Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 267

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Li Du drank a mouthful of the whiskey they had made. It had a powerful kick to it. Once the liquor touched his lips, it seemed to explode throughout his taste buds.

"Woah. What a strong drink," he exclaimed.

G.o.dzilla was holding a bottle of liquor in one hand and a grilled chicken thigh in the other. He was feasting happily and seemed to be in high spirits. To him, the hard liquor didn't seem much different from beer, and was just an accompaniments to the food.

Rose originally chose beer, but after two cans felt that it didn't have enough kick, so she switched to whiskey too.

Sophie's eyes widened in surprise. "Rose, are you sure you want to drink such a strong liquor? I feel that you should go with beer instead."

Rose downed half a cup of whiskey and replied casually, "This is nothing. Every night at home I drink a gla.s.s of whiskey."

Sophie handed a gla.s.s of freshly squeezed juice to her. "At least have some juice."

She then gave Li Du a small bottle of yogurt, and added, "This will protect your stomach. Have a few spoons of yogurt, and you won't feel that bad tomorrow."

Li Du cleaned up the bottle of yogurt joyfully. He felt that the woman's concern was a pretty pleasant thing.

Hans was a party-goer. With his frivolous personality and silver tongue, he was best-suited as the one to lift the mood of the party. He constantly found topics to talk about, and everyone would be engrossed in the conversation.

After talking about sports, politics, and entertainment, the conversation moved to their daily lives.

Hans asked Rose, "How's the public order in Flagstaff now?"

Rose drank some whiskey and shook her head. "The weather is too warm, so everyone's tempers are getting wild. Since last month, crime rates have been on the rise."

Hannah sighed, "When we were still young, Flagstaff was considered the safest place in Arizona. I still remember that even when it was midnight, we could go out and have fun without much concern."

Rose shook her head again and said, "You can't now, missy. A girl going out at night alone is not a good idea. You must have a companion with you."

"Hannah, if anything happens, you must call me ASAP," Hans said.

Hannah pointed to G.o.dzilla and said, "Don't worry, brother. We have a monster in our house. With G.o.dzilla, even if a werewolf appears, I won't be afraid.

"Sorry, but the monster is going to change his nest," Hans laughed.

"What do you mean?" Hannah asked.

"He's moving here," Hans said. "Who did you think Li built this cabin for? Himself? No, he's enjoying happy times with his lady cop."

Li Du was about to cuss at him, but considering that Sophie sat right beside him, he held back.

However, it was true that G.o.dzilla was moving to the cabin. There were too many goods in the place, and the treasure hunters that knew where the cabin was were far too many. If the goods were left alone overnight, there was a high chance that they would be stolen.

Stephen built up his courage and exclaimed, "Don't worry, Hannah. I'm here. If anything happens, call me."

Hans glanced sideways at him. "What are you being so impatient for? She still has me, her brother."

Sophie placed both her hands on her cheeks and said, "The safety of Flagstaff has certainly taken a turn for the worse. When I was younger, I also thought that it was much safer."

Rose said, "Compared to other cities, the safety level of Flagstaff is considered pretty good."

"Is it?"

Rose drank a mouthful of whiskey and nodded silently.

"The cities on the West Coast—which ones have deteriorated?" Stephen asked.

"San Fran," Rose immediately replied.

"San Fran?" Sophie was puzzled and asked, "Why would the public order be bad there? It's a wealthy city! The police force is well-developed, and the law and order should be well-kept, right?"

Rose said coldly, "I'm from San Francisco. That d*mn place—it's just a place of d*mnation!"

As she spoke, she cleared the gla.s.s of whiskey with ease, and poured herself another one.

Li Du felt that something was off, so he said, "Hey, Rose, stop drinking. You've had enough."

Rose waved and replied, "I know, man. Don't worry, I'm fine."

Li Du didn't hear any slurs when she spoke, and her eyes were still full of spirit. He felt that she was indeed still fine, so he didn't say anything else.

Hans gave him a nudge and said softly, "Hey you, don't drink too much. You'll be the one driving later—Rose will definitely be unable to."

Li Du felt that Hans was exaggerating things, as she seemed to be fine.

San Francisco was an important city on the West Coast, with a number of Chinese people staying there; lots of technologyl companies were situated there as well; rich citizens were plentiful.

Hannah, Sophie, and Stephen were curious about big cities like this one. Knowing that Rose came from there, they fervently asked questions about the life there.

Rose replied to each of their questions, describing all that she knew of and had seen in San Francisco.

However, it seemed that she did not have a good impression of San Francisco. Her answers tended to be on the negative side, and after every answer, she would take a sip of liquor.

With the food almost finished, Rose was also reaching her limits. When she stood up, she almost fell. Luckily, Li Du was there to support her.

Sophie went to her other side. "Li, let me help, we need to get her to the back of the car.

Rose swatted her hand away and mumbled, "Thanks, honey, but it's fine. I'm not drunk, I can still go for more…"

Li Du said with his brows creased, "Anymore, and you'll be meeting Hades. Just admit it and—"

Rose pushed him away and exclaimed, "No, I'm fine. I can still drink. Give me back my gla.s.s, I want to be drunk. I like the feeling of it. That way I won't have to feel miserable anymore."

Hannah couldn't hold back her laughter. "You're not drunk, Rose. But it'll be more miserable when you're drunk."

Rose shook her head heavily, "No, no, no. If you're drunk, then you won't be miserable anymore. Being sober is the true…"

Sophie went to take an empty bottle and filled it with warm water. She squeezed lemon juice in it, and handed the bottle to Rose. "Your gla.s.s is here, drink up."

Rose pushed it away and said, "No, that's not my gla.s.s."

Sophie said with a gentle smile, "Are you drunk? You can't even recognize your own whiskey bottle? Smell the whiskey in it."

Rose took a sniff. As some of the whiskey aroma still lingered in the bottle, she hesitated for a moment, smiled, and drank a mouthful of the contents.

Li Du brought her to the backseat, and Sophie got in the pa.s.senger seat. He said, "I'll drive you back first, then I'll bring Rose home."

That was all he could do. Hannah's Z4 was a double-seater, so after she and Stephen got in, there would be no more s.p.a.ce. Hans and G.o.dzilla were both hammered and were sleeping in the cabin.

The only one who could drive was Li Du.

Rose's police car was a Ford Crown Victoria. It was an old brand, and the car was more than 20 years old.

However, the structure was simple and stable. The frame was firm, and could handle all kinds of roads. Maintenance was convenient, and so the car was popular with the police force.

Li Du started up the vehicle, and realized another beauty of it, which was its high horsepower. It was fitted with a V8 engine!

He stepped on the gas, and the vehicle rushed forward ferociously.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 267

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