Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 401: Have Mercy On Me

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Chapter 401: Have Mercy On Me

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du couldn’t explain that he was shocked by the little bug. "Oh, no, nothing’s wrong," he said. "It’s just that you’re so beautiful—really gorgeous!"

The lady doctor's wavy golden hair casually rested on her shoulders. Her complexion was smooth. She had clear, refined facial features, crescent-shaped eyebrows, clear green eyes like mountain spring water, vermilion lips and an exquisite nose. She really did look stunning.

She had come to visit her parents and her attire was more formal than usual. She wore a white blouse with a bow tied in front of her slim waist, and an elegant, high-waisted skirt.

The black flowy skirt fluttered and revealed part of her beautiful legs now and then in the evening autumn breeze, exuding a mysterious charm.

It was just a random excuse he had come up with, but the lady doctor believed him.

If Li Du complimented her in such a straightforward manner when they had first met, Sophie would have thought those were just some polite words. But not only did she know Li, he had been wearing astonished expression before he said it.

Sophie appreciated the compliment. She brushed back her wavy hair bashfully and said, "I feel like this blouse is a little bold. I was hesitant earlier about wearing it."

Li Du gave up contemplating why the little bug kept entering his pets’ brains and responded, "Why’s it bold?"

Sophie glanced at him and pointed at her tummy, speaking in a low voice. "Look, I show some skin here."

Indeed, the hem of the blouse required Sophie to tie the long ends into a bow, so it was inevitable a little bit of skin was exposed around the waist.

However, Li Du did not even notice that until Sophie pointed it out. Arizona’s summer was too hot. There were many girls who took to the streets in bikinis or practically underwear. How could the little bit of skin that Sophie was showing be considered bold?

As Sophie seemed embarra.s.sed, Li changed the topic and said, "Just now you said you needed my help. What is it?"

Reminded, the lady doctor exclaimed, "Right, I almost forgot. I need to do some shopping. Can you give me a lift?"

Li Du immediately opened the door. "Get in."

He released the little bug again to see if there was any new change in the bug.

It had gotten a little bit bigger, with longer wings and a darker color.

He was quite sure that the bug had not acquired new abilities, but it had probably gotten stronger, so he could now use it for an even longer period of time.

It had been a very long time since he first acquired the bug. His understanding of the little creature had become deeper as time had gone by.

When the little bug acquired a new ability, it would be accompanied by changes in its appearance: such as when it had gotten a pair of wings, had grown two more legs, and two more eyes.

There wasn’t any change in its appearance except for the size and the color—that meant that the bug hadn’t gained any new ability.

Sophie wanted to buy some food when she learned that Li Du would be coming over to give them some stuff. Her parents warmly invited him over for dinner—it was just that part of the dinner would be takeout from a restaurant.

"We’re going to get the food to go from the Outback Steakhouse. Their seared ahi tuna is truly splendid. Have you had that before?"

Li Du shook his head. "No, I seldom eat fish."

Sophie was excited and spoke cheerfully. "You must try it. And their bread—their homemade bread’s free and it smells and tastes really wonderful. I always eat them together with honey and avocado. I eat till my stomach’s bloated every time!"

When the car stopped outside the restaurant, the lady doctor handed the puppy to him before she got out and briskly ran inside.

Mr. Li held the tiny puppy and looked her in the eye. "Okay, good girl, tell me if Daddy’s good-looking or not?"

Ah Ow struggled to squat on Li’s thigh, then the little puppy spread out her legs—a warm liquid flowed onto his thigh.

Li Du almost flew off the handle at that sight. He quickly took some paper napkins to wipe himself.

And while he was busy cleaning up, Ah Ow squatted again, and from her tiny b.u.t.t, some soft grayish-yellow p.o.o.p squeezed out, just like the act of squeezing out toothpaste.

"No!" Li Du looked at his pants and cried out in desperation. "Have mercy on me!"

Sophie was holding two paper bags when she gleefully came back to the car. As she hopped onto the car, she saw the now crestfallen Ah Ow, with her held head low. She laughed, "Ah Ow must have been disobedient. She p.o.o.ped on you?"

The little puppy looked at Sophie, tilting her head. Her chubby little face looked upset and she lowered her head again.

Li Du had an embarra.s.sed smile. "How did you know? Does she look like that when she in the wrong places?"

"No, I smell p.o.o.p. She’s never looked like that before. Is it because you saw her p.o.o.p that she seems embarra.s.sed? Is she shy?"

As she said so, she used her finger to lift up the little puppy’s chin.

Ah Ow shook her head unwillingly, avoiding Sophie’s finger, and continued to look dejected, curling herself up on the seat.

Mr. Li was startled by Sophie’s remark. He suddenly realized that the little bug must have done the same thing to Ah Ow’s intelligence level that it had done to Ah Meow’s and Crispy Noodle’s. Although she was still a little puppy, she was pretty sensible now!

Li Du held Ah Ow in his arms and sighed, "Alright, it’s fine to pee and p.o.o.p, there’s nothing wrong with that, okay? Don’t be sad, we’ll bring you home now!"

Ah Ow used her head to rub against Li Du’s stomach, managing to lift up the hem of his t-s.h.i.+rt, and started to lick him.

Sophie took a wet tissue for Li Du and grinned, "Li, you need to get used to this. Ah Ow’s too young, she’s still unable to control her bowel movements."

Li Du said, "Okay, I know, she can have her way."

Ah Ow’s tiny ears twitched—she got up and started to squat.

Mr. Li was alarmed, and he hastily cried out again, "No, no, no—Ah Ow, have mercy on me!"

Ah Ow shook her little b.u.t.t; nothing came out and she went back into Li Du’s arms.

Li Du was dumbfounded for a while. Is this naughty puppy teasing me? he thought.

Li pondered this for a moment but rejected that thought. Ah Ow might have been more intelligent now, but there was no way that she could be that intelligent. If she was really teasing Li Du, she wasn’t a dog—she’d be even smarter than a young kid.

Sophie’s parents were waiting for them in the courtyard when they got back. They laughed when they saw both of them getting out of the car.

"Welcome Li," Mrs. Martin smiled. "My apologies for troubling you to give a lift to Sophie to do some shopping when it’s the first time we have you here with us."

Li Du and Mrs. Martin hugged and he replied, "Don’t worry about it. I’m happy to be with Sophie."

The lady doctor’s lips curved in a blissful smile. Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning, indicating her good mood.

Li Du then proceeded to open up the truck and carry the pork meat out. "This is Berkeley black pork. I thought you all might like it—it’s good meat."

Mr. Martin patted the pork leg exaggeratedly and exclaimed, "Wow, Berkeley black pork, great meat! I’ve eaten it once before—that flavor and taste is simply unforgettable!"

Li Du was glad to hear that they liked the meat. They moved it all and put it into the freezer.

In the United States, many households had large freezers. This was because many supermarkets and shopping centers were far away from the residential areas. Thus, when people went to the supermarket, they would buy a huge bunch of things to eat for a period of time.

Besides the tuna fish, Mr. and Mrs. Martin also prepared some other simple dishes: vegetable salad, fruit salad, fried meat, and a tureen of Russian borscht.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 401: Have Mercy On Me

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