Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 273: Diverting the Risks

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Chapter 273: Diverting the Risks

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Hearing what Nick had said, Li Du really wanted to just pry open the fella’s head and see whether he had sh*t for brains or not!

Hans was also stunned. Without thinking, he accidentally asked, "100,000 dollars, you’re taking it?"

Nick said slowly, "Correct, we accept your offer of 100,000 dollars, but on one condition."

"What condition?"

"Brigham Young is one of the most respected Shepherds of our church. He is the great leader that led us to our glory. He is the most exemplary President of our church. Thus, the value of the distilling equipment that he made by himself, should be great as well."

"Yes, it is indeed." Li Du and Hans nodded in agreement.

Nick continued, "However, unquestionably, 100,000 dollars is too low a value for it. Such a price is not worthy of its greatness."

When he heard that, Li Du wanted to give himself a slap on his face. What the h.e.l.l—is this fool trying to voluntarily raise the price? This is the first time I’ve seen someone doing such a thing!

He was acting worse than a rich fool!

Hans noticed that something was amiss, and asked cautiously, "So, what should its price be?"

"Five hundred thousand dollars, how about that?" Nick continued speaking in a serious tone.

"Five hundred thousand dollars," Hans said. "We’ll get 100,000 dollars, and we’ll return you 400,000 dollars, right?"

"Correct," Nick revealed a flicker of a smile.

Li Du was getting cautious as well. He understood what Nick meant. These people were not gullible, and they weren’t fools with too much money. They were using this chance to dodge taxes.

There was also another possibly: that they were trying to launder!

Through sales and purchases, then giving rebates; on the surface, this would not seem to be much of an issue, as long as both parties were willing.

However, from a legal standpoint, this was a crime.

Rebates were a form of commercial bribery. It was in the grey area as to whether it was legal, but as long as bail was procured, the person responsible could be bailed out. However, if it were money laundering, they would be sent to jail.

Li Du shook his head immediately after understanding their situation, and dragged Hans to the side. "This business—forget about it. It’s too risky."

Hans was also hesitating. "Yeah, this business isn’t worth it, no point in risking it."

One hundred thousand dollars for just alcohol distilling equipment was definitely an extraordinary price. If it were sold through ordinary means, even with the silver columns, it would go for at most 20,000 dollars.

Regardless of how much history it had, it wouldn’t be of any use. Neither was it a work of art, nor was there much value in collecting it. In that manner, it couldn’t even be compared to collecting Coca-Cola bottles.

This was why Hans had branded it with the name of someone famous. No matter how antique it was considered, only by having once been owned by someone famous would its value skyrocket.

However, the issue now was that the other party wanted to buy it for 500,000 dollars. An income of 500,000 dollars, came with terrifying taxes, which were the National Tax and State Tax.

Arizona’s tax was relatively low, at 4.54 percent. However, there would also be the federal tax waiting for them. Any individual income of more than 410,000 dollars, the relative tax would be 39.4 percent!

Though, there were some tax rebates and tax exemption policies. In any case, with the income of 500,000 dollars, the minimum tax they had to pay was still about 75,000 dollars.

This means that the actual profit that they would make—after secretly returning the 400,000 dollars to the Mormons—would only be about 25,000 dollars!

Having calculated it out, Hans straightaway rejected the offer.

Nick smiled slightly and said, "See, I’ve already said that your offer was too low. This was once used by President Brigham Young. So, how does 150,000 dollars sound?"

"With a rebate of 350,000 dollars?" Hans asked.

Nick nodded, and remained smiling.

Li Du shook his head to gesture to Hans, and said quietly, "Let’s not take the risk with this sort of shady business."

"After taxes, we’ll still get about 75,000 dollars," Hans said. "That’s quite a lot."

"What if their purpose is to launder the money?" Li Du said.

Hans took in a deep breath, "You’re right. We shouldn’t take the risk. However, if there’s money to be made and we’re not taking advantage of it, then we’re idiots. I’m still gonna try to get something out of this."

Li Du pulled him back and murmured, "Are you nuts? We have a bright future ahead of us, and a whole lot of other ways to earn cash. You want to risk it over a few thousand dollars?"

Hans patted his shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, with the Big Fox, there will be no risks involved."

He went to Nick and said, "Originally, I thought that this would be a simple deal. Seems that I’ve underestimated the human heart. If you’re really sincere about this deal, then things could get even more complicated."

"You’re not planning to sell it?" Nick asked. "Trust me, buddy, besides us, no one would be willing to buy this distilling boiler from you for more than 50,000 dollars."

"What if someone is willing to go higher?" Hans laughed.

"Then that would be a blessing from G.o.d," Nick smiled.

"We’re different from what you think—we’re honest businessmen," Hans said. "We don’t do any illegal trades. Still, I can give you some other information. This distilling boiler was bought from this man."

He took out his phone, and displayed the contact information of Goatee Garter to Nick.

"What do you mean?" Nick was confused.

Hans said, "What I mean is, you can contact him, and tell him what you’ve told us. If he’s interested, then you can come back to buy this distilling boiler."

Nick seemed to have understood his intentions. He nodded. "Smart man, you’re a smart businessman."

He noted down Goatee Garter’s contact, and the three of them left.

About half an hour later, Garter rushed over in his pickup.

"Those guys work fast, huh?" Hans laughed.

Li Du nodded, "Seems like they’re serious about getting the distilling boiler."

"More like, they’re serious about getting the tax cut from that 350,000 dollars!" Hans curled his lips and said.

Goatee Garter jumped out of the truck, and said as he rubbed his hands together, "Hey boys, nice weather we have, isn’t it? Feels pretty good after the rain."

"Yeah, it’s nice weather, even better after seeing you." Hans smiled in a very friendly manner. To him, Garter smelled like money.

Garter wandered around leisurely in the camp, and spoke after seeing the distilling boiler, "Wow! This thing hasn’t been sold yet? Seems like there isn’t much of a market for it, huh?"

"You’re interested in it?" Li Du said.

Garter paused for a moment, rubbed his nose, and said, "I have a friend that likes to make some liquor privately. He’s Amish. You know, Amish love to make their own things."

"Since when do you have an Amish friend?" Hans mocked.

Garter laughed as he said, "Actually, I’ve always had one. I have many friends. Anyway, I want to buy this back. Since you guys couldn’t manage to sell it, I’ll help you take care of it, no need to thank me."

Li Du shook his head and said, "This fella’s truly shameless."

"Of course, sure," Hans said. "We must thank you. How much do you want to buy it for? How does 75,000 dollars sound?"

Hearing the offer, Garter’s eyes immediately widened. "What? Are you crazy? For this junk, you want 75,000 dollars? I think you meant to say 750 dollars?!"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 273: Diverting the Risks

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