Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 270

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The snow-white fish were greased with oil and grilled on the fire. Soon they turned to a golden brown.

Li Du was using the flameless heat from the charcoal to cook the fish. If flames were used, it would cook quicker, but the insides of the fish would be left uncooked.

By using the flameless heat, after the fish had turned to a golden brown, the insides would be cooked perfectly. Crunchy on the outside, while soft on the inside: the perfect texture.

During the grilling process, he had splashed on some c.u.min and chili spices. Once the fish was cooked, he went to the kitchen to get a plate so that he could savor this wonderful fish.

However, once he returned, not a piece of meat was left on the grill!

Five to six pieces of juicy fish, and none of them were left!

The savageness of the rain outside mirrored Li Du's current state of anger. He placed the plate down, his expression grim. He glared, full of rage, at Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles both gave him a look of innocence as they sat beside the grill, their eyes blinking as if none of it had to do with them. Facing the enraged Li Du, they didn't cower.

Mr. Li became even more furious. The one who stole the meat had to have been Ah Meow. With it's jumping ability, it could simply swipe the meat off the grill with its claws. Crispy Noodles couldn't do that.

Also, since these guys didn't feel afraid after doing something wrong, they didn't view stealing food as a wrongful act!

Mr. Li understood the meaning behind the saying, "Spare the rod, spoil the child." When pets stole food, it was a dreadful habit, and had to be corrected. If not, they couldn't be brought into other people's homes.

He stood in front of the two and glared down at them. He demanded sternly, "Who did it? Own up! Who did it? Who stole the fish?!"

As he spoke, he pointed at the grill. Thus, even if the two didn't understand the words, they would understand the intention.

Ah Meow blinked its large eyes, and then like a child, it pointed at Crispy Noodles with its paw. "Meowww! Meowww!"

Crispy Noodles remained confused, it's long nose twitching, as if trying to figure out what Li Du was saying.

Mr. Li's anger grew. Not only stealing—Ah Meow was also trying to push the blame!

He knew that it must have been Ah Meow. Seeing the honest look of Crispy Noodles, he could tell that it couldn't have done it.

Thus, seeing Ah Meow trying to frame Crispy Noodles, he was extremely angry.

He grabbed Ah meow and gave a heavy slap to its b.u.t.t, yelling, "It must have been you! You think I don't know?"

Ah Meow was stunned. It stared at Li Du with its eyes wide, and started shaking its tail hard after reacting to the situation. "Meowww, meowww!"

Li Du bellowed, "What are you crying for! You still think you shouldn't be hit? It's your fault for stealing!"

Crispy Noodles was frightened, and ran behind the door. It peaked with just its head out as it stared at them.

Li Du turned back and said to it, "Don't be scared, Crispy Noodles, I won't hit you. I won't hit good kids."

As he spoke, he gave two slaps to Ah Meow's b.u.t.t again.

Ah Meow was even more unhappy, and slumped onto the floor. It started rolling around and throwing a tantrum: "Meowwww! Meowww, meowwww!"

Li Du pointed at it and warned, "Are you trying to throw a tantrum? You are, aren't you? Ah Meow? You're becoming impossible!"

Ah Meow continued rolling around and crying.

"How old are you? How could you get naughtier as you grow up?" Li Du exclaimed.

Ah Meow realized that the method was not working, so it crawled up and look at Li Du with its fur puffed up. It growled repeatedly.

After some more growling, it looked toward Crispy Noodles, its eyes full of hostility.

Crispy Noodles remained looking innocent, as it stood unmoving behind the door.

Li Du felt that something was amiss. Although Ah Meow was a wild child, it wasn't the kind to not admit its faults.

Even if it pa.s.sed motion at the wrong places, or any other mistakes, as long as Li Du correctly identified it as the culprit, Ah Meow would still admit its mistakes.

This time, Ah Meow was refusing to admit the deed no matter what. Li Du stopped beating it, but instead, started pondering with his eyebrows creased. Perhaps, it really wasn't done by Ah Meow.

However, only Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were here. If it weren't Ah Meow, then could it really have been Crispy Noodles?

He glanced to Crispy Noodles. Disregarding that look of innocence, even with those short paws, it didn't seem like they could reach the fish, since it only had an average jumping ability.

However, Li Du still had his ways. He grilled another two pieces of fish, and tried to use them as bait.

Once the fish was done, he hid behind the door.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles sat beside the grill together, looking at where he was. Both of them acted obediently.

Li Du wrinkled his nose and walked out. This method couldn't work. The two were too clever. If he were to hide nearby, he would eventually be discovered. He needed to fully be away.

But it was still okay. Li Du had his methods.

He grilled a few pieces of fish again. At the same time, he placed his phone by the window and switched it to recording mode. The camera was recording the grill, and thus, he left the balcony.

A few minutes later, he returned, and the fish had once again disappeared…

Ah Meow glared furiously at Crispy Noodles as it meowed fervently.

Li Du made a detective's pose and stretched out his hand, gesturing Ah Meow to calm down. "The truth cannot be hidden—let me see which of you two is the real culprit!"

He grabbed his phone and stopped the recording. He fast-forwarded to the time of the incident.

Alas, he saw Crispy Noodles stealthily creeping to the balcony entrance and looking around. After determining that Li Du had entered the kitchen, it immediately did an acrobatic jump to the wardrobe next to the balcony.

With that, the wardrobe door swung open. With the guidance of the door, it was brought to the front of the grill.

Ah Meow bounced angrily at the floor. It too, wanted to have some fish, but it couldn't!

With one paw hanging on the door, the other stretched wide, it grabbed onto a piece and stuffed into its mouth. In a few moments, all the fish were gone.

Finally, it did another jump into the air. It gave a kick to the wardrobe door, and with the force of the kick, it leaped back to the floor, closing the wardrobe as well.

With such fluid movements, it had to be a repeated offense!

After watching the video, Li Du didn't go after Crispy Noodles right away. Instead, he stood stunned.

He knew that due to the influence of the bug, the two had become smart. However, he hadn't expected their intelligence to grow to such levels!

Besides stealing, Crispy Noodles could use an innocent facade to hide the deed. It was smarter than Ah Meow!

At that moment, Crispy Noodles once again acted innocently and lied on the floor. This time, Li Du had learned better. He flipped the phone over and revealed the footage.

Seeing itself on the screen, Crispy Noodles narrowed its eyes, and fled as fast as lightning!

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 270

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