Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1509 - Groom the Jade

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Chapter 1509: Groom the Jade

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Longken area was very large, with many stones that had a high value. This attracted many people, but the security was lacking.

Therefore, they had to take good care of their belongings when they entered if they did not want to be robbed.

After some discussion, they decided to sell the three pieces of jade they had gotten previously.

This part of the deal depended on Zhong Dapao. He made two phone calls and then contacted a Hong Kong businessman. He was the first choice, and if the price did not satisfy them, they would switch to another buyer.

“If we want to sell jade, we can’t go to Longken tonight,” Liu Zi said happily.

Li Du asked, “Why?”

Liu Zi said, “Because we have to groom our jade. The jade is too hard just after it was mined. We have to make it softer so that we could sell it at a higher price.”

Li Du was curious. “There is such a thing?”

Liu Zi smiled and said, “I don’t know what’s the deal with you. You look like a rookie on every single point, but you can just find valuable stones. Is it like what I thought, that you have see-through eyes?”

Zhong Dapao rolled his eyes and said, “All right, all right. Don’t think too much about it. We don’t need to know why Master Li can always pick the best jade. We should just follow him and make money. Remember, shut up and don’t meddle!”

After saying that, he added, “Liu Zi, don’t mention Master Li’s abilities to anyone, especially after you’re drunk. If you go out and cause d.a.m.n trouble for Master Li, you’re out of this partners.h.i.+p!”

Liu Zi got worried and asked Li Du, “How long do you plan to stay here?”

Li Du said, “Ten days, two weeks at most.”

Liu Zi said firmly, “Then I will not touch a drop of liquor during this time.”

Li Du smiled and said, “It’s not like you really have anything to tell. I happened to find some stones. I’m just lucky.”

Zhong Dapao nodded with a smile. “Yes, yes. You are lucky.”

Of course, he did not believe this, but Li Du did not care either way. Zhong Dapao was a clever man and knew what was good for him, which was looking straight ahead and focusing on making money.

Next came the session where they need to raise the jade. Zhong Dapao drove him down to the village in the northwest area and found a resort-like place.

It was smoky and bustling, and even at night, it felt hot and humid as they approached.

Li Du recognized that it was a hot spring site, and some of the springs were almost boiling.

After entering, Zhong Dapao tapped some money on the counter, pointed behind him and said, “All of us will go in. Give us three attendants.”

The cas.h.i.+er smiled and said, “Sir, I’m afraid it would cost more than that.”

Liu Zi tapped the table and said, “More? How greedy can you crooks be? Let your d.a.m.n boss come out and say the money is not enough. You always try to leech more out of people. Don’t think you are very high in position because we pay!”

Li Du was stunned for a moment. The prices here were very high. He saw that Zhong Dapao gave t least one million Kyat, which was equivalent to nearly 5,000 RMB, and it was still not enough for about their group to go in the hot spring?

Zhong Dapao stopped Liu Zi, then smiled and said, “Brother, give us some face. I, Master Pao, only have this much money, and you can’t let Master Pao feel embarra.s.sed in front of his friends, can you?”

The man who looked like the manager came out and said with a smile, “Master Pao, you are too polite. The new boy is not capable of handling affairs. If you go in and play, you will get Guan Er, and even Hong Huang Bai will be there at your service.”


Zhong Dapao smiled demurely. “Thanks a lot.”

The hot spring resort was simple. It could not compare with the high-end places Li Du visited in the United States. Many of the hot springs were just tiled pools filled with water, with no special attractions.

Taking off their clothes in the same shabby changing room, they went into a large pool. The water was quite hot. Li Du gasped when he entered the hot spring and was nearly choked by the strong sulphuric steam. He could not help but cough.

A plump woman pa.s.sed beside him. She hurriedly covered her wrist, rolled her eyes to Li Du and said pettily, “Don’t spit around, it’s not polite, didn’t you see the bracelet that I just bought?”

Next to her, a handsome and tall young man stared at Li Du and said, “Stay away, my sister’s bracelet cost a few billion, and if anything goes wrong, it would be hard to deal with.”

The few billion that the other side was referring to were of course in Kyat. The bracelet had cost at least a few million after converting. Still, it was pretty impressive.

Li Du smiled in a good-natured manner and returned to the pool. G.o.dzilla, who did not know much Chinese, did not understand why the strangers shouted at Li Du. He stood up from the pool with a cold face.

He emerged from the water like an angry hippo. The spring water flowed down G.o.dzilla’s muscles, outlining them impressively.

The young man hastily retreated, while the woman’s eyes lit up. Evidently, she had a penchant for strong muscular men. Her eyes scanned G.o.dzilla as if she wanted nothing more than to get him in a private room. Her line of sight strayed to G.o.dzilla’s nether regions, covered in tight-fitting swimming trunks.

The woman did not walk away and went straight down to the pool.

The water was warm and the pool was slippery. With a coquettish little “Ah!” the woman slipped.

Li Du did not know whether she did it intentionally or not, but the fact remained that she fell right in G.o.dzilla’s direction.

G.o.dzilla’s reaction was quick and he backed away.

The woman didn’t into him. She quickly stretched out a hand to hold up to a stone, then said in a flirtatious voice, “Ah, it hurts! My foot!”

She reached into the water to touch her ankle when something interesting happened. With a snap, the bracelet on her wrist was broken!

Liu Zi burst into laughter at this premature demise of the exorbitantly expensive bracelet. “You’re out of luck, sister!”

The woman’s facial expression changed abruptly. She glared at Liu Zi and said, “Who do you call sister? Oh, my bracelet! My bracelet!”

She dived right into the water to retrieve the ornament. After groping for a while, she picked up the two broken pieces of the bracelet and almost cried, “How would it be broken?”

The guy in the back said, “Huh, the bracelet is broken? Sister, let me take a look. How would it be broken? It was fine just now, how would it break so suddenly?”

Liu Zi and Zhong Dapao looked at it from a distance and laughed again. The latter smiled and winked at Li Du, then said, “We have something interesting to entertain us.”

The woman looked at the broken bracelet, and her face fell. She asked the young man, “Guan Er, say, what is the matter?”

The young man said anxiously, “Oh, it was my fault, it was definitely because the bracelet knocked into the stone and cracked when you slipped just now. Then it broke when it contacted with the hot water again! It’s my fault that I didn’t support you…”

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1509 - Groom the Jade

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