Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1401 - Tracking And Being Tracked

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Chapter 1401: Tracking And Being Tracked

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Brother Wolf and G.o.dzilla went out first. Li Du opened one of the boxes and placed a few gold lumps into his black hole.

After a few days, the food in the black hole was almost gone, and part of the ammunition was put in their rucksacks.

So now the black hole s.p.a.ce contained mainly the most valuable things he had collected, like sunset opals, jeweled sabers, guns, and drugs.

These things did not take up much s.p.a.ce. The black hole could store a lot of things. Li Du put in the gold statue and mask, and he also found a gold book.

He felt that the gold book was the most valuable thing. It was made of gold foil about as thick as cardboard.

The book was 40 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide. There were altogether more than twenty pieces of gold foil. It felt heavy when he held it in his hands, at least 10kg.

Gold was so malleable that working it didn’t require much skill. With a hammer and some patience, anyone could create the effect of thin book leaves.

The book’s pages were still somewhat thick, presumably because of the many words and pictures carved on them. Those could easily crumble if the gold foil was too thin.

When the black hole s.p.a.ce was full, Li Du finally went out.

Lu Guan was concerned and asked, “Boss, what did you find inside? I am so anxious, Brother Wolf and G.o.dzilla would not tell me anything when I asked them.”


Li Du smiled and said, “I found treasure, and each of you will get a prize. I think you will be satisfied.”

“Wow, that’s great,” Firecracker grinned happily.

Driver looked indifferent. He did not have much interest in money. When he needed money most, he had none, and now when he didn’t need it, money was rolling on to him. This was quite ironic.

They were ready to go out. Li Du pointed to the other hole and said, “Go that way.”

No one could see that the s.p.a.ce-time bug flew out of the cave into the woods below.

Ah Ow was the first to climb out of the cave, Ah Meow followed in the back, and then Ah Bai and Brother Wolf went forward to check out the situation.

The little condor followed Li Du, who had some dried meat in his hand. The bird was following the dried meat with its tail up and down. It walked swiftly.

Taking out the satellite phone, Brother Wolf called Big Ivan, gave him the coordinates, and asked him to fly the helicopter there.

Hanging up the phone, Brother Wolf asked, “Boss, what’s next? Are we going further on?”

Li Du looked at the distance, shook his head and said, “No, we’ll rest for the night. Then we’ll leave from the original path.”

Lu Guan and the others were confused, but Li Du was the boss, and he always had a plan, so even if they had some doubts, they still fulfilled his commands faithfully.

Returning from the original path, they had to cross mountains and caves. Because they knew the path and the cave location, the way back took a shorter time and was smoother.

Even so, it had taken them eight or nine hours to reach the mouth of the final cave, and it was late in the afternoon by then.

Li Du looked very tired. Brother Wolf said, “Boss, take a rest, it seems like you need it.”

Lu Guan also felt suspicious. “Yes, boss, why are you so tired? Is the backpack full of gold? Haha, I’ve never seen you so tired before.”

Li Du hummed and smiled. “Okay, let’s rest a little, we will continue later. Brother Wolf, you and Firecracker come over with me. I have something to say to you.”

The three of them went deeper into the woods to avoid the sun while they chatted. Half an hour later, the break was over, and three of them walked out together.

Li Du said, “Come on, let’s go into the cave.”

Just as they entered the cave, Brother Wolf, Firecracker and G.o.dzilla retreated.

Lu Guan asked, “What’s going on here?”

Li Du said, “Nothing important, let’s go first.”

As they groped in the cave, they saw the light coming from the hole in front of them. Li Du asked the others to wait for a moment, and he walked cautiously forward. He pushed back the young condor who followed behind him.

The condor blinked stupidly and stumbled to keep up with him. Seeing this, Li Du had to take out a piece of dried meat and throw it on the ground. The young bird immediately lowered its head and pecked at it.

Walking to the mouth of the cave, Li Du carefully picked up his backpack with a wooden stick and pushed it outward after draping it with a garment.

Everything was all right. There was no sound.

Li Du was alarmed, as this was just the opposite of what he had expected.

Brother Wolf’s voice sounded from the walkie-talkie. “Boss, he ran away, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is very clever!”

Upon hearing this, Li Du hurriedly said, “Is it confirmed that the entrance of the cave is safe?”

“Yes, he’s gone. I found the footprints,” said Brother Wolf.

The s.p.a.ce-time bug searched outside and indeed, within a kilometer, there was no sign of any of the Markelov brothers. Li Du squeezed out of the hole and said, “Hurry up and chase after him!”

Unsurprisingly, the two brothers came back and followed them hoping for revenge.

Li Du spotted them near the location where the gold was hidden. Ah Ow sensed that someone was following him, but she was not sure.

To be prudent, Li Du released the s.p.a.ce-time bugs at that time and then used the time they rested to search the position behind him carefully and finally found two similar-looking white men.

He had seen pictures of the Markelov brothers on the poachers’ mobile phones and recognized them at a glance. The two brothers followed.

The brothers were armed with guns but had no intention of running after them to make a raid. They seemed to be in a bad situation, sometimes picking up leftovers and nibbling at them.

They had been in the Special Forces and were good at tracking and reconnaissance work. Their tracking distance was far, which was the reason Li Du did not notice them.

Brother Wolf took Ah Ow to the woods to search for them before. However, they took a rabbit that they caught and released it to distract Ah Ow’s attention, thus cleverly avoiding Brother Wolf’s search.

The two brothers were very patient and kept following them without making a move.

They believed that Li Du and his men would return, and would not stay in the cave forever, so they set up a plan to get their hands on them on the way back.

Li Du knew this because he saw the two brothers blocked the two cave holes in the path while they were going back. Obviously, they wanted to wait for them to enter the cave and catch them.

However, the cave had a large opening, and one person could not block it. They had a lack of men and could only guard one hole each.

Therefore, when they found that Li Du and his party had started their return journey, they gave up the ambush and went back.

In the end, they chose the last cave on the way back, which had a small entrance and was the last cave on the return path.

Li Du found two people hiding under the bushes to set up an ambush. After making sure they would attack in that cave, he acted accordingly.

He called Brother Wolf and Firecracker away and told them about the two brothers. The younger brother hid in their vicinity and wanted to block the hole when they entered the cave.

Under Li Du’s instructions, Brother Wolf and Firecracker found young Markelov under the cover of the woods caught him.

The final plan was, Li Du and the others would act as the bait and Brother Wolf, Firecracker and G.o.dzilla would use the same means to ambush the older Markelov.

However, Big Markelov ran away!

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1401 - Tracking And Being Tracked

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