Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 16

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Lu Du had to admit, Hans was truly charismatic. He really shouldn't be a treasure hunter, but should do PR instead.

Whether it had to do with flattering or storytelling, he could always attract the interest and raise the mood of Cylinder Head and his followers.

Cylinder Head wasn't a very social guy, but the one whose nickname was Rooster was more than enough to fill the s.p.a.ce. Under the effects of alcohol, their relation developed to such a degree that they even started calling each other brothers.

As the mood reached another high point, Hans began to show his fox tail [1], "Hey buddy, I heard that you guys are the kings of Phoenix. I must say, I'm really envious of the network that you guys possess. You know, I'm not flattering you, I'm serious. Of course, I'm only talking about the racing circles and not the other professions."

The method that Hans employed was goading. Although it was often very crude, but for simple American thugs who would often lose their cool after a few cups of alcohol, it was often very effective.

"Yo buddy, I must tell you, you've got that wrong. Our network is very vast and it doesn't simply revolve around the racing circle, feel free to ask if you don't believe me," replied Rooster.

Although Hans displayed an expression of doubt, he nevertheless nodded showing his agreement.

However, Rooster and Ronald clearly weren't satisfied with that. Even the normally quiet Cylinder Head frowned, "Mr. Fox, do you doubt our words?"

"I believe you, but I know, you guys aren't G.o.d, no one can be related to everything. Alright, let me give you an example. I'm in the auction hunting profession, do you have relation in that field? What I mean is, are you able to get information that other treasure hunters aren't able to?" explained Hans.

"Of course!"

Taking out his phone, Rooster called a number and spoke a few words before putting it on speakers.

"… When did you guys start to care about this? Alright, there's a awesome item that might be put on auction soon. Next week, Cactus Storage Company will be auctioning a few warehouses and there should be some interesting things there."

"What kind of interesting items?"

"A Yamaha, are you interested? There should also be a set of DWs, what do you think?"

Hearing that, Li Du and Hans immediately exchanged a look, that information really was interesting!

After ending the call, Hans continued to flatter Cylinder Head and the others, raising the mood to another high after another few rounds of drinks.

In the end, Hans was the one that paid for the bill. That being said, the drinks weren't very expensive, so although they talked four several hours, the tabs only came out to four hundred dollars.

After leaving, Li Du gave Hans a thumb up, "Nice going, Mr. Fox."

Hans only shrugged in response, "That's only a small trick. Next them when the opportunity arises, I'll let you see you what real skill is. Oh and also, why aren't you drunk after so much alcohol?"

Li Du copied Hans's shrug, "I don't get drunk."

Through this meeting, he found that as long as he used the little bug's ability, no matter what he ate or drank, he would never feel stuffed or get drunk because all the energy would be absorbed by the little bug.

Cactus Storage Company was located in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. It was a firm that owned over 450 warehouses which hosted auctions almost every week.

Hans, Li Du, and Ah Meow drove to Phoenix in the middle of February, two days before the auction.

Although there were only two hundred kilometers between the two cities, but when one traveled from Flagstaff to Phoenix, it's almost as if they had driven between seasons.

While Flagstaff was still surrounded by the coolness of spring, Phoenix was already scorched by the sun like its surrounding dessert.

Li Du was a cla.s.sic nerd, so, during his time in America, he only focused on his studies. It was his first time in Phoenix, so he was caught unprepared by the weather's sudden change. He arrived in coat and sweaters, but had to take it off as soon as he stepped out the car.

"Are you planning to give us a striptease?" A white man whose skin had already been scored red by the sun teased. Li Du wasn't able to find any malicious intention in his smile, only amus.e.m.e.nt.

On the other hand, Hans seemed to be a regular, so he only shook his head before complaining, "The people here are like this terrible weather, wild, fierce, and without any manners. That's why when Mother America accepted Arizona into its embrace, it could only be described as an act of kindness."

Although Uncle Sam had always drooled over its mineral reserves, of US's 48 continental states, Arizona was the last to join the United States.

As they drove towards Cactus Storage Company, Hans introduced, "Phoenix has a lot of sports teams like NBA's Suns, National League's Diamondbacks, NFL's Cardinals among others. So there is almost always sports gear in the storages that you bid here. Another unexpected fact is that although the people here don't seem to be very educated, the city itself and the museums here can be said to be first rate. You might even be able to get some sort of antiques if you are lucky, of course, that's mostly a dream though because the chance is that is almost negligible."

Carefully caressing Ah Meow, Li Du gave him a sly smile, "Really? I'm not too sure about that."

Cactus Storage Company really fitted its reputation. This time, they took out a total of eleven storages for the auction.

Unlike the previous two companies, Cactus had really strict rules. Treasure hunters were not allowed to enter by any means, and any action that violated that was seen as a form of fraud.

Li Du and Hans were only able to sneak in by disguising Li Du as an Asian businessman who's looking to rent one of the storages.

However, what made Li Du very depressed was the fact that those eleven storages weren't in one place. In fact, two of them were even 1.5 kilometers apart. There's absolutely no chance that they'ld be able to tour all of them in two simple go.

As for the long-antic.i.p.ated Yamaha, even though they went through the first five storages on that day, he didn't even catch a glimpse of it.

That being said, he did find an ATV, but with it being displayed at a place where everyone could see it, that storage would most probably be auctioned off at a very high price, leaving little to no room for profit.

What Li Du wanted to bid for were storages with large profit margin, not throwing money away at just any storage, so that one was instantly removed from his consideration.

Although he spent all his energy, they weren't able to gain anything that day.

In the end, Hans took him to a dirty Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Just as they stepped in, their path were blocked by two people. The one who seem to be more than 1.9 meters tall immediately gave Hans a shove and mocked, "Hey look, who's this? Isn't it Miss Fox?"

Frowning, Hans angrily retorted, "Crazy Lucas, why haven't you died yet?"

Letting out a loud laugh, Lucas continued, "Of course not, otherwise wouldn't I be a spirit instead? I'm surprised that you're still alive though. Not only that, but you even have enough courage to step in here."

Letting out a cold smirk, Hans countered, "Why shouldn't I be here? This is a restaurant, right? I'm inviting my buddy here to dinner (food and drink), where else should I go?"

"Inviting your buddy out for a drink? This skinny monkey? I didn't know that a monkey could also drink, would he be drinking Monkey wine then?" Lucas pretended to ask in a very serious manner while his buddy let out an exaggerated hawl.

"Monkey wine is a very strong spirit, for girly guys like you, I'm not sure if you can handle one mouthful," Li Du calmly pointed out.

"Then let me try it?" Lucas continued to provoke him.

"You don't have that qualification yet. How about this, let's compete to see how's got a higher tolerance, if you can beat me, then I'll give you a bottle of Monkey wine," Li Du challenged.

[1]. True intention

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 16

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