Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 230

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Using the bug's vision to examine this battle vehicle was different from seeing it with his own eyes.

When the vehicle was upright, it gave off an impactful aura. Compared to when it was lying in amongst the boxes, it appeared much more powerful.

After seeing the Batpod at a closer range, just like the other treasure hunters, Li Du unconsciously sucked in a breath of cool air. He couldn't resist saying, "D*mn it, what the h.e.l.l is this!"

G.o.dzilla shrugged and said, "Boss, this is the vehicle."

Hans sprinted like the wind, jumped, and flew onto the motorcycle. Due to the design of the Batpod, he sprawled onto the motorcycle in a stupid-looking manner.

However, his demeanor was imposing. He opened his mouth and thundered, "Bruce Wayne has arrived! The light of Gotham City has arrived! With me here, the night of Gotham will never belong to the darkness!"

"What the h.e.l.l are you doing?" Li Du yelled.

Hans ignored him, and continued wildly shouting as he sprawled on the motorcycle, his face flushed red from the effort.

"You think that I'm just a rich, spoiled brat? You think I'm just a frivolous playboy? No, I am the Dark Knight —I am BATMAN!"

The other treasure hunters were also buzzing with excitement. They all disregarded the rules of storage auctions and rushed into the unit like bees to honey. Each of them tried to cop a feel from the vehicle.

Li Du was shocked by the reaction of these people, and cried out, "Sh*t, are you all insane? It's just a motorcycle!"

When he saw the Batpod, he could feel his emotions run high, but not to the point of losing his mind like that. It was just a prop.

This was the difference in culture. To Americans, Batman was one of the most important superheroes of all time!

Making his appearance in 1939, he had enthralled the youths of America since then. From the 60s and 70s onwards, its influence had become increasingly widespread.

Since then, no matter where the media conducted their polls, the most popular superhero would always be the Batman, Bruce Wayne.

Even with the boom of the comic book industry and the movies, heroes like Ironman, The Hulk, and Spiderman, still could not surpa.s.s Batman.

To the kids in China, their ideal hero was Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey G.o.d. To American children, their ideal hero was Batman!

Thus, witnessing this outrageous and powerful Batpod, the treasure hunters were all frantic because this was the ride that they had dreamt about during their childhoods!

As they surrounded the vehicle, the treasure hunters were shouting in a chaotic mess:

"What year is this from? Look at its design, it's crazy!"

"Big Fox, let me on it—quick, quick, quick! Let me try!"

"Sh*t, don't push me—Big Fox, let's take it for a spin!"

Li Du shook his head and said with a bitter laugh, "My G.o.d, these guys are crazy—it's just a motorcycle."

York appeared at the entrance; he looked greedily at the vehicle and said, "F*ck! You actually got the Batpod! Why? Why were you the one who got it?!"

Li Du shrugged and said, "Maybe G.o.d blesses those who are kind."

York glared viciously at him. G.o.dzilla popped his knuckles, and seeing such, his gaze immediately became gentle. "Hey, buddy, how about we make a deal?"

"What?" Li Du glared at him suspiciously.

York coughed, and then said with a smile, "First, I would like to congratulate you for getting this treasure. Now, I'm sure that you don't have any suitable channels to sell it, right?"

Li Du asked, "You want to help to sell it? Oh, Jim, you're really a nice guy."

"I'm willing to help you sell it," York said, "but according to the rules, I'll take twenty percent of the sales as commission."

Mr. Li immediately rejected him with a wave of his hand. "Then forget it, I'll find my own way to sell it."

York was a sc.u.mbag. According to some of the hidden rules of this trade, commission fees were usually set at around ten percent, and it should have been even lower for valuable items.

Hearing his words, York said, "What way do you think you can find? How would you find your buyer? Although my commission fee does seem a little pricey, I swear, buddy—"

"No need to swear; I'm not dumb," Li Du interrupted. "I'll contact Officer Marge Gunderson—I think she would be the best candidate for this."

Officer Marge Gunderson was one of the characters that Frances McDormand acted as, in the cla.s.sic crime thriller, "Fargo." It was playing this character that her an Oscar.

Although Li Du didn't know much about this actress, he was very familiar with the character that she acted as because Officer Marge was Rose's idol. In the living room of their house, there were even posters of Officer Marge.

When had he first seen the motorcycle he had thought of what to do with it: put it up for auction on eBay.

However, from the information York had leaked in his confused, depressed state, he heard the info of how the actress loved to collect famous motorcycles. He immediately knew that he had a better option.

York clearly knew that he was the one who had gifted this source to Li Du. He cursed in frustration, "F*ck! D*mn it, G.o.d! I must have offended a ghost! I must have been cursed!"

After venting his rage, he still wanted to try his luck. "Not everyone can contact someone as famous as that, kid…"

Li Du couldn't be bothered to listen to his c.r.a.p. He picked out a bicycle from the storage that was cleared out, and he speedily rode to the main gate. York had said that the actress was already here.

Parked at the main gate was a G-cla.s.s, Mercedes AMG. Its body was gigantic and imposing. Through the winds.h.i.+eld, he could see that a woman was in the driver's seat.

Li Du rode the bicycle and stopped right in front of the car. Soon after, a door was opened, and a bald, white man walked out. He asked with an expressionless face, "Sir, what's the problem?"

With a slight smile, Li Du said, "Please tell the actress that I have a motorcycle she will definitely be interested in. If she's brought enough money, she can come with me to see."

The large man felt doubtful, and asked, "Are you the one who called? Mr. Jim York?"

Li Du shook his head and said, "No. Mr. York lied to your boss. But I'm not lying."

Coming out of the driver's side was a white lady with shades on. She had an oval-shaped face, her blonde hair combed into a ponytail, giving her a sharp, dignified aura.

"What motorcycle? Don't lie to me, I hate it when someone tries to fool me. What irks me even more are people who lie just to get an autograph or a picture with me!"

Her words were as sharp as her aura.

Li Du carefully measured the woman before him. So this was one of the most talented female actresses of Hollywood, Frances McDormand!

Due to Rose, he was more knowledgeable about this actress. Although she wasn't someone who would be known in every household, her acting skills were top-notch!

Most people only knew that she had gotten an Oscar for Best Movie Actress, but they didn't know that she also received other awards, like Best Supporting Role from the Oscars, Best Movie Actress from the Golden Globes, and honorary awards from the Venice Film Festivals.

Seeing this legend first-hand, Li Du couldn't help but smile. A few months ago, he could only just observe her from posters, but now he was so close that he could almost touch her.

He could only think, Fate works in mysterious ways!

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 230

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