Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 226

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After alighting, Li Du started a.s.signing tasks immediately. "Go clear unit 11 up, G.o.dzilla; you'll need to expend a lot of strength today."

"Got it, Boss!"

The Mexican giant took off his s.h.i.+rt and revealed the small vest that he was wearing. With each slight movement he made, the rock-hard muscles would stretch the vest by outrageous amounts.

Frank was walking toward them, but after witnessing this scene, he changed his path quickly.

Li Du felt good. He was making plans to find a way to hire that huge fellow Big Quinn. With Big Quinn, a lot of troublesome things could be resolved.

The cleaner Big Quinn wasn't just unmatched in strength, he also had a smile that would even scare the devil.

Frank and York had brought twenty men to clean up their units. They split themselves into groups of four to five people to simultaneously clean up the five units.

"The more people there are, the faster the job gets done." Hans couldn't help but feel envious.

Li Du gestured to the people around them. "We also have quite a number of people this time."

Although Turís and the others came to help, they would not be doing the manual labor, only the transportation.

When cleaning storages units, they would usually not allow outsiders to help because there was no knowing what could be valuable or fragile inside. If the helpers damaged anything, that would spell trouble.

Thus, when cleaning the out the units, all the outsiders would avoid contact.

Turís and the others were not bored; they went to Frank's units to observe.

During this cleaning time, Frank and York were supervisors. They continuously commanded their men as they moved the stuff so they would pay attention to what was valuable and avoid causing any damage.

After the two delegated the work, they went to unit 35. Frank waved his hand and shouted, "Hey men, let's get this junk out of here and open a path for me…"

York was on the phone. "h.e.l.lo, is this madam McDormand? I'm Jim York. We once sold a replica model of the Batpod to you, do you still remember?"

It was unclear what the other party said, but York was soon smiling brightly. "Yes, yes. That's us. This time, we have another haul, and we're hoping that you could come over to see if it interests you…

"Yes, it's another motorcycle, but this time, it's not just a replica model. It's the original motorcycle from 'The Terminator!'"

"Alright… Alright. We'll send our location to you. You and your friends are welcome to look."

Hearing York's words, the surrounding treasure hunters immediately burst into chatter.

"What? The original motorcycles from 'The Terminator?' Did I hear wrong?"

"When was there a motorcycle? D*mn, they're really there? They're really the original ones from 'The Terminator?'"

"F*ck, why didn't we see them?"

Confused, Hans scratched his head. "What the h.e.l.l, when were there motorcycles in that storage? I don't remember seeing them."

Li Du said helplessly, "You guys didn't see them? They were right under the covers. I saw them too, that's why I offered 100,000 dollars to get the unit."

York noticed them. He went over and said, "Hey rookies, what are you guys doing on my turf? Looking for sh*t to eat?"

The people around them laughed. They were just going along with York's bad humor to b.u.t.ter him up.

Hans said in disdain, "This is your turf? Did Warner Brothers sell their land to you as well?"

York flashed a middle finger at him and was about to say something, but Frank had already reached the motorcycles. He shouted, "Buddy, I've got them!"

Hearing that, York couldn't be bothered to continue the verbal insults anymore and rushed into the storage unit.

Several other treasure hunters were also interested, and crowded at the entrance. Full of antic.i.p.ation, they observed the black and white police motorcycles.

The movers cleared away the junk around it, and Frank took off the cover.

The cover had been sucked dry of its time energy by the bug. It was as if it had been there for many decades, and the material had turned horribly brittle.

Thus, with a yank from Frank, the cover tore into two halves.

The two motorcycles were revealed at the same time.

Li Du immediately said, "Those are the motorcycles from 'The Terminator?' They look new!"

One of the two was all-around brand-new, the black and white paint s.h.i.+ny and glossy.

The other was somewhat antique-looking, with paint falling off, and the windscreen a pale yellow. But the body and the rear of the bike was somewhat new, making it look strange and distorted.

Seeing the two motorcycles, Frank and York both blanked out for a moment. After examining their conditions, their faces turned pale.

"The Terminator" was a movie that made its name through its impressive special effects. Belonging to both the sci-fi and the violent, action genre, the vehicles used as props could not have been preserved that well, and would have had wear-and-tear.

Just using common sense, they knew that they had made a mistake!

The treasure hunters who were watching could also deduce what had happened. Soon, someone laughed, "These aren't the motorcycles from 'The Terminator,' they're probably just the same model."

Perhaps they were spares bought by the directing team. They didn't use them, so they were left in storage and forgotten.

"This unit was bought with the highest price of the day? How much was it? One hundred twenty thousand dollars?"

"Sh*t, Frank and York are in trouble, this unit will definitely be a bust!"

Li Du said, "Maybe not, there are still a lot of things in this storage. Also, two motorcycles, even if they aren't part of the movie, they should still be quite valuable? Seems like they've been well kept."

There was a bike fanatic here, and he immediately answered, "Kawasaki 1000cc, motorcycle for police use. In the 70s and 80s, they were popular. Now, who cares about those old things?"

Li Du felt that it was strange. "People don't collect these old types of motorcycles? Isn't the market still quite large for collecting old vehicles?"

That treasure hunter said, "Yes, you're right, the market is huge. But too many motorcycles of this model were manufactured—there's a police station out of town that uses this model, so…"

He didn't say anything else, but just shrugged. The meaning was obvious: these old motorcycles could be found everywhere, and even if they were both in good condition, were worthless.

"F*ck!" Frank kicked one of the motorcycles, his face red with rage.

He only wanted to vent some of the anger, but as the front of the bike had its time absorbed by the bug, it became old and brittle.

Thus, with that kick, the headlights were smashed by his foot!

Snickers could be heard from the other treasure hunters. Hans was also laughing, very loudly and obviously. "Hey guys, why'd you stop laughing?"

York held Frank back and said, "Calm down, brother. The background of these bikes hasn't been confirmed yet—perhaps they could be movie originals?"

A treasure hunter said, "Yeah, buddy, even if they're not movie originals, they could also sell for one to two grand. By destroying them like that? They would end up worthless!"

Those words seemed like words of consolation, but in fact, they were full of sarcasm.

Frank glared at the crowd, he scoffed, "You guys want to see me fall? Screw you guys, it's not so easy!"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 226

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