Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 423: Humiliation

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Chapter 423: Humiliation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du looked at the young man who stopped him, and realized that the others were looking at him too. The skinny white man said furiously, "Shut up, Ted! You stupid idiot!"

The young man knew that he had said something wrong; he wanted to make up for his mistake so he shouted at Li Du, "Hey, Chinaman, you're here to look for trouble, yeah? F*ck you! We'll send you to jail and you'll be f*cked by the other men there!"

One of the men pushed Ted and said, "F*ck you Ted, you idiot, you want to be beaten up so badly?!"

Li Du suddenly laughed. He didn't even have to make a move and there were already gaps between those guys.

A boneheaded teammate could do more harm than the most formidable opponent.

The skinny white man went to stop them and said impatiently, "Come on, go hold down that Chinaman and ask him what he's doing here!"

Now that everything had floated to the surface. Li Du didn't want to argue with them anymore, so he said to the man, "Alright, stop threatening me. You guys are treasure hunters from California, right? You entered this storage company illegally, right? You want us to go to jail together?"

Li Du's words had stirred the crowd. Some of them wanted to speak, but the white man's reflexes were fast and he stopped them from talking with his sharp eyes.

He hummed and looked at Li Du. "I don't know what you're talking about. Now look—"

"Listen, I'm not deaf, I can clearly hear your California accent, and how did you know that I'm from China? Did someone tell you? Was it Frank or York?"

He realized that it could have been those two who had planned all of this. But at the same time it didn't seem so. After all, he had just kicked the two of them down; Frank and York would never have had such guts to do so.

The white man wouldn't say anything, but kept on glaring at him with his mean eyes.

"What, now that you can no longer threaten me, you think your eyes can crush me?" Li Du sneered. "Well I think you're wrong. I'm not scared—unless your eyes can truly kill."

The white man's face twitched; a black man was p.i.s.sed and said, "Why are we still talking? I say let's just beat the c.r.a.p out of him! Hey Clyde, you guys come with me!"

Li Du realized these guys really meant to do something; he panicked and started moving backwards, "D*mn it, what're you guys up to?"

A few young men walked towards him. "What? We're beating you up, of course!"

If it were under normal circ.u.mstances, Li Du would definitely never take these guys seriously. But today, since he had used too much energy on the little bug, his body was exhausted. Furthermore, the "Time Deceleration" ability required more energy than regularly using the little bug.

Although he managed to dodge two of the guys, he was still caught by a black man. Li Du dropped to the ground and the other guys jumped on him one by one, making a human pyramid. Li Du almost sh*t under their pressure. Furious, he shouted, "F*ck you! I'm gonna sue the h.e.l.l out of all of you! Just wait for it!"

The white man came forward looking down at him and said, "Come on, go sue us now. Listen, you little brat, there's no way that the judge would listen to you without any proof!"

"That's enough, Stanley," another white man said. "Control yourself. What're you trying to do?"

White skinny man Stanley patted Li Du's face teasingly and said, "Nothing, I wasn't trying to do anything. Just wanna give this kiddo a lecture. A lecture about how to respect his elders. Understood?"

Li Du's face was pale, and he spoke through clenched teeth: "Okay, now I get it! So it's Frank and York that sent you guys here, right? Perfect! Perfect!"

"What," Stanley sneered, "still not convinced?"

Li Du sneered too, "Of course I'm convinced. You guys are from the Hundred Thousand Club, right?! We'll meet again in the future!"

After listening to him, some of the guys pressing down from above him starting to feel scared.

One of them mumbled, "F*ck, this guy can contact the Hundred Thousand Club easily. We're in trouble ain't we?"

Stanley glared at him. "Shut up!" he shouted. "Search his body for the notebook. I saw him writing something down in that notebook. Let's check what he has written!"

Realizing their goal, Li Du panicked.

It didn't matter what he had written; the problem was how much he had accurately written. The notebook mustn't be found!

If everyone knew that he could gain so many information after walking around the storage facility once, he would be finished. He would be sent to either Area 51 or the FBI for testing and research!

Since quite a number of men were pressing down on him, it was difficult for them to search for the notebook.

Li Du decided to take action first. He gathered the last shreds of his energy and called upon the little bug. He let the little bug absorb all the time energy in the notebook.

The notebook was originally made of normal paper; if the time energy were absorbed, the paper would be very fragile. Once they found the notebook, right when someone touched it the whole thing fell apart.

Ted drew out the pieces of paper. "Dang it," he said, depressed, "we were fighting too fiercely just now and the notebook crumbled." The notebook fell apart into so many pieces that it was impossible to stick them back together.

"F*ck it!" Stanley cursed and spat on Li Du. He then waved at the others, and triumphantly said, "Everyone, let's go!"

After they were gone, Li Du was so angry that he wanted to go outside and tell Big Quinn and G.o.dzilla to go block their way.

Unfortunately, he was extremely tired from using all of the energy. He tried to stand up but stumbled back to the ground.

After a moment of resting, he walked out from the storage company. The treasure hunters from California were long gone.

Hans saw him stumble. He immediately ran over to him and helped him walk to the car. "What happened?" he asked, shocked.

"I was plotted against!" Li Du said with his teeth clenched. "A bunch of treasure hunters from California came. And I was almost crushed to death by them! D*mn it!"

"G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn—the two of you go chase after them now!" Hans shouted furiously.

Both G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn looked pale too. Especially Big Quinn: he looked like he was about to go on a rampage.

The two of them immediately jump into the car. Li Du shook his head. "No rush. There's other things we have to do. G.o.dzilla, give me some food."

G.o.dzilla handed him a pack of chocolate candy to regulate his blood sugar level. "This will help."

Whenever Li Du was exhausted from using his energy, he would use "low blood sugar" as an excuse. That was why G.o.dzilla always kept chocolate candy in his car.

After eating half of the chocolate candy and chugging four cans of beer, Li Du absorbed the energy very well and was in better condition.

He flattened one of the beer cans and said, "Big Fox, we won't be leaving now. Go find that security guard—that d*mn security guard who let me in just now!"

"Leave it to me," Hans said. "I knew there was something weird about him! D*mn it, I knew there was something wrong when that bunch of treasure hunters walked out."

Li Du rolled his eyes and thought, Why didn't you come and find me when you knew something was wrong.

Hans knocked the door, and the security guard, who had just put the cigarette in a safe place, came out. He asked impatiently, "What is it?"

"Hey bro, come with me," Hans replied with a bright smile on his face. "I have something to talk to you about."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 423: Humiliation

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