Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 507: Extra Storage

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Chapter 507: Extra Storage

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du knew that many people paid close attention to him, wanted to know how he could get ahold of so many treasures, and a.n.a.lyze his process during auctions.

The treasure hunters from California had almost caught him off guard that one time. If he hadn't erased all the information about storage units from his notebook, he would have been dead meat.

After being blocked from entering, Li Du didn't insist on going in; instead he asked the guard, "Have you seen those Franklins in my friend's hands? Do you want them?"

The black guard licked his lips and stared at the money greedily. "Yeah bro, I want them. I f*cking love that face."

"Well, if you give me the floor plan of the storage area, these faces will be yours," Li Du said.

The black guard shook his head and laughed, "This place is not a tourist spot—where could I get a floor plan for you? I'm sorry, but I can't help you with this."

Li Du shrugged. "Oh well, too bad. I think I'm gonna go ask one of your colleagues. They might have what I need."

The black guard panicked when he heard what Li Du said. He stopped Li Du and said, "There's only one floor plan so I can't get it for you. But I can take a photo for you—a very clear one."

"That will do."

After a while, Li Du had the photo his phone. The black guard received the payment from Hans and went back to his office joyfully. However, he didn't take his eyes off them; he was scared that they would cause trouble.

Hans ignored the guard and asked Li Du, "What's the floor plan for?"

"It's good to learn the layout of the units, right?" Li Du sat under the shade of the facility wall and studied the photo on his phone. He copied the map onto a piece of paper and marked any storage units that would be sold in the auction.

After a while, he released the little bug and instructed it to look around the storage area. Li Du wanted to find out what was inside the first storage unit on auction, which was unit 2.

There were many large storage units, which seemed to be in line with the needs of Tucson in the sixties and seventies.

The Native Americans had first resided in the area now known as Tucson. The Spanish missionaries had come and built a church in the late 17th century. Now, churches that had been built in the 18th century could still be found around the city.

In 1776, the Spanish built a garrison fortress in Tucson. The city was formed around the fortress.

In 1821, Mexico gained independence, and Tucson was part of Mexico. Thirty-two years later, Tucson belonged to America through the Gadsden Purchase.

In 1880, the Southern Pacific Railway was built. In addition, many silver and bronze mines were found around the area. Tucson developed quickly until it became one of the most important cities in the desert region of Southern Arizona.

At that time, the Red Mount Storage Company was built to help small corporations and companies. Many large units were prepared for them to store their machines.

However, upon entering the 20th century, with the rapid development of the Internet, it brought about great changes to the consumer behavior and market conditions. Because of this, many small corporations and companies went bankrupt.

The Red Mount Storage Company realized that they couldn't depend on their corporate customers to survive. So they tried to target local people for their business.

Unfortunately, at that time, most of the local residents had moved out of the city. Also, the storage units were too big for the ordinary citizen; there was no need for them to lease such big units.

The first storage unit on the auction list was storage number 2. There was nothing valuable on the floor, but hanging on the wall there was. There were some bows and arrows hanging on the wall, including the English longbow, a compound bow and some other raw material.

All of these items had a certain value and were covered up. It would be hard to identify them because the treasure hunters could only use their eyes to look in from the entrance.

The second unit on the list was a large storage unit, number 10. It had an area of more than 650 square feet. There were many items inside covered with dust; it seemed like no one had entered in a long time.

The items were mostly wood panels of different shapes and sizes. Li Du was unable to tell the use of those panels.

The little bug was not attracted to anything so Li Du had it search the cabinets and chests. He wanted to know whether there was something valuable in them.

He found a chest stuffed with various blueprints. He looked inside and was about to exit, but he stopped. He realized something was odd about those blueprints.

Li Du looked at the one on top. It was a blueprint for a building; he studied it a bit longer and was able to deduce the use of the wooden panels in the unit.

He smiled and marked down the location of storage unit number 10 on his paper. He continued to search the rest of the storage units.

Most of the units had nice furniture or electronic appliances or office supplies. Li Du was not interested in household or office units. They belonged in a category that was troublesome to sell. As Flagstaff was far away from Tucson, he preferred to load his truck with more valuable items rather than household or office items.

When he reached storage unit 62 he found some wooden chests. There were military supplies, field tents, picnic supplies for military use, some helmets, military uniforms and even firearms!

The little bug flew into the wooden chest and found a complete set of modern military equipment. There was a helmet, a bulletproof vest, a first-aid kit, night vision goggles and so on.

Li Du shook his head and had the little bug search the other units. He thought, The chance that I get this unit is not high. Even if I did, it would cost too much. He decided to pa.s.s on this one.

After that, Li Du couldn't find any other units high in value. He realized that over 30 units could only give him a profit of two to three thousand dollars at most.

Having looked through all the units up for auction in one go, it was fortunate that the little bug had entered Ah Ow's head. When it had increased the bug's strength, Li Du had also gained the ability to use the little bug longer.

It was the afternoon by the time he finished exploring.

Li Du went back to the truck and asked G.o.dzilla for chocolate. "Where are we staying this time?" he asked.

"A better place," Hans replied.

The hotel he had chosen was called "The Desert Pigeon." It was definitely a better place than the one they had stayed in yesterday.

The hotel looked luxurious and had a four-star rating. Its entrance was a s.h.i.+ny golden gate, and a pair of quaint identical buildings inside.

The main buildings of the hotel had domes. The courtyard was filled with holly trees, cacti and other green plants. The contrast between the white and green was beautiful.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 507: Extra Storage

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