Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 25

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In the business of treasure hunting, the so called one-dollar storage were the ones that no one really seemed to find an interest in.

While on the surface, you could have gotten it for only a dollar, no treasure hunters were that stupid. Despite being nearly guaranteeing a 100% chance of profit, the fact remained that it's still had no worth.

The end result for those storages was that anyone who would bid for them ended up working as a cleaning man for the company, so in most cases, those storages became more of a joke.

However, this time, Li Du was willing to take those items. While he didn't know the true value of those stamps, spending a dollar was still quite worth the bet.

As such, he gave a signal to Hans who then raised his hands announcing, "Me"

"Very well, this man is willing to bid a dollar for it, is anyone else willing to raise the bid to five dollars?" the auctioneer announced pointing towards him.

Even though they had said that Hans wouldn't be able to take a single thing away, the overly proud locals still shook their heads. When they vowed that earlier, at the end of the day, they were still after the Segway.

While the remaining people seemed to hesitate, a voice suddenly appeared in the crowd, "For this storage? That's only something that the poorest and stupidest b.a.s.t.a.r.d would do!"

As this statement was said really fast, most treasure hunters were unable to find the person that said it.

However, no one seemed to want to bid for it any further.

As such, the auctioneer pointed towards Hans saying, "Very well, this gentleman has won to unit 58, let's move on to unit 60."

After placing the lock on the door, Hans turned towards Li Du and whispered, "Very nice going there."

Over course, the person who said that earlier statement was Li Du. He had covered his mouth with his hands as he said that, it was really well hidden.

"How did you know it was me?" Li Du asked in a shocked tone.

"Your English p.r.o.nunciation is quite unique, I can place it without any trouble," Li Du mocked.

"Sh*t, that's discrimination!"

"OK, then my accent is even worse, like that of the bark of a dog."

While the two joked, the later storages were all sold as well. As they had already been tagged by the others, every time they bid for something, the locals would always increase the price.

And like that, it came to unit 75, the last storage that was of any worth. If they couldn't get that one, then their trip this time would have really be worth nothing.

"We must get this one," Hans vowed with clenched teeth.

"How should we fight against the crowd? But what you said is still correct, theirs is quite a number of items of worth here, how about set the maximum price at a thousand?" Li Du asked after rolling his eyes.

However, the price soon got out of their control. Starting from five hundred, they were only able to bid once at a thousand before the bid became two thousand.

"Sh*t, when did the people here become so wealthy?" Hans asked letting out a puzzled expression.

However, the price was still increasing, and soon it crossed the twenty-five hundred mark.

Seeing this, Li Du only shook his head before stating, "Let's give this one up. These guys must have insider information and know what's in here."

After the bid crossed the three thousand mark, the attendants started to back out. Finally, the second last person waved his hands and said, "Alright, I'll leave the rubber boat for you, let's see how much you can sell it for."

As expected, just like the previous two auctions that they attended, the locals all knew of the news of the rubber boat.

The one who won the bid this time was the buffy black man how tried to make trouble for them in the beginning. After locking the doors to the warehouse, he give them the middle finger and flaunted, "Outsiders, don't even think about profiting here!"

"At least we won't be making a loss idiot," Hans spat.

There was only one more storage left that was full of household and electronic garbage that was quite worthless.

As so, the auction ended, and the two of them only got unit 58…

Although Hans presented a really strong att.i.tude earlier, no one was more annoyed than he was, "We came here with thousands of dollars, how could we only have spent a dollar?"

"We spent a lot more than that, gas, hotel, and food should cost around three to four hundred."

"Oh my G.o.d, weren't you supposed to be protected and blessed by G.o.d? Hannah really believed in the wrong person, you aren't even kind enough to help this brother!"

As Li Du began cleaning up the books, he scoffed, "How did you drag Hannah into this? If G.o.d knew of you fooling around, then he'll probably punish you as well."

"Isn't this already a form of punishment," moaned Hans.

Every book he picked up seemed to have been thrown away a second later, "Hegel's Philosophy, Reflections on the Andes Mountains, sh*t, does this guy want to become Aristotle?"

Other than a bunch of books on philosophy, the only other thing of note were history books, that were, predictably worth nothing more than waste paper.

As a crowd gathered outside, and the garbage pile seemed to get higher, a bunch of laughter also started to spread.

"Hey country b.u.mpkin, let met give you a lesson, another name for a dollar storage is the beggar storage."

"Your luck is still quite good, at least you were able to carry some stuff home, unfortunately, it's only a pile of trash."

"Thank's for helping us clear out garbage, yellow bast*rd, idiot!"

"Trying to profit from our lands? You are crazy to think that! Go back to picking out from the garbage instead."

Amidst this, Li Du crushed a few pieces of cat food, and silently stuck them within the cracks of the bookcase.

The hungry Ah Meow immediately seem to become agitated, before climbing onto the bookcase, desperately trying to claw at the cracks.

With this done, Li Du then acted, "Hey my cutie, what are you doing?"

His early reaction prevented Hans from detecting any trace of cat food.

Pretending to have discovered the stamps, he shout in a shocked tone, "Hey Fox, come here, there's stuff here."

When Hans came over, his eyes seem to s.h.i.+ne even brighter than that of Ah Meow, "Sh*t, they are stamps! Quickly take them out!"

The cracks were very wide, so of course, they were unable to stuck a hand into it, and couldn't only use the back of a hardcover book instead.

There were a total of six pieces, other than that of Jordan, Ali, and Lewis, there were another three pieces that depicted baseball, football, and that of a hockey jersey, none of which he knew of.

Although they saw the stamps, the others in the crowd still didn't mind and continued to mock them.

"Yo, did you guys find some treasure?"

"My G.o.d, your cat is a genius, how did it find those golden stamps?"

"That's really quite amusing. HaHa, it must be the stench of these stamps that attracted that cat…"

Li Du didn't know the value of the stamps, so he looked at Hans with an inquisitive gaze.

As Hans carefully held the stamps in his hand, his smile became even more radiant the more he looked at them.

After finis.h.i.+ng examining the last one, the looked towards the crowd and laughed, "What did I say? What did I say? You guys are Rednecks! Red necks! But we are not, we are blessed by G.o.d, and we are bound to become rich!"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 25

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