Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 400

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After the party, Li Du distributed the pork.

"Kept these pork ribs for G.o.dzilla—and, of course, we can enjoy the ribs together."

G.o.dzilla smiled. He placed the pork ribs into the freezer. He thought for a moment, then he put a pile of ice on top of the pork ribs so they were well-kept.

"Keep this piece of pork steak for Hannah. I will send it to her personally, along with this rib. Hannah likes to eat ribs."

Hans said, "Why? I can help you to bring it to her."

Li Du looked at him, "D*mn it, I spent the money to buy this. Why I should I allow you to pa.s.s this to Hannah as a gift? I'll send it myself."

"D*mn you!" Hans said.

Li Du distributed a large piece of ham and a large piece of pork shoulder to Big Quinn. "This front leg and this sirloin are all for you."

Big Quinn was excited and said, "Boss, this is too much."

"It's just very little to your entire family. Bring it home, remember to save some for me. I would like to test your culinary skills."

"Yes, Boss!" Big Quinn exclaimed. He almost saluted Li Du.

Li Du kept all the remaining meat and ribs. Hans asked, "What're you going to do with all this?"

Li Du laughed, "I want to bring it to Sophie."

Hans was shocked. "That much? Oh my G.o.d. She won't finish it off until Christmas."

"Huh? You have to count Sophie's parents in. This is for her family. "

Hans was stunned for a moment. Then he sighed and said, "I wish I were that girl. I wouldn't need to work so hard to earn a living with a silly boyfriend like you."

Big Quinn said, "I wish I were that girl too."

Hans waved his hand and said, "Hey dude, if you were a girl, I think it would be really difficult for you to find a boyfriend in the first place."

Big Quinn glared at him, and he looked ferocious.

During the day, Li Du stayed in the cabin reading books, making full use of every minute. In the evening, he put the frozen meat in the h.e.l.lcat and started his journey to Hannah's house.

He first dropped Hans back off at home on the way. Hannah had just finished work; the BMW Z4 met with the h.e.l.lcat on the road. She lowered the window and shouted, "Want to have a race?"

Li Du ignored her. It was very dangerous to race in the city.

When he arrived at the apartment, he took the pork from the car and said, "Hey, I got some high-quality pork, so I wanna share it with you and Stephen."

Hannah shrugged. "Pork? It's very fattening—makes it easy to gain weight. I prefer beef. "

"It's black swine. You stupid girl," Hans could not help but say.

It was Stephen's day off, so he was helping Hannah repair the house, as a hole had formed in the roof of the old apartment during the summer. Listening to Hans's words, he looked down from the roof. "Berks.h.i.+re black swine? A pound costs more than 50 dollars. This meat is super expensive!"

Hannah quickly accepted the gift. "Oh, is this the pork that's comparable to beef? It's so cool! Are we going to enjoy it together tonight?"

"No," Hans said lazily, "he has no time. He still wants to send some pork to his father-in-law and mother-in-law. There's a lot more pork in his car."

Hannah looked at Stephen and said, "He is really a good son-in-law."

Stephen showed Li Du his hands, which were full of cement and paint. "I think I have to go to the Berks.h.i.+re to hunt a black swine. Do you think that would work?"

Li Du waved to him and said, "Perhaps, but the chance is low. Maybe buying one would be best. All I know is that this is a hybrid of the wild boar and domestic pig."

"Thank you," Stephen laughed, "you showed me the clear path."

Then, he drove his h.e.l.lcat to Sophie's house. On the way, he called Sophie, who said she was at her parents' house.

Thankfully, Li Du did not have to go far. He drove directly to the Northern Arizona University residential area for teachers.

Sophie's parents were teaching at this university and lived on the campus.

The school was located at the border of the town, and Flagstaff City wasn't that large.

Northern Arizona University was founded in 1899. There were 20,000 students who went there, and the entirety of Flagstaff city only 60,000 people, which showed how important the school was to the city.

After entering to the campus, Li Du felt that like this seemed like a downtown area. It was crowded and many shops were here. As the college students of the United States often owned cars, the traffic flow was high.

The school covered an area of 738 acres and there were 24 buildings exclusively for cla.s.srooms. Li Du was driving around the campus freely. He was filled with grief, almost tearing up, every time he thought about his low-tier university status.

In comparison, his National College at Flagstaff was absolute rubbis.h.!.+

Not to mention the well-developed educational facilities, this university provided comprehensive living facilities such as a fully-equipped fitness center and a variety of places for sports. There were a few indoor swimming pools, as well as two million books in the modern library.

Li Du had been to this university before, and this was his dream place to study. Compared with the previous visits to this university, he had a different feeling now. The purpose of studying was to live a better life, and now he lived well.

He released the little bug and let it climb around his hand. Only because of this little bug had he achieved everything and gotten to where he was today!

Sophie called and guided him to her parents' house after she knew that he had entered the campus. Li Du drove all the way to Sophie's parents' villa.

Many experienced professors enjoyed great benefits from the universities they worked at in the United States. The little villa of Sophie's parents had been given to them by the university. All the utilities were paid by the university as well.

There were hundreds of small villas in the residential area of the campus. The environment here was very friendly, more comfortable than exclusive Flagstaff residential areas.

The h.e.l.lcat zoomed on the road between the villas. Then Li Du saw Sophie; the female doctor was holding Ah Ow and waiting for him on the street. She waved to him happily after she saw the h.e.l.lcat.

Sophie's parents' house was beside the road. Li Du stopped and waved to Sophie, getting out of the car. "Hey, Sophie, am I disturbing you?"

The doctor chuckled and smiled. "Of course not, you came at the right time. I need help."

"Anything," Li Du said and used his hand to touch Ah Ow. She made little "aw" sounds after seeing saw him, struggling to go into his arms.

After releasing the little bug to admire it, he hadn't put it away properly.

So, when he reached out to touch the puppy, the little bug suddenly flew into Ah Ow's head!

Li Du was stunned. He wondered why the bug flew into animal heads; it had now happened to Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles, and Ah Ow. What was it between them that attracted the bug?

Soon, the little bug flew back and returned to Li Du's hand.

Sophie couldn't see the small bug. She did not know why Li Du was stunned so she touched his face and asked, "What's happened? Anything wrong?"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 400

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