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At this moment, Li Du could feel a rush of heat on his face. This wasn't caused by the rush of blood and adrenaline, but rather because the exhaust of the bike in front was blowing directly in his face.

That's how close they were!

Although his emotions were already in turmoil, Li Du was still able to keep a clear state of mind. He immediately slammed on the breaks while shouting 'slow down time' in his mind.

Once again, the little bug heard his desire and suddenly, the gliding bike slowed down to a creep.

Taking this chance, Li Du slammed on the gas followed by the breaks before turning the bike.

Accompanied by the roar of the engine and tire, the heavy motorcycle showed the agility of a little lamb, turning onto the sides before showing off a beautifully executed drift!

Just as skillfully, Li Du fluidly righted the bike onto its previous path in front.

The biker that was previously in front had a taste of his own medicine. At that kind of speed, the Harley's movements were like a ch.o.r.eographed dance. He only felt a rush of wind before the bike appeared in front.

However it seemed like that guy was also a veteran on the road, and was able to quickly change the gears while slowing his ride down.

Li Du also did the same to his bike, before breaking when it had reached a safe speed.

The reason why he didn't break previously was because Stephen had told him earlier that when the bike reach speeds exceeding a hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, bikers should never directly break. Although the ABS system is capable of correcting the rider's mistake, it's still really easy for the bike to lose its balance.

Behind the Harley, a deep black mark could clearly be seen, displaying the path that the Harley carved its history in this poorly maintained street. When the bike came to a full stop, Li Du took off his helmet and took a deep breath.

This was the side affect of using his time ability. After recovering back to normal, he needed a large amount of oxygen to return to normal.

As the other bike slowed down, its rider also took off his helmet, showing off a tuff of short blond hair. Whistling at Li Du, he praised, "Whoo dude, that was cool!"

With a face filled with pimples, behind the wheels was a young biker that looked about twenty years old.

Although he was forced by Li Du to stop his bike, it seemed that he didn't feel any shame. Running in Li Du's direction, he exclaimed, "Hey buddy, where did you learn that kind of G.o.dly skill? That was awesome, how were you able to get in front of me?"

On the other hand, Li Du took another deep breath. When he regained his stamina, he angrily grabbed onto that biker's collar and exclaimed, "Motherf*cker! Do you want to die!?"

Raising his hands in a show of surrender, the young biker meekly replied, "Hehe, cool off buddy, I didn't have any bad intentions. Plus, if you are going to ride a customized Street Glide, you should more or less be ready to be challenged!"

Behind them, Hans and the others quickly caught up in their pickup and started asking what happened.

That biker's partner took out his phone and showed them a short video that showed off the Harley as it executed its perfect glide.

"Sh*t sh*t sh*t! No wonder this is called Street Glide! This bike is made for such movements!" Hannah exclaimed.

Hans simply looked at Li Du with a look of wonder, "Yo buddy, I'm really starting to feel that I don't know you at all."

On the other hand, Stephen didn't seem too pleased, "Hey Li, you are clearly an expert biker, why did you say that you don't know how to ride a motorcycle earlier?"

Towards this comment, Li Du is filled with exasperation, "I'm the expert of noobs! That was completely thanks to G.o.d! Even I don't know how I pulled that off, or why this guy tried to kill me!"

"When you ride a customized Harley on the road, it means that you are asking for a race," Stephen explained.

Handing the keys off to Hans, Li Du remarked, "You were right Fox, anyone who wants to live a long time should stay as far away from motorcycles as they can! Quickly sell it, this machine is like a magnet of misfortune!"

"You are planning to sell this machine?" The blond biker asked in disbelief, "You are not saying that in anger, right?"

Stroking his chin, Hans replied, "If the price is right, then perhaps we'll sell it. Oh, buddy, how should I call you? You seem foreign."

"He's not from Flagstaff," Stephen added.

There're only that many bikers in Flagstaff, so the circle was very small and everyone knew each other.

"I'm Ronald Yax, from Phoenix. I've got a couple of friends here that I've come to visit, it's a pleasure to meet you," answered the blond teen, shaking their hands.

"h.e.l.lo Ronald, I'm Hans Fox, my friends call me Fox. Do your friends need a bike like this? I'm sure you know its specs since you've seen it yourself." Hans tempted.

"Your bike was in front, how were you able to get the video?" Li Du asked bewildered.

"I've got cameras both in front and on the back of my bike, isn't that quite common? As for this bike, you'll have to tell me everything about it, but I think I'll be able to find you a buyer."

There really wasn't anything to hide about it. Storage auctions was a very standardized profession, and one of its rules was that the buyers must be told of the condition any items had been bought.

After knowing that that machine was acquired from an auction hunt, Ronald marveled at their luck, "You guys must be blessed by G.o.d to have such good fortune. Alright, since this is road worthy, I'll try to find a good owner for it."

After dialing a number, he informed them that the buyer would be there in about two hours.

During that time, Hans and Stephen took the opportunity to enjoy the bike. For normal American girls like Hannah, it's not easy for them to obtain the opportunity to ride a twenty thousand bike like that.

In the end, Ronald was quite accurate with his two-hour estimation. As the roar of several engines approached, a group of Harleys began to circle them.

"This type of people will die on the road sooner or later," Lu Du commented as he shook his head.

"As long as we are able to get their money before they die," Hans nonchalantly smiled.

There's a total four people. As Ronald introduced them, he pointed out a bald guy called Cylinder Head who was the buyer.

Cylinder heads were a part of the internal combustion engine. Located on top of the cylinder blocks, it sealed the top of the combustion chamber.

That item was often in contact with very hot gasoline that's also highly pressurized, so the material used must be able to withstand high heat and pressure. All in all, because of the technical requirements needed, it was the most costly part in an engine.

After examining the outer appearance of the machine and listening to its engine, Cylinder Head nodded before asking, "This is a well-maintained machine, how much do you want for it?"

"Fifteen thousand,," Hans answered crossing his arms.

Calling to one of his companions, "Rooster, give them the money."

"…" was the reaction of Hans who had originally prepared to haggle.

That transaction was quite different from the ma.s.sage chair's. There were no unnecessary comments as one of them took out a stack of bills.

"Should I have asked for a higher price?" Hans asked Li Du in a very small voice.

"Don't be too greedy, I don't think you should anger these men," Li Du answered.

Fifteen thousand, according to their agreement of four-six split, Li Du will get nine thousand. In addition to his remaining money, he now has over ten thousand in savings.

After makings sure that the bills were all authentic, Hans took out ten of them and invited the bikers out for a drink.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 15

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