Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 340: The Treasure Hunting Lunatic

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Chapter 340: The Treasure Hunting Lunatic

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The only regret Li Du had was that although there were many storage units to be auctioned here, none of them were very valuable. The fight with Frank had not been worth it at all.

Of course, the main reason Hans had started a fight was to stand up for him, and for that, he was very grateful!

The auction for the first three storage units went by quickly; the one for the fourth storage unit was about to start.

G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn arrived at the auction took their places behind Li Du.

Some treasure hunters who had wanted to provoke Li Du changed their minds; the gossiping about him also diminished.

Li Du knew that this was definitely Hans’s idea—he had arranged for the two to come over.

In the fourth storage was an array of scissors, hair dryers, perming equipment, etc.—the owner was probably a hairstylist.

However, for Li Du, the value of these items was really too low. The auctioneer asked for bids, and after making one offer, he shook his head and withdrew.

A local LA treasure hunter had wanted to make a snide remark about Li Du giving up, but upon the sight of the fierce-looking Big Quinn, shut his mouth in silence.

The treasure hunters knew very well that if they provoked Li Du, the two tower-like bodyguards would make their move—and their moves would definitely be much more forceful than Hans’s!

York did not offer any bid. After viewing this storage unit, he proceeded to the next one. The sight of his back as he walked away looked proud but lonely, like The Lone Ranger.

Li Du was still not interested in the next unit, but he continued bidding for it up to the very end. The purpose of doing so was to conceal his real motives, and desire for the storage unit that followed.

Only when the eighth storage unit was opened, and the boxes with the engine and high-pressure extinguisher emerged, he perked up.

The auctioneer raised his arm and shouted, "Alright, the viewing is completed and the bidding begins. Bidders, this storage unit looks great—how about we start with 400 dollars, any takers?"

Li Du nodded his head idly; the auctioneer pointed at him.

York followed: "500 dollars!"

"Six hundred dollars!"

"Seven hundred dollars!"

"Eight hundred dollars!"

"One Thousand dollars!"

The bid price increased swiftly, but at this point, started to become stagnant. Li Du nodded his head once again and said, "1,100 dollars!"

York also followed: "1,200 dollars!"

The other treasure hunters shook their heads and left. Looking from the outside, the items in the storage unit could only be sold for slightly more than 1,000 dollars. Buying it for over 1,000 dollars was not worth it.

This was the edge Li Du had: the little bug gave him X-ray vision, and a huge advantage when choosing storage units.

Li Du continued to bid. "1,300 dollars."

York said, "1,400 dollars."

Li Du smiled, glanced at him, and continued, "1,500 dollars."

At this point, York stopped bidding and shook his head as he walked off.

Compared to Frank and many other treasure hunters, York had a rare calmness about him—he would never engage in purely compet.i.tive bidding with anyone.

Li Du liked to challenge such people. If Frank were here, then it would have been very laborious for him to bid for this storage unit; he would have probably had to fork out a lot more money.

He had no need to conceal any real motive for the storage units that followed, and hence did not bid for any others. Instead, he shouted for G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn to start tidying the unit.

At the parking lot, Hans was squatting in the shade, and glaring at Frank. The two of them were like gamec.o.c.ks, ready to tear each other apart at any moment.

In addition, there were two strong-looking Rottweilers beside Frank—one of them had a bandaged face.

The two Rottweilers were crouching beside him obediently because of the ferocious-looking ocelot beside Hans.

Ah Meow was smaller than the Rottweilers but its fighting strength far exceeded theirs. One of the Rottweilers had experienced it firsthand and knew its prowess well.

At the sight of Li Du coming out, Hans asked, "Settled?"

Li Du nodded, then stared at Frank as he said, "Not sure why he wanted to partner with York. Is it because York is good-looking? That chap must be blind, he couldn't see anything."

Frank flashed him his middle finger, with a dark face. However, Li Du responded with a bright smile, sending Frank into a rage.

However, he could not counterattack because he knew the limits of his abilities. Compared to the average treasure hunter, he and York were naturally outstanding, but compared to Li Du, they were weak.

That was why Frank provoked Li Du each time they met. Not only because of the conflict they had at the Warner Bros. storage auction, but because he was jealous of Li Du.

Many people were jealous of Li Du—the news of a genius treasure hunter emerging in Arizona had spread throughout the industry.

Frank had joined the Hundred Thousand Club only two and half years after joining the Ten Thousand Club. This was thanks to amazing luck coupled with his strong treasure-hunting ability.

But for Li Du? He had only taken a fraction of this time—a fraction that would have been even smaller if not for some disruptions along the way. He could have joined the Hundred Thousand Dollar Club much earlier.

How could such an ability not induce jealousy in most?

After tidying the unit, they drove off to go prepare for the auction that would be held by the storage company located between the Exposition Park and USC the next day.

Hans was not very pleased with the outcome of the auction. "Only one fire extinguisher? Not bad, but the value’s not great."

Li Du said, "I guarantee this was the most valuable item in the whole storage unit."

"What did that idiot York get?"

"A pile of dog sh*t."

After getting this answer, Hans was content. "That’s great."

They set off the next day upon waking up. They were driving along the highway, when a Hummer drove up next to Iron Knight. It then sped up aggressively to change lanes before appearing in front of them again all of a sudden.

Big Quinn, who was driving, became frightened and shouted, "F*ck!"

He was a seasoned driver, with quick reflexes. He instinctively turned the steering wheel as he stepped on the accelerator lightly so as to sway the car away from the Hummer jeep.

Although Li Du and Hans, who were sitting next to him, had their safety belts on, they were still jolted in their seats.

Hans was furious, he hollered, "Hit it, hit that d*mn Hummer!"

They had seen this car before: Frank had driven it when he attended the Warner Bros. storage auction.

Big Quinn had already moved and could not return to the original lane to hit the vehicle. It was too late—an accident would be their fault now.

Frank deserved the nickname "Treasure Hunting Lunatic." He not only easily turned into a lunatic at storage auctions, but he also did when driving.

Frank sped ahead of them again; he still had his eye on the Iron Knight and grabbed the chance to suddenly change lanes to cut into their lane.

Big Quinn was a law-abiding person—his aggressive appearance was the complete opposite of his good nature. Even so, he was angered. "Is there something wrong with this *ssh*le?"

"He has anger issues," Li Du replied through clenched teeth.

Hans yelled, "Switch on the car recorder. Hit him! Hit him! Hit that son of the b*tch!"

However, this was tough—even if Big Quinn wanted to hit the Hummer, he could not do it.

Frank’s driving skills were superb, and compared to trucks, off-road vehicles were extremely responsive on the road—there was no way they could do anything about him!

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 340: The Treasure Hunting Lunatic

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