Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1423 - Forgot to Close the Door

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Chapter 1423: Forgot to Close the Door

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The reaction of the Black Mamba was very swift. Its attention was on Griffin. However, the action of Li Du caused it to turn around at once and stick out its tongue.

The snake’s mouth opened at almost 180 degrees of curvature, and the color of the tongue was as dark as jet. This was where it got its name, ‘Black Mamba’!

Even though Li Du controlled the speed of time, the attack launched by the Black Mamba was still very fast. With a hiss, it attempted to bite onto Li Du’s outstretched palm.

Fortunately, the speed of that attack was still manageable. Li Du took the opportunity to tighten his grip and grabbed onto the snake’s neck. His thumb clamped down on the snake’s jaw and his index and middle fingers clasped the snake’s head. He exerted his arm as much as he could and finally, the Black Mamba fell into his hands.

Then, one second later, the snake’s long body coiled around his arm so tightly it was painful.

Griffin and the two other men looked stunned. Li Du raised the Black Mamba and showed it to them. “The end.”

The Black Mamba struggled and continued to stick out its tongue. As it hissed, the black tongue was exposed at some times and withdrawn at others. However, it was no longer able to hurt anyone.

It was easy to spot that one was an expert by observing how they worked. Looking at the Black Mamba in Li Du’s hand, Griffin was shocked and frustrated. It was hard for him to believe it, but it was true!

“D*mn it, how can that be?” Singer said with his eyes open wide. “How did you do that?”

Li Du said coolly, “Should I show you again?”

Singer nodded enthusiastically, “Go on, go on,”

Li Du said, “Then prepare another one hundred thousand bucks.”

Recalling the bet, Griffin’s heart bled.

He looked at Li Du with a pale face and Li Du turned to look at him as well. Li Du said provocatively, “What? Can’t afford it or can’t accept defeat? Want to try again?”

Griffin looked like he was about to say something. His lips moved but finally, he said helplessly, “No need, you won. I lost. Sorry, I underestimated your ability. That was foolish of me.”

In this trade, he was indeed an expert. He had never b.u.mped into a worthy rival. However, Li Du’s performance and his action had proved unmatched skills!

Li Du could not be bothered to stoop to his level. He had just wanted to prove himself because Griffin upset him. Now that he had achieved his aim, he threw the snake into the cage and shut it.

Singer looked somewhat distracted as he looked at Li Du. He went to pick up the cage and asked, “How did you … oh, f*ck!”

Just at that moment, something happened. The door of the cage was knocked open from the inside and the Black Mamba rushed out again. It opened its mouth and slithered towards Singer!

It all happened too fast. The fearsome attack speed of the Black Mamba was showcased perfectly.

Li Du knew that something bad was about to happen when he saw the snake knocking into the cage door. Hence, he activated Time Deceleration. However, he was still unable to stop the happenings.

It was just too fast!

Singer, of course, did not react in time. He had not noticed that the cage door was not locked properly. He casually reached out for the cage and realized that it was not closed.

The venomous snake bit Singer. As a snake breeder, he was experienced with that. However, it was still his first time being bitten by the Black Mamba, and he was frantic.

Panicking, he swung his hand around, yelling, “Ahh, ahh, I, I, I’ve been bitten! Griffin, G.o.d! Hurry, help me! Black Mamba, this is a Black Mamba!”

Li Du went forward to catch the venomous snake. Once the Black Mamba had successfully bitten someone, it became even crazier. Seeing Li Du, it immediately moved its head forward to attack.

Li Du activated Time Deceleration and clamped down on the snake’s head again. At that moment, the snake’s body was still coiled around Singer’s arm.

Four tiny holes had appeared on the back of Singer’s palm. Blood oozed out from the wound.

Li Du retrieved the snake and Griffin swiftly picked up the serum and gave Singer an injection. Then, the other youth who had been watching the drama left to fetch a bottle of saline. He added some medicinal powder to it and then inserted it into Singer’s arm.

Singer remained frantic and asked, “Will I die? I’ve been bitten by a Black Mamba. G.o.d, no…”

Griffin tutted. “Weakling! Don’t worry, you had gotten the antidote, you’ll be fine!”

“But I feel like I have breathing difficulty,” Singer said with mounting panic.

Li Du said, “That’s just psychological. What are you scared about? How can the venom affect your breathing and heart so quickly?”

The venom of the Black Mamba contained mainly neurotoxins and cardiotoxins. Two drops of it were enough to kill a person. The horrible thing about the Black Mamba was that it had twenty drops of venom in its fangs at any given time.

Before the emergence of antiviral serum, the fatality rate caused by Black Mamba bites was almost one hundred percent. Once bitten, there had been no possibility of survival. Usually, the person would die in half an hour to an hour.

Brother Wolf also came up to help. He cut open the wound on the back of Singer’s hand and burned the skin with a lighter.

The nerves of the wound had already been paralyzed by venom, and Singer felt no pain. Brother Wolf practically burned the entire wound area before he stopped.

High temperature could destroy the Black Mamba venom. It was a rugged and effective way to deal with the venom, often used by the military.

Once they were done with the work on Singer’s wound, the team was relieved. However, this didn’t last for long. An employee ran out of the house and shouted, “What happened in Zone B? How did the Black Mamba and the Inland Taipan snake get out?”

Griffin was shocked. “What?!”

“Boss, I saw it from the monitor, the snakes have escaped from Zone B!”

Griffin gave Singer a punch. “F*ck, don’t tell me that you G.o.dd*mn forgot to shut the cage door?”

Singer said, “I, I, I can’t, can’t have made such a mistake, I must have shut it.”

Hearing what he said, it was obvious that he was guilty.

Everyone entered the room and looked at the monitor screen. In one of the areas, more than a dozen venomous snakes had gotten outside the cage. Two of them entered a snake pool. The pool was full of snakes, and after getting into the pool, the two venomous snakes started chaos. They began a full-blown attack in the pool.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the snakes would not have attacked each other. To launch an attack took a lot of effort. Hence, they would conserve their energy to deal with their prey instead of their own kind.

However, those snakes had been locked up for a long time and had become stressed out. One could say that they had turned anxious or depressed. In short, they went bonkers.

The snakes in the pool were bitten and quickly stiffened and turned up on their bellies. They died within a short time.

That was the Inland Taipan snake, the number one horror on the world viper list!

Griffin sighed. “It’s a disaster!”

He made money from raising snakes. There had been some non-venomous snakes in the snake pool. Those were sold for experiments or food. They were of no value dead.

With the rest of his men, Griffin rushed to Zone B of ​​the farm. From the monitors, it seemed like more snakes were entering the snake pool…

That matter had nothing to do with Li Du. The showdown had started because of the farm workers. Forgetting to close the cage door was a mistake of Griffin’s own employee. All Li Du needed to do was to watch the fun.

However, seeing how anxious Griffin was, Li Du decided to do him a favor. Previously, when the other party had lost, Griffin had acted as he should. He had a pretty decent character.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1423 - Forgot to Close the Door

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