Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 706: Check This Out

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Chapter 706: Check This Out

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the few cla.s.smates kept wanting to see the Patek Philippe watch, Li Du took off his watch and handed it over to Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji smiled while nodding his head at him and said, "Actually, I'm also not very familiar with this watch. If I misjudge anything later, please be more understanding."

Li Du smiled. "It's just a watch, there is no right or wrong judgment."

Zhou Ji raised the watch and flipped it over before looking at it. After studying it for a while, he frowned.

Du Hang asked, "Teacher Zhou, is there any problem with the watch?"

Zhou Ji shook his head and said nothing. After taking out his cellphone to look up some information, he asked, "Is it okay if I take a picture? I will send it to an elder for him to take a look. Truth be told, I am a little uncertain about this watch."

Li Du nodded. "Anything."

"Uncertain if it's genuine or fake?" Du Hang asked out of concern. "Du Zi, were you scammed?"

Zhou Ji continued shaking his head and said, "No, the watch is genuine. I'm just uncertain if it is the legendary watch, Trossi Leggenda?"

His question made Li Du more or less admire him. He had proven himself to be the son of a well-known family that made watches. For him to actually be able to recognize the model of the watch meant he had a good eye for watches.

Even though Li Du had made friends with quite a number of rich people in America, those who could recognize the model of the watch were few.

Faced with an inquiry from Zhou Ji, Li Du replied, "Yes, Trossi Leggenda. I obtained this watch by chance. I didn't expect you to recognize it."

Zhou Ji, who was taking a picture, suddenly raised his head and looked with astonishment at Li Du. "This . . . this . . . this is really Trossi Leggenda? My goodness, you aren't joking, right?"

Li Du smiled. "It's just a second-hand watch, nothing much to joke about. This is Trossi Leggenda. Are you very shocked to see me wearing it?"

Zhou Ji looked shocked. "Sorry, sorry, friend, I was not looking down on you. But, but, but . . . " He said "but" three times in a row before finally forcing a smile. "But truth be told, I am indeed very astonished. So this watch was auctioned off to you, an elder of yours, or your friend?"

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, the rest, who were chit-chatting, became curious. Du Zheng Nan asked, "What's up with this watch? Is it very valuable?"

When Zhou Ji was about to reply to him, Li Du beat him to it. "It's not, it's because it has a story. As you guys also know, Europeans love things that are like this. When they make a watch or jewelry, they give it a story."

He could tell that Zhou Ji knew the value of the watch. If Zhou Ji was to reveal that the watch was worth tens of millions of USD, today's cla.s.s reunion would not be able to go on.

Li Du's high school cla.s.smates were all rather honest and most of them had just started working at this point in time. As everyone's status and wealth were similar, the reunion was very placid and was just old cla.s.smates talking about old times and their feelings.

Unlike the cla.s.s reunions in television dramas and movies, this reunion had no conflict and no one showing something off. They were just happily having a harmonious meal and looking back on their high school life.

If the value of Trossi Leggenda was revealed, the nature of today's reunion would change.

Li Du did not want to see that happen. As Zhou Ji was able to infer his intention from his words, he cooperated with him and smiled. "Yes, yes, yes, this watch has a story. Haha, here you go."

Since he knew the value of Trossi Leggenda, he was no longer able to treat Li Du the same way he treated ordinary people. He promptly used honorifics and both his hands when handing over the watch.

A group of people chased after Zhou Ji and Li Du to ask what the story was about. At this moment, the door of the private room opened once more before someone hurriedly came in and said, "Sorry, sorry, old cla.s.smates. I'm late."

The person who came in was a tall and skinny youngster. He looked a little old-fas.h.i.+oned with a thick pair of and an army-green cotton coat.

Du Zheng Nan grabbed him and smiled. "Yao Zhi Bo, why are you wearing this coat? Are you going for a retro look?"

Yao Zhi Bo forced a smile while shaking his head. "Forgive me, cla.s.s leader. I rode a motorcycle over. As it was too cold, I had no choice but to wear this coat."

Geng Chang Sheng said, "Why are you still driving a motorcycle? Is it so that you could avoid drinking? Don't even think about it, I will hail a taxi to bring you home later. You must drink. Everyone must drink."

Yao Zhi Bo was still forcing a smile. "If that's the case, you will have to spend money. I have moved to Cang Ma town. As it is 40 plus kilometers away, taking a taxi would require quite a bit of money."

After hearing his words, Geng Chang Sheng was stunned and said, "Why did you move to—"

Before he finished speaking, Du Hang interrupted him. "Hai, are you guys checking home addresses? Come, come, come, Old Yao, sit, sit. With your arrival, almost everyone is here. Nonetheless, you must be punished for coming late. You go out and tell the waiter to prepare to serve the dishes."

Yao Zhi Bo was very well tempered. He took off his coat, turned around, and walked out the door.

After waiting for him to leave, Du Hang said, "You guys all didn't know? Old Yao's family had quite a few problems the last few years. His parents became pretty ill and his house in the county town has already been sold. Let's not talk about him. Hai."

"Something like this happened?" Li Du asked in surprise.

Du Hang rolled his eyes. "You didn't know, right? Who asked you to always be away from the group? Everyone in our group knows about this. Later, when we split the bill, I will pay for Old Yao's share."

Li Du smiled. "No need to split the bill. My treat. Seeing how I've left our group for so long, I have to receive some punishment."

The others politely thanked him. Zhou JI said, "Xue Ning and I will treat. After all, since she has practically brought an outsider over, let us have something to show for it."

When Yao Zhi Bo returned, everyone stopped arguing. However, since there was suddenly nothing to talk about, the atmosphere quickly became a little awkward.

Furthermore, Yao Zhi Bo was sensitive enough to realize that the change in the atmosphere was because of him. He smiled. "What's the matter? Is there something wrong with me?"

"No," Du Hang replied. "For everyone, they spoke about their current situation when they arrived. What have you been up to lately? How are you planning to develop it?"

Speaking of this, Yao Zhi Bo knitted his eyebrows and sighed. "This year, I have resigned and moved back home. I am thinking of growing crops in a greenhouse but I am lacking in funds. Are any of our cla.s.smates working in a bank? I would like to seek advice on some matters."

The group of people looked at each other and were at a loss of what to do. They were unable to provide any a.s.sistance in this regard.

The atmosphere became a little awkward again. As Du Hang's first job was in sales, he was skilled at controlling the atmosphere. He targeted Li Du and asked, "Du Zi, what are you doing in America? Not just studying, right? I have heard from your parents that you are currently doing very well."

"Not just ordinarily well," Geng Chang Sheng said. "Du Zi gave his family a few million last year, right?"

Li Du smiled. "Nonsense, you guys are over exaggerating—"

"What exactly are you doing?" A few cla.s.smates probed.

Li Du replied honestly, "Mainly doing work such as storage unit auctions and trading old goods. In slightly more pleasant words, it's buying antiques for a bargain. In truth, it's picking up trash."

After hearing his words, everyone became interested and someone took out a vibrant jade green snuff bottle. "Du Zi, help me take a look at this item. What a coincidence. I just found it in my old house and was prepared to search for an antique shop to have them take a look."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 706: Check This Out

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