Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 642: Here For A Wife

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Chapter 642: Here For A Wife

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This type of soup was most suited to be eaten with dry bread. Coincidentally, Li Du had brought plenty of dry bread. He had brought it to satisfy G.o.dzilla's hunger in case he did not eat well.

He took out a container of dry bread and scooped out a bowl of boiling hot sausage sauce. As the soup inside the pot had stewed long enough, it has already turned into thick sauce.

When placed into the sauce, the dry bread quickly softened from soaking up the thick sauce and became glutinous, sweet, and fragrant.

G.o.dzilla, who was too impatient to wait, stuffed a big piece into his mouth. As the sauce was boiling hot, he continuously exhaled through his mouth. Even so, he still forcefully swallowed it down afterward.

While Brother Wolf was testing out the temperature of the sauce, he saw this sight and could not help but say, "Such a tough man!"

He himself was unable to endure such a hot meal.

During autumn, the temperature of the national park was very low. This was especially so at midnight, where they had to be right in front of the bonfire in order to warm their bodies.

Under such conditions, the boiling hot meal cooled very quickly.

They had to eat while the meal was still hot or else, the sausage sauce would no longer be as delicious.

Ivana hid in her father's embrace and ate with her back facing Li Du and the others. After lifting her veil and taking a bite, she said, "Daddy, delicious."

Her voice was clear and crisp, like the drops of raindrops into water puddles in spring with the lingering sound of water splas.h.i.+ng. It was very pleasing to the ear.

This was the first time Li Du had heard her speak. Sure enough, the charm of delicious food was irresistible.

Brother Wolf grumbled, "My cooking is filling as well."

Although this was what he said, he did not hold back when eating. He dipped pieces bread into the sausage sauce and devoured them. From time to time, he would also take a piece of sausage and stuff it into his mouth, which caused his cheeks to enlarge.

Li Du smiled. "Don't fill your stomachs, we still have mutton stew. I dare say, it will be more delicious."

Both the sausage and mutton stews warmed their stomachs.

With that, they were more than ready to sleep. Li Du waved his hand, "Don't wake me. I am going to sleep longer tonight and wake up naturally."

He had worked very hard during the afternoon and all night. On this side of the land, the opals that were easy to dig up had mostly been dug out. All that were left were either low-quality cloudy opals or opals that were buried too deep to be dug out easily.

He also marked out the cloudy opals and planned to dig them up with G.o.dzilla after waking up.

G.o.dzilla told Brother Wolf, "Two hours for you and two hours for me, take turns guarding."

Brother Wolf shook his head. "You sleep. I'll handle this."

"No need, "G.o.dzilla responded stubbornly. "This is the rule: two hours per person."

Brother Wolf said, "This is my duty, you sleep."

Li Du also said, "G.o.dzilla, go and sleep. You need to continue working with me tomorrow. Brother Wolf can rest then."

When Li Du prepared to enter the tent, Ah Ow, who was dozed off lying on the floor of the tent, shook her ears before suddenly jumping up from the floor and staring wide-eyed toward the northwest.

After a few seconds, Ah Meow also jumped up and looked toward the northwest.

Tonight's night sky was nice, the moon was bright and the stars were few. The silver moonlight illuminated the land and allowed for greater visibility.

Li Du discovered nothing at first when he looked far away in the northwest direction. It was only after Brother Wolf's warning that he noticed a blurry shadow.


Indeed, a wolf appeared.

The wolf strutted toward them. Instead of rus.h.i.+ng straight at them, it was gradually moving closer to them while sniffing the ground with its head lowered and ignoring its surroundings.

Li Du recognized the ident.i.ty of the wolf. This was the wolf that had appeared before when he had been searching for opals the last time.

After Brother Wolf whistled anxiously to signal to his daughter to go inside the tent, he said, "Boss, you go inside as well. Leave the outside to me."

Li Du waved his hand. "Don't be afraid, this wolf is alone. No wolf pack is following it."

Brother Wolf said sternly, "It is precisely this kind of wolf that is frightening. If there was a wolf pack, they would not dare to come close for fear of our numbers as well as us having fire on our side. However, a lone wolf is different.

"A lone wolf was either expelled from a wolf pack or possesses great strength. Regardless of whichever scenario it is, it will have to overcome fear and be daring enough to launch suicidal attacks in order to survive alone in the wilderness.

"Under such circ.u.mstances, having fire and lots of people here does not matter. It isn't afraid of either!"

After Brother Wolf said those words in a swift manner, he waved persistently. "You guys hide inside. I'll deal with it."

Li Du did not expect a wolf to be this dangerous. He had not thought much of it the previous time and instead, felt that a wolf was easier to handle as compared to a wolf pack and was not frightening.

He was already clear about Brother Wolf's competence. Based on Brother Wolf's capabilities and courage, his reaction revealed how threatening a lone wolf was when he looked this anxious and explained this much.

Li Du was not afraid. Ah Meow was even less afraid than him, as in his point of view, this wolf was just an opponent he had defeated before.

In a scornful manner, Ah Meow kicked a stone into the air using his front claw before striding forward with strong feline steps.

With one swoop, Li Du lifted him up. As Li Du had not kept a close eye on him the last time, it allowed him to have a fight with the wild wolf. This time around, he kept a close eye on him.

Although it was true that ocelots were very powerful, they were definitely not as powerful as wild wolves. Furthermore, this was a barren wildland, which was the home court of a wild wolf, and not a forest. His win against the wolf the previous time could only be attributed to his good luck.

This time around, Li Du could not let him take the risk again.

Brother Wolf frowned while looking at the approaching wild wolf. The wild wolf stopped in its tracks after getting closer to them and lowered its head before sniffing all its surroundings.

Ah Ow stared wide-eyed at it. Seeing it come to a stop, she suddenly launched forward and bellowed with her mouth wide opened, "Awoo-woo!"

The little girl, who was hiding in the door of the tent, beckoned, "Little dog, come quickly. Don't stay outside!"

Li Du was not worried about Ah Ow because unlike Ah Meow, Ah Ow was not aggressive. Her howling twice was only to demonstrate her strength after seeing Li Du and lots of people beside her.

Ah Meow was a warmonger who would start a fight over a single disagreement, while Ah Ow was a lackey who would only howl under the protection of a powerful person.

Sure enough, after jumping a step forward, she retreated and ran back on her own without waiting for Li Du to call her back.

The wild wolf was unconcerned with them and sniffed the ground for a while before circling around them. It was constantly twitching its nose to sniff something.

Brother Wolf observed for a while and suddenly slapped his forehead. "There's no danger. It's not here to hunt, it's here to look for a mate."


Brother Wolf explained, "It's sniffing the smell of the urine left behind by a female wolf, which is the smell Ah Ow left behind."

Li Du was doubtful. "No way? Wolves can be in oestrus during this season?"

Brother Wolf nodded. "Yes, the autumn season is the peak of wolves' oestrus. Wolves can also be in oestrus during December, January, and February. As this wolf was far away from the wolf pack, it could not find any mate and came here to find one."

Ah Ow, who was still over there jumping around, would dash one step forward from time to time before swiftly retreating back. She was just das.h.i.+ng forward, retreating, and howling randomly, which made her look very brave.

Having a headache, Li Du went over and kicked her once before scolding, "Behave! It's all your fault for anyhow peeing. Look, it attracted a pervert. Come back quickly—careful not to get f*cked by the wolf!"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 642: Here For A Wife

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