Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 504: Godzilla The Tough Guy

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Chapter 504: G.o.dzilla The Tough Guy

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

G.o.dzilla wore an army green camo s.h.i.+rt. His muscles bulged even when he didn't flex them.

Because he worked out regularly, G.o.dzilla had a very low body fat percentage. His muscles were huge and tangled together like old tree roots. He looked very tough and brawny.

Lynch licked his lips when he looked at him and said, "Let me remind you, big fellow, this gun could produce such a ma.s.sive recoil that it is unimaginable. Unless you hold the gun the right way, you could hurt your shoulders or something."

"Give me some shockproof pads," said G.o.dzilla. "That should be enough."

Hans hesitated. "D*mn, I admit you're right. This is not a practical gun, there's no need to test the gun, alright?"

"You planned it well, pal," laughed Lynch. "But there are no such deals."

Li Du didn't want to test the gun either—at least, he didn't want to let G.o.dzilla test it.

This was dangerous because the barrel could easily burst. It would be okay if it were a pistol. If the barrel of a pistol burst, the shooter might hurt his hand, but he would not lose his fingers. If the barrel of a shotgun burst, it was more dangerous. The shooter might hurt, or even lose, an entire limb.

And if the barrel of a giant gun like this burst, the shooter might lose both of his arms!

This was too risky, and Li Du didn't want G.o.dzilla to take the risk.

G.o.dzilla shook his head. "This is not dangerous. I'm the one who a.s.sembled the gun. The parts of the gun are still very new and there are traces that show the gun was used before. "

It was used before and the barrel hadn't burst. This proved that the gun could be used normally. The risk of the barrel bursting was also low if the parts of the gun were new.

G.o.dzilla was very stubborn. Li Du and Hans glanced at each other and then agreed to let G.o.dzilla do it.

Well, they didn't have any better option either.

Maurice looked at G.o.dzilla with admiration. "This is a tough fellow. Big Li, Big Fox, you've found yourself a good horse. This is a good and reliable horse."

This was slang in Arizona. The early cowboys had called a good worker a "good horse."

After he complimented G.o.dzilla, Maurice found two big shockproof shoulder pads for him.

These were commonly used by snipers. In the movies, snipers wore thick pads on their chests and shoulders. Those pads were called "shockproof pads."

Shockproof pads were used to reduce shock. If a shooter wore shockproof pads when he used a shotgun, it could reduce the risk of getting hurt due to the recoil.

G.o.dzilla wore the shoulder pads; he took the giant gun and walked toward the shooting range.

Lynch chose a brick wall as the shooting target. The distance was 60 feet.

In order to withstand the recoil, G.o.dzilla chose to lie on the floor for the test shot.

He placed the gun handle between his shoulder and right chest. Usually, the gun handle would be blocked because he was very big.

But as this gun was huge, part of the gun handle was not blocked by him.

Li Du thought, In order to handle this gun properly, the shooter must be a least seven feet tall.

As he thought he heard a loud sound. G.o.dzilla had pulled the trigger!

The men were not ready for this. Maurice and Lynch were discussing about something while Hans wanted to talk to G.o.dzilla about some safety precautions. Li Du was practically daydreaming.

And all of a sudden, G.o.dzilla pulled the trigger!

Bang! The gunshot was loud like a firework. When the bullet launched, the air around the muzzle filled with a blast of dust.

After the gunshot, part of the wall blew down instantly. The bricks were broken into pieces, creating more dust in the air. It was like a mini sandstorm!

The men stared at the broken wall blankly. The damage caused by the gun amazed them.

Then, G.o.dzilla pulled the trigger again!


This gunshot was like a thunderclap.

This time, Li Du reacted quickly—he used the "Time Deceleration" ability.

However, his ability was not powerful enough. It couldn't decelerate time more than once so he couldn't see the trace of the bullet clearly.

Nonetheless, he clearly watched the bullet damage the wall. It blew down the wall like a cannonball. The wall broke into pieces and the bricks turned into dust.

After two consecutive shots, Maurice stopped G.o.dzilla immediately. "Alright, that's enough!"

G.o.dzilla looked at him and smiled. "The shockproof shoulder pads are good. I'm fine."

Maurice was about to cry. "Come on, young friend, I know you're alright, but these bullets are expensive! One bullet costs me about 100 dollars!"

The gun was very powerful and this was its advantage. Both parties sealed the deal when Maurice agreed to pay 200,000 dollars.

"You got yourself a bargain, old pal!" said Hans after they shook hands. "This gun is one of a kind. Its size and power make it very unique."

Maurice was all smiles. "Of course it is—why else would I spend 200,000 dollars on it? I could buy a luxury car or a house with this amount of money!"

After he received the 200,000 dollars, Li Du gave G.o.dzilla 5,000 as a bonus.

G.o.dzilla had risked his life testing the gun just now. Li Du felt he must give him a reward, although this had not been G.o.dzilla's intention.

Actually, Li Du was thinking of giving him 20,000 dollars as a bonus. However, this was not about the three of them anymore. Now that they had more members, he needed to use appropriate strategies to lead the team.

When he saw the money, Big Quinn looked regretful. "Sh*t. Let me do it next time, Boss!"

He was now saving up to buy a house so he could leave Bones Community as soon as possible.

After G.o.dzilla heard what Big Quinn said, he gave him the 5,000 dollars without hesitation.

Big Quinn was shocked. "What's this for?"

"Take it now," G.o.dzilla simply replied. "Pay me back later."

Big Quinn returned the money back to G.o.dzilla. "It's okay, friend. I've saved quite a lot lately, I can take things slow. "

"I know," insisted G.o.dzilla, "just pay me back later."

Li Du asked, "Have you found any place you like?"

"I've found one," Big Quinn said. "It's located at Pine Tree Tops. It costs around 700,000 dollars. I got some money after I sold my old house. After adding it to my savings, I could pay the down payment soon."

"How much more do you need?"

Big Quinn whispered, "About 10,000 dollars."

Li Du almost choked on his water; he said, "How much is the down payment? That's not a big amount. Alright, let's see what we can get in Tucson. If we get good units, I can pay you 10,000 dollars of salary and bonus in advance."

Big Quinn was embarra.s.sed. "No, there's no need for that, boss."

G.o.dzilla said, "I'll lend you 10,000 dollars."

Big Quinn was shocked. "Where did you get so much money?"

G.o.dzilla shrugged. "It's from Boss. Every time there's a bonus, I don't spend it. It's my savings."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 504: Godzilla The Tough Guy

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