Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 499: Ah Meow Plays Promoter

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Chapter 499: Ah Meow Plays Promoter

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The children didn't seem to mind this. Sally said, "It's no problem. Although we don't have guardians, we follow around our buddies who do."

"The greater the risk the great the return," Kent said excitedly. "If we enter an area that no one has explored, we could possibly get more customers."

Li Du shook his head. "No, little buddies, you guys need to watch your safety. Pair up to do this, okay? Two people to one small cart, understand?"

The few children exchange glances and obediently said, "Okay."

Li Du took the small carts out of the trunk and placed the cookies on them. He sought the opinion of the children before loading the cookies on.

"These are lemon-flavored. Add on some peppermint ones. Who would like to sell more peanut b.u.t.ter cookies? The caramel ones sound great too, right?"

There were seven children in total and two to a group, so there was an odd one out.

The one who was left out was a quiet girl with a comic book in her hand. She watched them silently.

The children had formed their own cliques; they knew very well the importance of strong alliances. They had tried to choose the best helper for their cookie-promoting team.

The little girl holding the comic book stood there alone; she looked shy and reserved. Such a personality was not suitable for cookie promoting.

Li Du prepared a small cart of cookies for her. Kent laughed, "There's no need to prepare so many for Victoria. Two boxes will do."

Upon hearing that, the little girl pursed her lips and clutched her book. She lowered her head and said nothing.

Li Du walked over and patted her shoulder. He said, "You're wrong, Kent. We'll show you what an F1 selling-speed is like. I'll partner with Victoria."

The little girl lifted her head and looked at him; her eyes, which were a beautiful sky blue, sparkled.

After sending the children into the square, Li Du turned to the little girl. "Victoria, where do you think we should go?"

Victoria placed the corner of her comic book into her mouth and bit it with her small white teeth. She stared at him hesitantly and did not say anything.

Li Du smiled. "Relax, Victoria. We're going to make friends. When you sell cookies to someone, they receive something yummy and you earn money. That's a win-win, and both of you become friends.

"Tell me—where do you want to go make friends?"

The little girl thought for a long while, then said softly, "How about we go to Carrefour? There are a lot of people there. Every time I pa.s.s by, I see many people buying cookies there."

In his heart, Li Du shook his head—that was not a good choice.

Indeed, there would surely be a lot of people at the supermarket, but people would be buying things at the supermarket. From the financial aspect, there was an expenditure issue, and they were in a conflict situation.

However, he had noticed that Victoria lacked confidence. If he rejected the little girl's choice, it would be a blow for her. So, he decided to take her suggestion.

They unloaded the cookies after parking the car. Li Du helped Victoria adjust her clothing and straighten her scout cap. Then, he smiled and said, "Come, give me a smile."

The little girl was rather obedient, and smiled at him shyly.

Li Du said, "From now on, we are comrades, understand? We are about to go into battle to get rid of all these cookies."

Victoria blinked her eyes, and said, "Get rid of them? All of them?"


The little girl stroked her tummy and said, "Aren't we supposed to sell them? If we were to get rid of them, I'd be full after eating just one box. How many can you eat?"

Li Du was stunned. "I—what I meant by 'get rid of them' was sell them, not eat them."

She smiled. "Sorry, my mistake."

Thinking back of her remark earlier, Li Du suddenly realized that Victoria was a glutton!

They pushed the small cart to the entrance of the supermarket; the security guard saw and instantly came over. "Hey buddies, this is not a farmer's market. Sorry, scouts are not allowed to set up stalls here."

The young girl had obviously not expected such a situation to occur. At a loss, she hugged her comic book with a blank stare.

Li Du gave her an "it's okay" hand gesture. "Let me settle this."

He pulled the black security guard aside and was about to use money to resolve the matter.

In the end, another black man walked over and said, "Hi, Li, what're you doing here? What a coincidence."

Li Du saw him and smiled; it was indeed a coincidence. He had b.u.mped into Lewton, the lad from Bones Community. They had worked together to get their hands on Frank's armor a few days ago.

He explained the situation to him. Lewton said nonchalantly, "Okay, don't set up a table here. Just carry your cookies and go around promoting. This way, you're not breaking any rules."

Li Du understood what Lewton meant. He expressed his grat.i.tude and then returned. The little lady asked nervously, "It's settled?"

"Of course," Li Du laughed. "As long as you face a problem courageously, it will be resolved. Understand?"

The little girl nodded, hesitated, and then nodded again more vigorously.

Li Du pushed the cart with the boxes of cookies inside so Victoria could do the promoting.

It was tough this way; the little lady did not dare to speak, and stood in front of the small cart blankly. Her lips were quivering, but she didn't say a word.

Li Du shook his head and brought Ah Meow out. He put a cap on him, and said, "Ah Meow, take this box of cookies. Go, sell it to that person. Remember to collect money."

The cookies were cheaply priced. After all, this was a community activity. There were ten packets of cookies in a box for only two dollars. Tasty snacks at a low price.

Ah Meow saw the money in Li Du's hand, bit the box and ran to a woman with his head raised high.

He put the box down and sat behind it. Then, he lifted his head and looked up with his big eyes. He looked tenderly at the woman carrying her child, opened his mouth and softly cried, "Meow! Meow!"

The woman was surprised to see Ah Meow wearing a Scout cap. She looked around and asked, "Whose cat is this?"

The cap was a little big; it was just right for the little girl but almost covered Ah Meow's entire head. He had to use his claws to push it away so he could see. He continued to meow.

The child that the woman carried started to giggle. "Kitty, kitty!"

Li Du waved to the woman. "Scout activities, madam. Two dollars for a box of delicious cookies."

The woman smiled and asked, "There are animal scouts too? This big cat looks like it is doing well."

Ah Meow continued to meow, and, noticing her smile, went forward and nudged her calf.

The woman was touched. She took out two dollars, gave them to Ah Meow, and retrieved the small box.

The small child stretched out his hand to touch Ah Meow. The ocelot did not resist and let the child stroke him a few times before biting the money and running off.

Li Du pa.s.sed the money to the little girl and said, "Look, it's so simple. Promoting is easy as long as you have courage. After all, you can't be more scared than a cat, right?"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 499: Ah Meow Plays Promoter

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