Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 590: Harry Winston

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Chapter 590: Harry Winston

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After checking in at the information desk, which was resplendent with gold and jade, Li Du and the rest received the key cards to their rooms. They went up an elevator, which was resplendent with gold and jade; they walked past a corridor, which was resplendent with gold and jade; and they entered their rooms, which were resplendent with gold and jade.

Indeed, all the way to their rooms, everything was resplendent with gold and jade.

It was as described in comedy movies: there was no such thing as artistic, no such thing as meaning with depth - there was only one way to describe it, resplendent as if someone showered the hotel with rain of gold!

Caesars Palace was indeed like that.

The 200 dollars spent was well worth it as the hotel rooms were s.p.a.cious and gorgeous. The overall color palette of the rooms was gold. Even the bedsheets were gold.

Li Du shook his head and said, "Aren't they afraid that the guests will get sick of this? I don't think all guests like things with this type of color."

Hans replied, "Isn't earning the money of people who only like these kinds of colors more than enough? Four million tourists, mate. Moreover, do you think providing accommodation is their only source of profit?"

Li Du thought about it and felt what he said was true. This was a casino hotel with a casino at the bottom level. They could even exchange their keycards at the casino for 50 dollars worth of chips to gamble with.

The casino was where the profits were, while the food and accommodation were just complementary services.

Not going out to have fun would have been a waste of a trip to Las Vegas. As such, after putting down their luggage, they were prepared to go out and have fun together.

Big Quinn and G.o.dzilla were curious about the city and both of them dressed appropriately. On the other hand, Hans and Lu Guan were dressed unlike their usual selves. They even put on wigs, which made them look like dispirited, artistic teenagers.

The love of wearing wigs was one of the things Li Du noticed about Americans. He felt that the African-Americans, especially, seemed to wear wigs more often than others. In his view, except for those who were bald, most African-Americans in an American drama or Hollywood films seemed to be wearing a wig.

Li Du chose to stay behind to rest. The previous few days at the National Park had expended much of his energy. Furthermore, he needed to check on the storage unit situation soon, which would definitely expend his energy.

He video-called Sophie for a while. He initially wanted to bring her along to the auction as she was currently on leave.

However, after considering the fact that the storage unit auctions in Las Vegas were under the control of gangs and that they were taking a risk to come here, he felt that it was best to be cautious and not bring along a beautiful lady.

He lay down and slept until night. The hotel room curtains were automated and like turning on a television, pressing a b.u.t.ton once opened them. Three layers of curtains slowly pulled up and revealed a lit up red and green world.

Outside, the moon was already halfway across the sky. As the light pollution here was severe due to the large amounts of cars, the beautiful starry sky was not visible, but the shape of the moon was.

Nevada was largely made up of deserts and consequently, had a very high temperature. Also, due to the huge amount of cars and people, Las Vegas expended energy at a very high rate, resulting in an increased greenhouse effect.

Throughout much of the year, the daytime here was scorching hot. As such, the nighttime was the opportune time for going out.

Compared to New York, Las Vegas was more qualified to be known as the city that never sleeps.

The hotel provided room service for beverages. Li Du called and someone sent up a cup of fruit juice and a cup of coffee to his room.

Although the beverages were free of charge, there was still a need to tip. Since the room cost only 200 dollars, the tip for the beverages should be 60 dollars.

As he was not short on change, he gave the waiter the tip without much consideration.

Seeing that he was liberal with his money, the waiter probed, "Boss, are you a well-respected Chinese?"

The number of rich people in Mainland China was increasing. With their local tyc.o.o.ns taking over the world, the Chinese, together with the Middle Eastern people, were known as the two richest groups in the world. Las Vegas currently had a lot of Chinese tourists who had astounding spending power.

Li Du nodded his head and replied, "Yes."

The waiter smiled. "Do you need some special services? I have a friend who is in the entertainment business. Please rest a.s.sured, it's absolutely safe and has no risk at all. Caesars Palace can guarantee that."

Prost.i.tution wasn't legal in Las Vegas, but it was carried out openly so there was no need to be afraid of the police checking the rooms. They would not able to hold a tourist responsible, even if they were to find something.

Las Vegas also provided quickie marriage services. When a tourist got in touch with a prost.i.tute, they could register their marriage, which would allow them to enjoy their s.e.xual relations legally.

When they no longer felt like playing anymore the next day, they could get a divorce. As the marriages and divorces here were not registered in the national database and had no case files, there would not be any inconvenience for either party.

Although Li Du understood this point, he was not interested in this kind of activity. He shook his head while smiling and said, "Sorry, I'm not into that. Thank you for your enthusiasm."

The waiter nodded, expressing his understanding, and very politely left the room. Before he closed the door, he still said, "Thank you for the tip."

This place was a city of tips. Tips had to be given for everything, even for staying in the hotel. The tip required for staying in the hotel was called a resort facilities fee and was priced at 25 dollars.

While sitting next to the window and drinking fruit juice, he took a leisurely look at the scenery outside.

There was currently an endless stream of cars on the road, which made the tail lights of the cars looked connected, forming a river of fire.

The surrounding buildings s.h.i.+ned even more brightly and were much more lively than in the daytime.

After Li Du had rested for a while, he called G.o.dzilla to ask about his and Big Quinn's whereabouts.

G.o.dzilla said in a m.u.f.fled voice, "Door."

Li Du asked, "The hotel's main door?"

"The room's."

Li Du opened the door. Big Quinn and G.o.dzilla were standing outside like door G.o.ds.

Due to their physique and looks, guests pa.s.sing by trembled in fear. Even the more experienced waiters did not dare to look at them more than once.

Seeing this, Li Du understood why the waiter, who had sent the beverages earlier, called him "Boss" and treated him with much respect.

After seeing the two, he could not help laughing. "What are you guys doing here?"

Big Quinn replied, "It's G.o.dzilla's suggestion. He said that with you carrying fire opals and Las Vegas being so chaotic, it would be best for us to help you guard the door."

Li Du smiled, nodding. It was also because of this matter that he had called to look for G.o.dzilla.

While folding his suitcase, he said, "Let's go and settle all these things."

Las Vegas was well known across the United States as the city of luxurious goods. There were many high-end jewelry shops and gemstone shops, which included the world's top brands such as Harry Winston, Buccellati, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff Diamonds, Cartier and more.

Li Du had decided to sell the fire opals to them. As these big companies had enough cash flow and were extremely protective of their customers' information, they were indeed the best choice.

The buyer he had decided on was Harry Winston, a world-renowned high-end jewelry brand for over a hundred years. Whether it was in the exquisite craftsmans.h.i.+p when cutting the diamonds or the careful and thorough selection, they were always able to increase the value of the diamonds several times over.

According to Li Du's knowledge, this jewelry company had always been favored by the British royals such as Queen Elizabeth and the d.u.c.h.ess of Windsor. There were also many famous Hollywood stars who were fans of the company.

In America, Harry Winston was voted multiple times as the number one most desired jewelry brand of the upper-cla.s.s society. However, there were also rumors stating that due to the global economic crisis, the company was on the verge of going bankrupt.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 590: Harry Winston

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