Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 434: Alien Motorcycle

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Chapter 434: Alien Motorcycle

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After putting down his hands and realizing that the motorcycle was still in front of him, Hans's face offered a mult.i.tude of expressions: shock, incredibility, excitement and astonishment.

Big Quinn went forward to drag the motorcycle out, but once he tugged on it, he could not help but grumble, "G.o.d, this thing is heavy. Buddy, come help!"

G.o.dzilla went to drag the rear, and with their combined effort they managed to move the motorcycle outside.

It was a huge motorcycle, and even if it did not have the Warcraft custom made welded parts that looked like a monster or mystical beasts on the exterior, it was by itself ma.s.sive and similar in size to the Harley Li Du had gotten in February.

On the whole, this motorcycle was more aggressive-looking than the Harley. The vehicle looked like a dormant beast. There was a beast's head in the front, with its mouth opened showing the headlights; it looked very intimidating.

When the motorcycle was moved outside, Hans dashed towards it. "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, let me take a look. Quick, let me take a look!"

Li Du said, "No need to rush, this belongs to you."

"Meaning?" Hans asked in surprise.

Li Du extended his arms wide. "You still don't understand what I mean?"

"You're giving this to me?!" Hans shrieked.

Li Du said, "Yes, you like it very much, right? According to our agreement, this is yours."

Hans did not stand on ceremony with him, and jumped onto the bike. "Enough said, thanks bro!"

When the fearsome-looking motorcycle had been moved out of the storage unit, it immediately attracted the attention of many treasure hunters—they stopped cleaning up the units and looking at the fis.h.i.+ng machine to instead come running over to look at the motorcycle.

The appearance of the motorcycle was exaggerated; there was a clear metallic sheen on its body and a mighty angry-looking beast's head at the front with detailed polished scales. There were also horns on both sides that were connected to the rear-view mirrors.

However, as the beast's head was affixed on the front in a raised position, it seemed dangerous—it could cause the rider to accidentally smash their face into it.

The treasure hunters noticed this and made jokes about it:

"Applying the emergency brake on this sh*t will send you straight to the guillotine!"

"Haha, sh*t, a rear-end collision would surely cause one to die from being speared!"

"What's this stuff? Better not use the emergency brake, otherwise you're sure to get smashed!"

"Use the emergency brake, and while the bike will be intact, the person will be a goner! Cause of death: impaled by a motorcycle!"

As they were joking about it, some locals walked over. Upon seeing the motorcycle, a treasure hunter said in surprise, "This is the Warcraft Motorcycle? This was actually in the storage unit?"

"Yes, it's the Warcraft Motorcycle. It really is the Alien Motorcycle. Who discovered it?"

"Wow buddies, this is a bad*ss. You guys gotta be careful, don't lose your lives because of it!"

Li Du asked, "This motorcycle is called the 'Alien Motorcycle?' This is an alien from World of Warcraft?"

A treasure hunter said, "No, it's a beast. 'Alien' was the name given to it because it's too vicious. Its owner died because of it."

"Huh?" Li Du was stunned.

That treasure hunter said, "As you guys know, Page is a tourist destination. Every year, all sorts of tourists come here. This motorcycle was actually made by a tourist."

"Something was wrong with this guy's brain; he wanted to cross Antelope Canyon on this bike. But he went too fast and crashed into a big tree. Whoosh, and into it he went."

The treasure hunter gesticulated as he spoke. Just like what the crowd had been joking about earlier, the previous owner had been killed by the mighty, domineering front part of the bike.

"This did not happen that long ago, just last year. It was even reported in the news."

"Oh, right, I remember now. I also saw that on the news. So this is that Alien motorcycle? Looks like its owner saw it as a jinx and chucked it."

The treasure hunters looked at Li Du and Hans mockingly. At first, they had been filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred, but now that they knew the wretched history of the motorcycle and felt much better about it.

Li Du had not known of this; it was no wonder the bike had been left there. But the bike had seemed solid and aggressive. When he had first seen it, he thought the front of the bike had indeed looked dangerous.

Hans asked, "So does that mean this bike is working?"


Hearing that, he grinned. "Great, then move aside, I want to test this out!"

Li Du stopped him. "Don't—did you not hear what they said? The owner of the bike died after hitting the front of the bike."

"It'll be fine if I ride it slow," Hans said nonchalantly, "and as long as I don't get into an accident."

Li Du shook his head. "No, you'd better cherish your life. I neither wish for our truck to be converted into a hea.r.s.e, or for my next meeting with Hannah to be when I bring her to see your corpse!"

Hans saw that he was serious about it and gave in. "Okay bro, I know. I really will be very careful. When I get back, I will modify it. Stephen's good at this, we will cut it up and make it safe."

Li Du said, "You better be serious about this."

Hans said, "Of course, of course. Now move aside, I'm going to test it. See, I'm only gonna go a few hundred feet, how could I possibly speed?"

The crowd made way and Hans ignited the engine. This motorcycle had not been used for two years; the fuel in it had long dried up; how could it possibly start?

But its engine and parts were still working fine. Hans fiddled with it for a while and then replaced parts such as the spark plug and filter. Then he added in gasoline to ignite the accelerator.

Soon, a roaring sound could be heard: Vroom, vroom!

Hans started with a slow throttle; the bike moved. He quickly switched to second gear and the motorcycle started to move smoothly.

On seeing that, the Flagstaff treasure hunters cheered in excitement:

"Wow, beautiful!"

"This is a good bike, as long as safety is taken care of, the bike is fine!"

"Big Fox, let me try, let me try!"

Li Du shrugged; Hans and the rest did not seem to care about how this bike had previously caused someone's death.

Compared to the Chinese, Americans had a different att.i.tude toward death. Not to say they did not mind death, but the power of its influence was not as great.

This was especially true for treasure hunters. Many of the valuables they found in storage units belonged to the deceased.

Many people kept their valuables in storage units; if they pa.s.sed away, the storage company would auction off the units when the contracts expired if they could not contact the family of the owners.

If the owners were alive and well, then the possibility of valuables in the storage units would be rather slim.

Hence, as they had handled many items belonging to the deceased, they were already immune to this.

While Hans and the rest were preoccupied with the motorcycle, Li Du brought G.o.dzilla with him to continue with the cleaning up. Zhang Kai had said there was famille rose vases in there and he wanted to search for them.

He got the little bug to help, and managed to conduct the search quickly. Finally, he found the porcelain ware in a small cabinet on one side of the unit! In the cabinet were a total of two plates and two vases. The cabinet door was ajar; it looked just like the photograph that Zhang Kai had given him.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 434: Alien Motorcycle

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