Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 762: Stealing, Huh?

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Chapter 762: Stealing, Huh?

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In the muddy seawater, one would not be able to see the specific locations of the black gold abalones clearly without using any tools and only relying on the human eye. As such, it was impossible to harvest the black gold abalones.

Despite that, the little bug, whose vision was unhindered, pa.s.sed through the muddy seawater and found a black gold abalone. Due to the nose ring youngster's efforts earlier, half of the black gold abalone had already been pried off.

After throwing away the nose ring youngster's abalone card and sticking the pry bar into the abalone, Li Du exerted his strength and very successfully pried off the large black gold abalone.

With the black gold abalone in his left hand and the propeller in his right hand, Li Du speedily left the chaotic area of the sea.

Gradually, the sediments were deposited and the seawater became clear.

In a dejected manner, the nose ring youngster returned to the seabed. After opening his eyes and taking a look, he was stunned. The black gold abalone that I nearly pried off has disappeared. All that's left is an abalone card that in a crevice of the reef.

Having figured out what was going on before long, the nose ring youngster swam toward the surface of the water.

At this moment, Li Du had just brought the black gold abalone onto the yacht. The nose ring youngster bellowed at him, "Hey, Chinese fella, return me my black gold abalone!"

He dares to call me 'Chinese fella'? Without saying a word, Li Du turned around and went to deal with the nose ring youngster.

Although the nose ring youngster was a better swimmer than him, the little bug's ability to slow down time was not only suitable for use on land and was also suitable for use in the sea.

Having slowed down the pa.s.sage of time, Li Du gave the youngster a kick in his chest, which sent him into the water, before popping his head up and inhaling a breath of air. After which, he dived back down and started beating up the youngster.

As the resistance of the seawater was too huge, it was useless to beat someone up in the sea. Not only would they not feel any pain after being hit, hitting them was a waste of one's energy. There was only a single goal when fighting with someone in water: drowning the opponent!

This was what Li Du did. However, the youngster was an excellent swimmer and was like a large fish in water. Furthermore, as the diving suit that he wore was very slippery, Li Du was unable to grab hold of him.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of seawater, the nose ring youngster resurfaced, took in a deep breath of air, and shouted immediately, "Dad, this d*mn Chinese fella is trying to kill me. He is trying to kill me in the water!"

A middle-aged man, who was wearing a diving suit like the youngster, jumped into the sea from a small boat nearby and shouted, "Don't panic, d.i.c.kens, I will deal with this idiot!"

Li Du had a lot more men on his side. Without even taking off his pants and wearing a diving suit, Brother Wolf strode forward, jumped into the sea with a ferocious look in his eyes and swam over at the speed of a torpedo!

A chaotic battle ensued beneath the surface of the sea, which Li Du was unable to see clearly. Although the nose ring youngster also resurfaced when Li Du resurfaced to breathe, he was motionless and his head was slanted in the water.

Taken aback by this, Li Du went over to grab hold of the nose ring youngster before lifting his head to have a look. The nose ring youngster had actually fainted!

Soon after, the nose ring youngster's father, who had just jumped into the sea, also resurfaced. With a dark look, Brother Wolf held him in a chokehold and swam to the small boat before throwing him onboard like a dead pig.

Li Du gave him a confused look and asked, "What's going on?"

Brother Wolf replied, "Hit on the back of the head, temporarily unconscious. Will wake up in one to two minutes."

Sure enough, after a short while, both father and son woke up one after another.

Even though they became even angrier afterward, they did not dare to go into the sea and fight with Li Du and the others again.

Attracted by the clash between the two parties, all the harvesters in this area of the sea had speedily driven over, surrounded them, and watched the commotion.

Li Du ignored those harvesters and dived into the sea to continue searching for black gold abalones. In the end, soon after diving, another person dived to his side.

The person following him this time was not the nose ring youngster but another black gold abalone harvester. Evidently, he was not frightened by Brother Wolf's earlier actions and wanted to follow in the nose ring youngster's footsteps and steal from Li Du.

Soon after, another harvester went into the sea. Surprisingly, even more harvesters followed suit afterward.

Although this made Li Du furious, he was unable to repeat his actions. So long as there were two people around him, he was unable to take advantage of muddy waters to harvest abalones, let alone when there were at least five to six people following him this time around.

With more people, he would be recorded if he was to use the propeller to stir up the seawater again. As harvesters were not allowed to disturb underwater environments when harvesting black gold abalone, using the propeller to stir up the seawater would be a violation of the rules set by the Department of Fis.h.i.+ng and Hunting.

When Li Du resurfaced, the other harvesters also followed suit. As the harvesters looked like a group of human heads floating on the sea, the sight of them was pretty frightening.

While glaring angrily at the crowd, Li Du asked, "Why are you guys following me?"

After Brooks drove over, he said calmly, "Is this your sea? Or is there a law dictating that others have to move away from you when you're in public areas?"

"He probably considers himself a huge celebrity. Other people are not allowed to go close to him."

"Even huge celebrities would not dare to be so bossy. He considers himself an emperor. Chinese people have emperors."

Li Du remained silent while listening to the scornful remarks. After glancing at the harvesters that had resurfaced in the surrounding waters, he dived into the sea again.

He was furious. Very well. They want to follow me, right? Want to steal the black gold abalones that I have found, right? Good. Prepare to be happy then.

The reefs in this area of the sea were filled with crevices that would, from time to time, expel magma and steam, and these places were where some of the black gold abalones resided.

As every crevice was a time bomb waiting to explode, Li Du did not dare take the risk.

He knew that the harvesters who followed him did not know about the crevices. Furthermore, he also knew which crevice was about to expel steam.

There were signs for when a crevice was about to expel steam. After steam emerged from within the reefs, it would gather underneath the surface and form gas bubbles. When enough gas bubbles had been acc.u.mulated and the pressure was high enough, the steam would break through the layer of rock that covered it and be expelled.

As the little bug was able to monitor the situation at the crevices, LI Du was able to observe the aforementioned signs.

Furthermore, he had tested and found that the little bug was able to make the thin layer of rock above the crevices more susceptible to breaking by absorbing the layer's time capability.

He searched specifically for a crevice that was about to expel steam. Even though there were also large black gold abalones in these areas, he did not harvest them due to safety reasons.

Very soon, he saw a crevice he'd discovered earlier.

The crevice was already filled with gas bubbles of various sizes. The large amount of gas bubbles that were gathered together were agitating the thin rock layer and continuously pounding against it to escape.

Li Du swam toward the crevice. At the side of the crevice was a large black gold abalone that he hadn't yet harvested.

Although the field of view that everyone had was similar, even in terms of eyesight, the others were better than Li Du. After all, unlike Li Du, who was just dabbling in harvesting abalone, the others harvested abalone for a living.

Right after Li Du had discovered the black gold abalone, the others also discovered it. Like dogs fighting for food, they scrambled over to the abalone.

The scramble for the abalone was very intense. Despite that, after a person touched the black gold abalone, the others would leave bitterly.

Evidently, black gold abalone harvesters only made use of loopholes and would never break the rules.

It was stipulated that when a person touched a black gold abalone, the black gold abalone belonged to them. Before someone touched the black gold abalone, everyone was allowed to go after it. However, once a person touched it, the others would have to give up on going after it.

Even though the others had given up, they were still swimming around the crevice and had not had the chance to leave.

Seizing this opportunity, Li Du released the little bug and forcefully absorbed the time capability of the rock in the crevice.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 762: Stealing, Huh?

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