Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 426: There's No Misunderstanding

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Chapter 426: There's No Misunderstanding

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the front entrance of Glen Canyon Storage, more than ten white teenagers were sitting on their motorcycles. These people hadn't come to attend the auction. They were tattooed, looking very fierce; they might as well have also tattooed "I Am A Villain" on their foreheads.

The white security guard was their lead. He was walking back and forth furiously in front of them, like a grumpy bull.

A teenager with a nose ring looked irritated. He said, "Pickel, why can't you fu*king sit down. You're making me upset."

Pickel was the security guard that Hans had blown the whistle on. "I can't sit down," he said. "I can't calm down. G.o.d d*mn it, I have a rumbling volcano in my body."

"Go m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e—let the volcano erupt!" His words made all the other teenagers on their motorcycles laugh.

Pickel glared at them in dissatisfaction. "I came to you for help, not so you could make fun of me. I am being cheated, cheated by those sons of b*tches. G.o.d d*mn it, I will take vengeance."

A teenager asked with a scowl, "What's the matter? How could the freaking bald guy Carols fire you ?"

"I'm being cheated by them! Four men in total. These sons of b*tches bribed me to enter the storage company, then they turned around and ratted on me!"

"These guys were not playing fair," someone said. "They didn't follow the rules!"

"Indeed!" Pickel said angrily. "So, I've come to you to teach them a lesson!"

The scowling teenager jumped up from his heavy motorcycle. He patted Pickel's shoulder. "Set your heart at ease. We hate those who don't follow the rules. Today, let us help you out!"

"Thanks buddy! Today, you will have their guts for garters. I asked my colleagues to find their weakness—we will definitely make them regret everything."

The teenager with the nose ring asked carefully, "How many of them in total?"

Pickel raised his left hand and said, "Four people, four in total. There is a feeble Chinese guy—he's like a drug addict. He is as soft as a worm."

"So, there are three people in total?"

"Yes, indeed!" Pickel said firmly. "There are only three people who have combat abilities!"

A teenager with a cigarette in his mouth said, "What are you waiting for? Let's show them our true colors. They need to know the power of the Page Wolves."

"Page Wolves! Owooooo!"

"Knock them out! Owooooo!"

"Go to h.e.l.l sons of b*tches! Owooooo!"

Just then, the majestic-looking frame of the Iron Knight entered the parking lot.

Looking at this car, the fleshy eyes of Pickel swelled vengefully. He shouted, "This is their car, this is the b*stard!"

Not many treasure hunters could afford the Iron Knight. Li Du was the only person at this auction who had such a car.

After listening to Pickel's words, the teenagers jumped from their motorcycles. The teenager with a cigarette deeply inhaled twice, then threw the b.u.t.t on the ground. He said fiercely, "Come on, hungry wolves, let's do it!"

Once he finished his words, a Volvo truck following the Iron Knight turned from the road and entered the parking lot. A Kenworth truck was right behind the Volvo. Then came another Ford truck, followed by a Scania truck...

Just like this, one by one, after the appearance of the Iron Knight, there were more trucks; there were over 20 of them. The teenagers were dazzled.

Looking at these trucks, the teenager with the nose ring was shocked. He mumbled, "Oh, G.o.d d*mn it! What is this freaking truck for?"

The scowling teenager said furiously, "Pickel, didn't you say there were only four people, and that one of them was a feeble wuss? "

The security guard Pickel was just as shocked as they were. "Really," he said, "there's just four of them. I guess this is someone else."

When the Iron Knight stopped, four people jumped down. A young Chinese man walked toward them radiantly. Beside him, there was a big cat and a strong racc.o.o.n, both looking alert.

Behind him, there were two domineering tough guys who looked like mighty G.o.ds. One of them was ma.s.sive, his muscles like rocks, walking with an imposing air.

The other one was scarier. A few teenagers met his eyes, they felt weak at the knees and chilly. With a fierce face and ferocious eyes, he stared at them as though they had killed his father.

After the trucks came in and stopped and everyone had come down from them, there were 40 people in total.

Li Du was the leader; G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn were by his side. There were over 30 tough treasure hunters behind him. They walked with big paces, looking very imposing.

A teenager shoved Pickel. "F*ck, b*st*rd, these were the four people that you mentioned?"

"There are 40 freaking people. Are all of them treasure hunters? "

"Bullsh*t! I think they are gangsters who chisel people's territory—like the Russian gangsters I saw in Las Vegas. This is how they work."

"Did you say the Chinese leader was feeble? I am gonna double kick you, they are all freaking tougher than any one of us!"

Facing the rivals who were stronger than them in both numbers and force value, the teenagers of young wolves were silent. These teenagers were supposed to be young, healthy and strong. But, most of them felt discouraged; their physical qualities were just so-so.

Treasure hunters were different. They usually did rough work; they were all strong, healthy and muscular.

Li Du and Hans noticed the security guard. They brought all their followers toward him.

"Hey, buddy!" Li Du shouted. "What are you doing here?"

"Weren't you fired?" Hans added. "It seems like your company is not efficient. "

Facing the group of people, especially G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn, who stood much taller than him, Pickel recalled the fear of being dominated yesterday.

"I, I, I..." He swallowed his saliva, found no good reason.

The scowling teenager smiled reluctantly; he patted Pickel's shoulder. "My buddy comes to you to apologize. Both of you had a misunderstanding yesterday, right? "

Li Du smiled coldly. How could he not know their intentions? These teenagers were riding motorcycles, bodies covered with tattoos—he knew they were up to no good.

But, he didn't care about this. He said, "Misunderstanding. No, we didn't misunderstand you. You don't have to apologize, I will not forget. I will let your boss—"

"No misunderstanding?" the teenager interrupted. "Oh, it seems like we have had a misunderstanding." He turned and waved his hand. "Buddies, let's go!"

Just like that, motorcycle engines rumbled. The teenagers left as fast as thunderbolts; their shadows weren't even spotted.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 426: There's No Misunderstanding

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