Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 680: Getting The Most Valuable

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Chapter 680: Getting The Most Valuable

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With the move by Brother Wolf, the surrounding old goods treasure hunters, who were hostile toward Li Du, became displeased. Quite a few people crowded over. One person asked, "Are you guys stirring up trouble?"

Fawkes, who was making his payments at the side, folded his arms across his chest and walked two steps forward before a.s.suming an onlooker stance.

Suradi gave him a grave look. "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

This was his territory, after all—he would lose face if Li Du and the others got into a fight here.

The treasure hunter stood up from the floor. He, who was at fault first, complained, "You see, guys, he attacked me first and threw me to the ground. What was that about? They're trying to pick a fight!"

"If you hadn't extended your arm toward me," Li Du responded coldly, "would my bodyguard have thrown you to the ground?"

The treasure hunter twisted the truth. "I was extending my arm towards you as a friendly gesture. I want to be friends with you. As seen by everyone earlier, I even wanted to sell you an accordion."

The surrounding treasure hunters nodded, deep in thought. As they were his friends, they would naturally choose to help him out.

Li Du curled his lip in disdain. "Sorry, I don't want to be friends with you."

When had this guy tried being friends with him? He was only trying to humiliate him.

The tone of his voice and his actions were just like Li Du's former cla.s.s bully, who used to mock honest students. Why would Li Du allow himself to be mocked by him?

Sarudi was still a just person. He pushed the burly man and said, "Earlier it didn't seem like you were trying to make friends. Parker, don't stir up trouble in my place."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Li Du. "Mr. Li, the environment here is like this at times—don't overreact and don't think about it too much. What I'm trying to say is if there's really a conflict between you guys, then please go outside and settle it."

The burly man, Parker, angrily responded, "Ha! This Chinese still thinks this is Flagstaff. He thinks he has really become the king of treasure hunters."

Hans pointed impatiently at him. "You're called Parker? Seems like you don't want to get along peacefully? Why don't we go outside then, and fight like how real men would? Okay?"

The burly man puffed his chest out. "Let's fight then. You think you can scare me with those words?"

Quite a number of people around him waved their fists. "Yeah!"

Li Du nonchalantly said, "Let's do this then. Wolfgang, G.o.dzilla, and Big Quinn—don't show them mercy. I have one million dollars ready to pay for their medical fees!"

The three of them clenched their fists and glared aggressively at the other men.

G.o.dzilla was a down-to-earth person. After hearing Li Du tell them to fight, he kicked aside the chair that was in his way and extended his arm to grab Parker.

Compared to an average person, Parker, who was around five feet nine inches tall, was considered burly. Despite that, he was nothing in front of a giant such as G.o.dzilla.

With a tug, G.o.dzilla pulled him forward and dragged him outside as if he were dragging a dead dog.

As Ah Ow and Aw Meow were both fighters, they excitedly started jumping around when they saw that a fight was about to break out.

When the fight was really about to happen, the group of treasure hunters became suddenly dispirited. Panic-stricken, Parker glanced around and bellowed, "Fellas, these b*stards provoked us. Beat them up!"

The surrounding treasure hunters were only watching the commotion and didn't even reply after hearing Parker's words.

Who were they kidding? G.o.dzilla and Big Quinn were clearly beasts in human form. Even though Brother Wolf still looked considerably normal, he'd thrown Parker on the ground with a wave of his hand earlier. The skill set that he'd demonstrated was even more terrifying.

Making these people their enemies?

The crowd didn't share this stupid idea.

Fawkes went forward to grab Parker and said, "Hey hey, big guy, forget it. This is just a misunderstanding . . . "

G.o.dzilla did not listen to him and forcefully started dragging Parker outside. As Fawkes was holding onto Parker, he was nearly dragged out with him.

Having experienced his unruly strength, Fawkes became frightened and told Li Du, "Li, do you really want to have a group fight? And go to the police station together afterward?"

Li Du was able to tell that the other party admitted defeat. Truth be told, the reason for him saying those words earlier was to scare them. But G.o.dzilla thought that he meant it.

Li Du blew a whistle. After hearing this, G.o.dzilla stopped. Li Du said, "Forget it, release the idiot."

With one push, G.o.dzilla shoved Parker onto Fawkes. As neither of them stood firmly, they fell and rolled on the ground like gourds.

Fawkes became angry from being humiliated like that. He stood, embarra.s.sed, and pointed at Li Du. "D*mn it, Boy Wonder, you have gone too far!"

"Oh," Li Du responded, "sorry."

"F*ck your apology," Fawkes said furiously. "I swear, you'll be alienated here. There will be no one willing to trade with you again! You can forget about taking any f*cking thing away from this town!"

Li Du responded, "Is that so? What if I could take valuable things away?"

"You can forget about taking valuable things away!" Fawkes corrected himself.

Li Du smiled. "No, I will take the most valuable thing away. Don't believe me? Wait and see."

Big Quinn carried the phonograph and the few of them left the auction house.

"Brother," Hans said helplessly, "trouble follows you wherever you go. What's going on? You learned how to taunt like a warrior?"

Taunting was a warrior's move in "World of Warcraft." It could attract monsters' aggro and made monsters take the initiative to attack the warrior.

"Did I taunt them?" Li Du asked unpleasantly. "It was clearly them who took the initiative to provoke me, okay? Wasn't everything because of racial discrimination?"

Big Quinn shook his head. "Boss, it wasn't discrimination, it was jealousy. They're jealous that you're able to obtain such success despite being a Chinese."

Li Du said, "Then it means that my achievements are still not good enough. Otherwise, instead of being jealous of me, they would wors.h.i.+p me."

Hans nodded. "What you guys say makes sense. What should we do next?"

Li Du replied, "Achieve better results. Allow them to continue being jealous."

With that, Hans became interested and asked, "How to go about achieving better results? You have a goal in mind already?"

Li Du didn't say much to keep them guessing. When the next day came, the tugboat and crane that Hans had ordered arrived. Li Du brought along his group and walked to the riverside.

Fawkes didn't go back on his word. He didn't sleep that night and contacted all the old goods treasure hunters in town to work together in boycotting Li Du.

The treasure hunters also contacted the bosses of the town's old goods shops and formed an alliance with them to boycott Li Du together.

The bosses of the old goods shops were on very good terms with the treasure hunters—many of the old goods shops had been opened by them. As such, this alliance was formed very quickly.

Fawkes had arranged for someone to monitor Li Du and to notify the treasure hunters of which old goods shop he went to after leaving his room. This was so that the treasure hunters could go over and watch the commotion.

In the end, Li Du didn't go to any old goods shop and instead guided the crane to the side of the river bend, which bewildered the group of treasure hunters.

Due to their curiosity, they followed him to the riverside and looked at Li Du and his group in a strange manner.

A large tugboat, which had four youngsters changing into diving suits...o...b..ard, appeared in the river bend. Hans asked, "What's in the river? You intend to retrieve something in the river, right?"

Li Du smiled. "Is there even a need to ask?"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 680: Getting The Most Valuable

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