Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 468: The Goody Mister Li

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Chapter 468: The Goody Mister Li

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Someone from the cabin had seen the three being stopped by the police and came running back to report, "Guys, better not drink and drive. Looks like the police are checking on drunk drivers."

"Did the three appraisers drink?" Li Du asked. "I gotta go take a look. D*mn it, I may need to bail them out."

One had to pay a heavy price for drunk driving in the US. Police were very strict about pulling over cars with drunk drivers. They would make you take a test if you were caught, and would bring you to the police station under immediate arrest. People who drank and drive also needed to pay for other expenses such as the vehicle tow fee, vehicle storage fee, and fine.

One would also need to hire a lawyer to settle things with the court, and in order to eventually re-obtain a driver's license. And if someone had a record of drunk driving, even if they hadn't gotten in an accident, their insurance would also surge.

The police had a zero-tolerance att.i.tude toward youths drinking and driving. Once caught, the license would be suspended and the guardian contacted—a hefty fine would also be imposed.

Through movies and American drama, one would notice that in the US, people liked to drive to the bar for a drink after work before driving home. This was common. If Li Du and the rest of the gang were in Flagstaff, they would still drive themselves home after a drink because the chances of being checked in Arizona were not high.

As they walked over, they saw that the three men had been handcuffed as the scene was highlighted by the flas.h.i.+ng lights from the cars.

Li Du put an angered expression on his face. "What are you doing? Why do my buddies need to be handcuffed if all they did was drive after drinking?"

A few treasure hunters took out their mobile phones to snap photographs, as they mumbled nonsense like "abusive enforcement" and "racial discrimination."

Luo Qun glared at Li Du. "This has nothing to do with drunk driving—your buddies tried to scam someone. We have ample evidence—"

"We did not cheat anyone," Ma Cheng shouted in a hurry. "This must be a misunderstanding. You police have got it wrong!"

Du Dayuan shouted, "There's shady law enforcement in Arizona! Save us! Buddies, help us get outta here!"

Luo Qun took out a photocopied piece of paper to show them and sneered, "You claim to be appraisers from Christie's Auction House, West Coast branch office, right? Tell me: which one of them here is you? This is the list and photos of all the Chinese staff members working for the West Coast branch office."

The expressions on the three faces changed. Ding Xiaofeng's knees went weak and he collapsed onto the ground. "I knew something was up at Li's house," he mumbled. "I knew there was a problem."

There was no need for Ma Cheng and Du Dayuan to pretend anymore, for Ding Xiaofeng had already admitted to their crime.

Two thick-waisted police officers retrieved the work permits from them and after verifying said, "The three of you, these permits are fake."

Ma Cheng forced a smile. "They are indeed fake. Actually, we are only using them to play a prank on our friend, Li—"

Li Du came forward and asked in surprise, "Master Ma, are you guys not appraisers? Remind me: when did it become a joke?"

A few of the treasure hunters started to panic; Turis whispered, "D*mmit, two of my things have been taken by them; they said they would help me contact clients. D*mn!"

"Me too, my hunting knife was taken by them!"

"The pocket watch that my grandfather left me is with them. Boss Li, for G.o.d's sake, tell us what's going on?"

Li Du raised his hand. "No one panic. The police are right here, and your items are here as well. Even if they are fraudsters, we're not going to lose anything. So don't panic!"

"Right, right, right," Turis said, stepping forward. "We'll be fine if we listen to Boss Li." Turis had stepped out at a critical moment to put in a good word for him.

Olly said, "Of course we trust Boss Li. Let's leave it to him to handle this."

Li Du opened the trunk and all the items that the treasure hunters had pa.s.sed to the three were in there.

Luo Qun took a photograph and then sneered at Ma Cheng. "The culprits have been found along with the loot. What else do you have to say for yourselves?

"This is a misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding," Ma Cheng tried to protest vehemently. "I'm just playing a prank on my friends—to scare them!"

Li Du tugged at his clothes in anger. "Master Ma, what is going on? Are you guys not appraisers from Christie's? How did it become a misunderstanding? And what prank is this?"

Ma Cheng gave a wry smile. "We are appraisers, just not from Christie's…"

Ericsson whispered something to Rose, and she could not stop sneering as she walked over carrying a laptop. "You're appraisers from where? Here's a warrant for arrest jointly issued by the Maine State Court and the Maine Police Department—it's you in there, right?"

Li Du's phone call had been too sudden, and Luo Qun had to deploy her team very quickly. There hadn't been time to check some of the information in detail.

Seeing the warrant for arrest on the laptop, Ma Cheng's legs became wobbly. Looking pale, he leaned against the car, and could not speak anymore.

As the police officers got ready to leave, Luo Qun told the treasure hunters, "If you want to get your items back, you will have to go to the police station to a.s.sist with the investigation. How about it? Leave now?"

The treasure hunters looked at Li Du, who said, "Let's go."


It was not just the few treasure hunters there who got cheated. Turis went back to the cabin and shouted, "The Christie's appraisers from earlier are fraudsters—who had their things taken away? Come with us to the police station."

Frank and York, who were having a good time drinking, appeared stunned to hear this. Frank stood up aggressively and hollered, "F*ck, what did you say?"

Turis, who was already in a bad mood, was furious about being yelled at. He went up to him to pick a fight. "F*ck you! D*mn California dudes—watch your potty mouth!"

The people next to Turis held him back while York grabbed Frank and said, "Buddy, calm down, calm down. Calm down! What did you guys say? Those Chinese guys are fraudsters? What's going on?"

"Go ask the police," Turis deadpanned.

York and Frank ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Some treasure hunters asked curiously, "The fraudsters didn't take their things—what's the rush?"

"Maybe Frank's anger has made him mentally ill. Ha!. Lucky I did not give them anything."

The police car had already left, and so Frank and York could only get in their own car to go chase it. When they got there, Li Du had just gotten out of the car when Frank and York marched up to everyone in anger. They shoved him out of the way and grabbed Ma Cheng. "D*mn it, what's going on?"

Luo Qun and Ericsson pushed the two of them away, but Frank pushed her off in retaliation. Ericsson howled furiously, "Attacking a police officer in the police station? You've got some nerve!"

Acting like a goody-goody, Li Du went forward to explain, "Ericsson, sir, please don't get angry, they're drunk—" Frank and York cast murderous looks at him.

Ericsson could smell the heavy alcohol scent on them, and waved them over. "Come here, both of you. Check their BAC—I suspect them of drunk driving."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 468: The Goody Mister Li

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