Watching as the flames flickered, Li Du was shocked as well. He had never thought of causing a fire. The probability of a fire starting because of a short circuit was very low. Li Du had only wanted to create a bit of a problem for those two police officers.

He did not expect how well it would turn out. The fire spread from the main circuit and began to gain ground rapidly. The old building of the police station was built from wood. There were also many papers inside. Those were all things that could catch fire easily.

The two policemen did not care anymore about catching the escaped criminals. They had to put out the fire at once. Smith shouted at Li Du, “What are you standing there for? Go fetch water, put out the fire!”

Li Du replied politely, “Oh, sorry, I’m a Chinese man. What has a fire in the United States of America has to do with me? Should I help with calling the fire station? You’re welcome.”

“F*ck!” Smith lashed out.

The older policeman was calmer. He said, “Shut up, Smith! Sir, just now my colleague did not handle things the right way. Please forgive us, please help us to put out the fire…”

It is only now that you want to apologize? What were you doing earlier? Li Du mocked them in his heart. These policemen in rural American villages were used to making much of themselves. They would admit they were wrong if they were not put in a fix.

The two policemen started to get busy. There was a fire station in the small town. However, the fire had spread very fast through the police station. By the time the firefighters arrived, the building would probably be no more than a pile of ashes.

The policemen hurriedly fetched water with basins and pails. The police station was so old it was not even equipped with tools for putting out fires.

Li Du and his bodyguards watched the drama unfold. The efforts of the two policemen were not enough to make a difference. The older policeman shouted, “Hurry, help! Please help! We will be very grateful!”

“Let’s talk for a moment. Where is my friend whom you had arrested?” Li Du asked.

The older policeman said, “We only brought him back to the station for a statement. Then we released him. He should be with the Bryans. However, rest a.s.sured, he must be safe. The Bryans would have at most only scared him a little.”

Li Du said, “What? D*mn it. Are the Bryans detaining him? Is that like outsourcing an arrest? You guys are not doing anything?”

The older policeman said anxiously, “First, put out the fire, there’s no time to talk! Lord! Why is the fire spreading so fast?!”

Li Du waved his hands and Brother Wolf and the rest got into action. They grabbed the containers of water to put out the fire. Someone saw that there was a hardware store next door and broke in through the front gla.s.s to take the shovel. Then he quickly shoveled the earth to extinguish the flame.

With so many of them dealing with the fire, they succeeded in getting the flames under control. Besides, the surrounding residents awoke from the commotion as well. When they realized that there was a fire, they rushed out to help.

By the time three other policemen arrived, the fire had been almost fully extinguished.

Right at that moment, the fire truck made its appearance. There was really nothing Li Du could say about the efficiency of the country officials.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1353 - Fire !

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