Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 743: Met Associates

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Chapter 743: Met a.s.sociates

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Li Du didn't bother casting his fis.h.i.+ng rod again.

The owner of the boat got out of the water. First, he stepped on the yacht's ladder, then he tied the net to his waist, hooked the net box to it, and then finally, he climbed up and leaned over to pick up the net and the box.

The net was so full that he nearly fell when he grabbed it.

When G.o.dzilla saw this, he went up and pulled it up.

The owner of the yacht was greatly impressed by the way he easily carried the net and the box and gave him a thumbs up.

He praised G.o.dzilla and went back to Li Du, laughing at the empty fish box. "Nothing? That's strange. I think you must have forgotten to cast your rod, or you'd definitely pick up one or two fish."

Li du didn't care about catching fish. He went out to sea at night to relax. Otherwise, he could monitor the hook with the little bug.

Robinson scooped up some seafood from the water such as lobsters, crabs, and scallops. There were also two weird looking things in the box.

These two things were brown and yellow in color and soft in texture, like the trunk of an elephant, but because they had two at their roots, they looked a little weird, like a particular male organ.

At the sight of this thing, Big Quinn and G.o.dzilla looked at each other and smiled vaguely.

Ah Meow came near when he caught the smell of the seafood. Big Quinn grabbed him and shoved the weird catch under his crotch. Then he wiped it with a knife and pulled it out again. Then he waved it and said, "Hey, babe. See what I've cut down for you?"

Ah Meow stared at the seafood, then quickly sat on the ground with his legs up and examined his crotch.

Li Du picked up the odd-looking item and said, "It's not your thing. It's geoduck."

Robinson laughed. "Yes, geoduck. I remember Asians like it, don't they? I found two at the bottom of the sea, and I dug them out."

"You caught all this seafood just now?" asked Li Du.

Robinson nodded proudly. "Yes, it's very fresh, just out of the water. You can taste the freshest seafood in the Tasman Sea."

Li Du said, "Then we really have the gift of gab. How much does this cost?"

Despite Robinson's generosity, Li Du remembered being warned when he arrived by boat that there were plenty of consumer traps on the island. He had to be careful.

Robinson laughed at his question. "I'll give you the market price, a hundred for lobster and crab, 80 for an elephant clam and some How's that?"

"And the cost of cooking?"

"The cooking is free," Robinson said and waved his hand. "I'll cook the seafood for you for free and thank you for renting my yacht and taking care of my business."

The price was reasonable. Li Du snapped his fingers and said, "Ok, deal."

Robinson's lobster was an authentic Australian giant lobster, and all of the lobsters were as long as a man's forearm. The two giant pincers were strong, and when they were released from the net, they immediately showed their claws.

He dug out a group of lobsters from under the water and took out five of them. Two were steamed, and three were made into baked matsutake lobsters.

Steamed lobster was the simplest to prepare, just put it in a steamer box to cook with soy sauce and mustard. When the lobsters were done, they could be opened easily and eaten.

It was a lot more complicated to make baked matsutake lobsters. They needed matsutake mushrooms, cheese powder, olive oil, and black pepper.

The geoduck was also cooked using two methods. Robinson cut and peeled the siphon into sections to make sas.h.i.+mi. The body of the geoduck was minced and blanched with hot water and then dipped in sauce to eat.

Robinson was an excellent cook. He had lived on the sea for many years, and he knew how to preserve the delicious taste of seafood.

In this case, he made a rich supper after preparing the food.

Sitting in the forecastle, four people and three pets sat together at a folding table, poured beer, and dug into the seafood, enjoying the view and the moonlight while enjoying the seafood.

Robinson was not a native, but he had faith in the sea.

Before eating, he poured a gla.s.s of wine and then sprinkled it into the sea. "Thanks to the sea G.o.d. We will not waste this gift," he said.

Li Du thought about it, and then he also poured a gla.s.s of beer into the water. The sea had given him many gifts, and he would continue to receive gifts from the sea, continue to harvest black gold abalone, so he must thank the sea.

He had a map of the black gold abalone habitat around the island, but he couldn't dive to catch them because they were deep in water, often with undercurrents, and he couldn't cope with them.

After a night at sea, Robinson set an alarm in the morning, and they got up to watch the sun rise.

The moment the sun rose above the sea, the impact was incredible. The sun shone on the sea and wiped away the calmness left by the moonlight, leaving a fiery golden scene.

The yacht owner made a pot of seafood porridge with shrimp, crab, and scallops left over from the previous night. He added delicious and healthy seaweed, fresh from the ocean floor.

After spending the afternoon at sea, the yacht returned, and Li Du began to plan how to harvest the black gold abalone.

There were a lot of people harvesting the black gold abalone around the island. They had divided the coastal diving area and tried their luck to find the black gold abalone.

Li Du could not harvest the black gold abalone in the areas with deeper water. However, he found an area in the shallows. There were black gold abalones scattered there, and he'd probably get a good harvest.

He rented a small boat and put the abalone storage box in it so he could save time and energy without having to return to sh.o.r.e again and again.

He was about to jump when a raft came up with men in it that appeared to be father and son. The men asked them, "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Seeing them in their diving suits and carrying an abalone storage box on the raft, Li Du guessed their ident.i.ty and said, "Our purpose is the same as yours, to find black gold abalone."

Hearing this, the father and the son both frowned. The younger man said, "Do you have a black gold abalone harvesting permit? Take out your papers and let us have a look."

His words made Li Du laugh. "Ha, sorry, are you the law enforcement officer of the Fis.h.i.+ng and Hunting Bureau? If not, then I'm not going to show my black gold abalone harvesting permit."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 743: Met Associates

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