Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 30: Bidding Without a Second Thought

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Chapter 30: Bidding Without a Second Thought

Translator: Vicky_ Editor: Vicky_

The white teenager didn't seem to want to stop, as he immediately blocked the path and continued. "You guys should be full of shame. Those guys can't even be called proper soldiers! They slaughtered medical volunteers from neutral countries! They must be Satan or demons to commit such crimes."

It wasn't long before Li Du was truly unable to listen anymore; turning around, he pointed to the teen and shouted, "Shut your mouth you ignorant fool! First, when one goes onto the battlefield, be it as a volunteer or as a civilian, they should be prepared to die.

"Secondly, our forefathers that went onto that battlefield were not from the military, but made up of volunteer soldiers, which, if you can't tell, consisted of volunteers.

"Also, how did you know that your grandpa was killed under Chinese artillery? At that time, there were also North Korean, South Korean, and UN forces that also partic.i.p.ated in that slaughter, for what reasons do you point toward us for his death? Did you see for it yourself?"

Although his English was not the best, Li Du had never backed down since he was young. Especially for issues that involved his personal beliefs, his retort became even fiercer.

"Of course I know that, but don't think about trying to find excuses either. You are even more of a coward than those soldiers for being unwilling to acknowledge your actions!"

"Of course, compared to our hardened soldiers, I could only be described as a coward; otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you with my mouth, but with my fists!"


"If a civilization with 5,000 years of history is considered barbaric, then what about those that tried to invade them? Half-beasts?" Li Du stared at him with disdain. "If you've learned your history, then you would know who the true culprit is. Unfortunately, you are currently living in that nation, yet you still try to take advantage of others. You really are making your grandpa proud."

"Don't look down on my grandfather!" The white teenager furiously tried to punch Li Du, but Hans got in the way and grabbed his arm.

"Listen here, you idiot, the brain is a wonderful thing—unfortunately, you either don't have one, or never use it." Hans pushed the teen back.

Li Du gave him a slight nod before continuing onward.

The second dorm that they went to was in National Flagstaff Public University. However, they weren't able to reach an agreement with that one either, because as soon as landlord heard of the presence of a cat, he immediately refused.

This was understandable, as American colleges were not charities. The rooms that were leased out needed to be returned, and the student had to pay for any damages. When someone sublet the room to one with a pet, then they faced much greater risk of damaging the furniture or making the room really dirty.

"I really don't understand you, buddy. Now that you've got money, why not move to a high-end apartment? If I were you, then I would definitely buy a nice house!" Hans shook his head

"What's the fun in living alone in a house? That's it, let me find if there's any shared rent s.p.a.ces," sighed Li Du

He once again went online to search for information about apartments for rent. Those things couldn't be rushed. Now that he still couldn't find a good one, he went back to testing his bug avatar.

After those days of using the bug, he became more knowledgeable about its abilities.

He found that the more he used this avatar, the more powerful the ability would become. In the beginning, he could only use it for five minutes; now it had already increased to eight minutes.

However, using the bug avatar wasn't a very easy thing either. Every day, he would use up all his energy and sleep for a very long time.

When he woke up from using the avatar, he found that it was already ten. After scratching his head, he prepared to get something for breakfast.

However, when he came out, all he saw was Hans walking back and forth like an ant in a hop pan.

"Hey Fox, what are you doing?" he asked while taking another yawn.

Hearing this voice, Hans immediately stepped forward. "You ask me what I'm doing? You should quickly go prepare, we need to attend the Smith storage auction!"

"Isn't it on the last day of the month? When I went to bed it was the 27th—don't tell me that I slept for three days!" Li Du asked in a puzzled tone.

Sighing toward the heavens, Hans said, "It's February! February my friend!"

With these words, Li Du finally remembered that there were only 28 days in February. In other words, that day was today.

These days, he had been using his bug avatar every day, and overworking his tired brain. In the end, it even prompted him to forget the date and make such a mistake.

Without even taking the time to wash up, he directly took Ah Meow and a piece of toast into the truck before saying, "Let's go!"

As Hans stepped on the gas, his battered Ford pickup rushed on the streets, which prompted Li Du to curse, "F*ck, are you trying to kill us?"

The auction had already started. Li Du remembered that the dinnerware was in unit 28, which was within the first three storage units being auctioned today.

The Smith public storage auction started at nine, so they didn't really know which one was being auctioned off at this time. If that unit had already been sold, then that would be a huge disappointment.

When they went onto the grounds, Hans quickly went to register with his doc.u.ments. After getting their numbers, they quickly went toward the auction area.

From far away, they already heard a familiar voice shouting, "… very well, the price is 250, 250 dollars, anyone want it for 300? Take a better look, this unit 28 is a very good unit, is there anyone willing to take it for 300?"

Hearing this, Li Du immediately started to become very anxious. Their luck was really quite bad, as it had already come to this unit's turn.

Settling down his anxiety, he said to Hans, "Take this one!"

"You haven't even taken a look inside," Hans exclaimed in a shocked tone.

"I took a look a few days ago, this storage unit has a lot of value," Li Du vaguely explained.

As they ran with their lives, they were all out of stamina. However, hearing Li Du's request, Hans directly covered his nose and mouth and snuck into the crowed before shouting, "300, here!"

He couldn't let the others see his condition; otherwise, the other treasure hunters would start bidding because they would believe that Hans had insider information.

"This buddy here is willing to pay 300, anyone going to bid 350? 350 dollars, 350 dollars, anyone going to take 350 dollars?" The auctioneer quickly shouted.

Some of the others hesitated, but seeing the trash and broken furniture of low worth, they all decided to back down.

"Anyone for 350 dollars? No one, that's too bad! In that case, 300 once, 300 twice, is there still no one else? Very well, 300 thrice! Okay, buddy, this storage unit is now yours!"

As the auctioneer finished his words, Li Du felt much more relaxed. Thankfully, he didn't miss one of the most valuable storage units today.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 30: Bidding Without a Second Thought

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