Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1373 - The Big Bang Theory

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Chapter 1373: Chapter 1373 – The Big Bang Theory

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Driver drove down the highway, found the address that Porter left for them and pulled over. Then he realized he could not find a place to park.

There were too many people, and the parking spots were all taken. Potter’s comic shop was surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd that swarmed all around.

Li Du said in surprise, “Since when are there so many comics aficionados in the United States?”

“There might be more than we thought,” Lu Guan poked his head out, “but I still don’t understand how this little shop could possibly attract so many customers. Are they selling manga p.o.r.n?”

Li Du elbowed him in the ribs. “Quit those dirty thoughts. Young Porter isn’t that kind of man.”

Lu Guan watched and listened attentively, and then turned his head and said, “I understand now. It has nothing to do with manga p.o.r.n. These are actors shooting an episode of The Big Bang Theory! Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki… Yes, they’re talking about the big bang!”

The Big Bang Theory was one of the most popular sitcoms in the United States. It has been running for more than ten seasons and had a large fandom. The main characters were all played by leading TV stars.

The sitcom was also well known in China, where the main character, Sheldon, was popular for his charismatic portrayal of a brilliant physicist with serious psychological problems.

Back home, Li Du used to watch this comedy a lot. At that time, he was going to study in the United States, so it was useful to practice listening to English and understand American life.

Hearing that the actor whom he once watched on TV was in front of him, Li Du hurriedly pushed the door open. “Where? Where are they? I have to talk to them. I have some ideas to discuss with them about cosmology…”

Brother Wolf stopped him and said, “Boss, wait for a while, there are too many people.”

Li Du said, “So what? They all look like ordinary people. It should be safe.”

Brother Wolf said, “Yes, but there are so many cars that it’s like a highway. I’m afraid that you would be hit if you went out now.”

Li Du looked back, and sure enough, there was lots of traffic.

He kicked the front seat a little and said, “Driver, can you stop somewhere?”

Driver complained, “F**k, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are taking over the sidewalk. Where am I going to park?”

There were not just many people, but the place was also in chaos. From time to time there were cheers and screams due to something the actors did.

Li Du’s heart was bursting. He wasn’t a fan of many TV stars, but The Big Bang Theory made a big impression on him in his youth, and now whenever he saw this show, he would think of his college life.

Driver found a parking lot one kilometer away and stopped the car. Li Du called Porter, but Porter did not answer. He was probably very busy.

Li Du was not bored. He released the s.p.a.ce-time bug into the environs of the comic shop where his beloved stars were acting. He sipped a cold drink with relish as he watched.

By the time he reached the shop, the shooting was almost over. It was supposed to be just a scene from a TV episode. After the video shoot, the actors went to remove their makeup and held a meeting with fans in the comic store.

Li Du was no exception in wanting to get friendly with Porter. The Porters had a lot of power, and these stars were happy to grace the little shop with their presence.

Porter was busy in the shop, and Li Du did not disturb him.

More than an hour later, Porter called. “Hi, Li, are you in Los Angeles?”

“I am outside your shop. I saw you were busy, so I did not go in. I have been outside your shop for two and a half hours,” Li Du admitted.

Potter’s voice was instantly apologetic. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Li. I’ve been too busy today. I’ll meet you now.”

Li Du smiled and said, “I’m joking with you. I just arrived. You finish work first.”

“Wait for me,” Porter hung up the phone and walked out. A group of people, knowing he was the boss, immediately surrounded him and asked for a pa.s.s to meet the stars.

Porter was not good at this sort of thing, and could only shake his head in confusion.

Li Du shook his head, too. What an otaku boy he is!

He pushed his way through the crowd, grabbed Porter and pulled him out. Porter went back into the comic book store with a sigh of relief. “Huh, man, you are always here on time.”

“I have my own agenda,” said Li Du. “I’m just like the people out there, hoping to meet Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Carrie Cuoco, and the rest. I love The Big Bang Theory.”

“This is easy. We will have lunch together later,” Porter laughed.

The autograph session lasted for half an afternoon, and the stars were very enthusiastic throughout, which showed their respect for the Porter family.

Porter arranged a fitting dinner for the big stars. They were going to a Michelin three-star restaurant, a super expensive place named Quince.

Li Du waited inside in advance. The restaurant had an elegant environment with warm red brick walls, and each table was arranged like a saloon booth, paying great attention to the privacy of the diners.

Later Porter came with the stars, and Li Du rose to greet them. The atmosphere was happy.

The stars were in their 20s and 30s on TV, but older in real life. Aside from Carrie Cuoco, who was in her 30s, the other actors were in their 40s.

They have all been in the industry for decades, and each of them was an exquisite social master. Porter was shy and silent as expected, very much his introverted self.

However, in such pleasant company, Porter kept the conversation going and the atmosphere was lively throughout dinner.

Porter, however, mainly chatted with Li Du. He was thrilled to learn that Li Du was planning to move to Los Angeles and settle there. “Do you have a place? Buying or renting? I can give you a look around my neighborhood.”

Li Du shook his head. “Beverly Hills? Well, I’m not going there for the time being, because I’m coming here with a tank and I need a big place.”

“With a tank?” Sam Patterson, who played Sheldon, smiled. “I have to take a picture if I get a chance. Is it a real tank? I haven’t seen one in all my years as an actor.”

“You are welcome to come and see it,” said Li Du. “This is not just a real tank but the big World War ll star, the German Tiger Tank!”

The dinner and taking photos with the famous actors were fun. This visit to Los Angeles was quite meaningful because he got to meet and chat with the idols of his youth.

However, the most important thing for him now was to put down roots in Los Angeles.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1373 - The Big Bang Theory

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