Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1359 - Follow the Crowd

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Chapter 1359: Follow the Crowd

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Hans’ answer made Li Du felt like punching him. No wonder old Bryan said that if he was younger he would kill Hans with a gun. If some sneak had been sleeping with his daughter, he would have wanted to kill the man too.

However, this time Hans was not just looking for some fun. He wanted to marry the blond shepherdess, and even stayed on the farm, ready to give up his old life for her.

After knowing what happened, Li Du respected Hans’ choice. He could see that Hans was very pleased with his life now and that he seemed happier than ever before.

Perhaps everyone had a childhood dream. Perhaps Hans had had enough of playing around. Perhaps Barbara had won him over, and he was going to be happily settled in this little traditional place called Riverdale.

In a way, it was the cla.s.sic tale of an honest girl that reformed a playboy who had had enough of fooling around and was now ready to spend the rest of his life with her.

However, for Americans, it was normal. It didn’t matter how they played around before marriage, as long as they stayed faithful to their families and loved ones from that moment on.

Li Du had seen a statistic that said 20% of husbands in the United States were raising children from another man. Now that Hans wanted to stay here, and farm life was not too difficult for him, Li Du thought he could go away without any worries.

Although he had helped his children, Victor Bryan did not like him very much. This prejudice came from Hans, who he thought was not a good man, so naturally, he believed Hans’ friends were not good men either.

Li Du saw his att.i.tude, so before he left, he knocked on the door of Victor Bryan’s study.

Victor asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“What do you think of Hans Fox?” Asked Li Du.

“Not bad, not good either,” Victor said drily.

Li Du thought for a moment and said, “But to Barbara, to your daughter and your family, he’s a good man. He won’t hurt you.”

Hearing this, Victor became angry. “Huh? Won’t hurt us? Do you know what he did? He had already hurt my family!”

Li Du said, “Calm down first and listen to me. Hans didn’t introduce himself, so I think you don’t know him very well…”

“First of all, Hans is a treasure hunter like me, but I’ve saved almost all my money, and he donated almost all his money to charity, which amounts to at least $10 million.”

At this point, he took out his phone and showed Victor the news item he had located earlier.

“Second, Hans may still have millions of dollars in savings, and he still has equity, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars! Yes, you heard me right, he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars! But he chose to stay here because he loves Barbara and this farm, and he is sincere with you, I swear,” said Li Du.

Looking at the online news report, Victor looked surprised.

In his heart, he believed Hans was a loser who used his daughter’s naiveté to cheat her into bed, but it was not so.

“He is willing to give it all up for Barbara and the farm. In that sense, his love for Barbara is sincere enough, isn’t it?” continued Li Du.

Victor coughed. He turned on the old desktop in his study and made a Google search.

Li Du had him log on to the official website of the American warehouse and treasure hunter a.s.sociation. In the introduction of the a.s.sociation’s Million Dollar Club members, Victor easily found Hans’ photo.

“You may not understand the significance of this club, but your brother understands that Hans’ choice to stay here means that he would give up what he has achieved in his career without any hesitation.”

Victor nodded silently, his att.i.tude gradually changing.

Li Du nodded too, and said, “I’ll just say a few words more. I swear that Hans didn’t cheat Barbara, and he does love this girl with all his heart. I’m his best friend, I know him, and he doesn’t treat Barbara the way he used to treat any other woman.”

Victor said slowly, “I will observe him. If what you say is true, then I will bless them.”

Li Du smiled. “Goodbye. I will bless them too.”

As they left the farm, they met a police car on the road. The police chief Wigley waved to Li Du when he saw him.

Li Du said, “I have already talked to Bryan, and my friend is safe here. You don’t have to help him get out. I’ll take back the complaint that I made to the man working under you.”

Wigley breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank heavens!”

He knew Li Du’s power, and his att.i.tude towards Li Du was much better than towards the Bryan family. Later, he invited Li Du to stay in Riverdale for a few days and have dinner with his family.

The town sheriff never gives up any opportunity to develop his connections, because that was how he got his position.

Back in Phoenix, Lu Guan asked, “Boss, how do we arrange the work schedule? Who will be in charge of the information department from now on?”

Their company has been on the right track, although it was small, without a large staff. Not many departments were complete yet, including the important information department and marketing department, which Hans was in charge of before.

For sales and marketing, Li Du still chose Hans, but Hans could not lead the information department anymore, because he stayed in Riverdale and could only get information from the internet. This was not detailed enough.

So Li Du patted Lu Guan’s shoulder. “If you wish, you will be responsible for the information department from now on.”

Lu Guan was happy. He tapped his thin chest and said, “I have some good information in my hands. Let’s go and make some money!”

Li Du said, “Where does your information lead to?”

“There’s Tucson, Phoenix, Holbrooke…”

“The focus of our action is s.h.i.+fting to California. We’re not staying in Arizona anymore, there’s not enough s.p.a.ce for us to perform here,” interrupted Li Du.

Surprised, Lu Guan asked, “We are leaving Arizona?”

“We still belong here, but we’re expanding to California,” said Li Du.

He has long wanted to go to California, but Hans wanted to stay in Arizona to become a leading treasure hunter. Now Hans has given up almost everything in the warehouse and auction industry, and Li Du did not need to stay in Arizona anymore.

“But there’s a good auction in Tucson. I suggest we go to this auction and then move to California.”

Li Du said, “Sure, when will the auction take place? What’s the situation?”

“It’s in July. It’s a joint storage auction, there are several large warehouses, including a veterans’ warehouse which is said to be of great value!”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1359 - Follow the Crowd

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