Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 791: Three Small Creatures Pulling the Boats

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Chapter 791: Three Small Creatures Pulling the Boats

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Li Du waved and said, "How come you all came back? Didn't you all have to help Christie with her divorce procedure?"

Hans laughed and said, "It's over. The wimp, Brooks, doesn't even have to go to court. He immediately surrendered once I asked my lawyer to call him."

"That simple?" Li Du wondered.

Hans shrugged and said, "The b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't dare to go to court because his domestic violence was against the law. He hurt Christie. Once he goes to court, he will have to go to prison."

"How about the division of property? This is not something that can be done in a short time, is it?" Lu Guan asked.

Hans said, "It was also done quickly. Brooks gave Christie five million Australian dollars from his property. He kept his father's permit, and the family fund went mainly to Christie."

"Five million dollars, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is rich." Big Quinn whistled.

"What black gold abalone fisherman is not wealthy?" asked Hans.

Christie, the quiet j.a.panese woman, stood by and listened with a smile.

Li Du looked at Christie. He was smiling as well, but with a significant smile.

They helped the sea woman get a clean divorce, and she reciprocated the favor and helped them.

She brought the inner tubes of some big tires, the kind used for construction super trucks, which were two meters in diameter after inflation. There were very flexible and very strong.

"What's this for?" Sophie asked curiously.

Christie nodded politely and said, "I know you don't have your rafts ready. Boss and I went and found these. They could be made into rafts."

With that, she took the nets and other tools from the carriage and began to pack them. She spread the thick nets on the side of the tires and fixed them with fine wire.

Christie beckoned Big Quinn and G.o.dzilla to each bring one to the beach. She threw the tire into the soft mud. The tire landed with a dull thud and floated steadily on it.

"Look, we can go searching for the black gold abalone, but you have to be careful. The tire boat is difficult to steer, and it's very laborious. It's not easy to use."

She demonstrated that it required people to lie on their stomachs, hanging their legs outside. Their arms were used to keep balance and to move forward along the beach with the help of their feet.

Another option was to kneel on it and pedal on the beach with one foot, which was more strenuous but made it easier to steer.

This kind of tool attracted Li Du's attention. He tried to lay on his stomach, which was really hard, but was really interesting, too.

She brought several tires, one of which was for two people, and said, "The person sitting in the front is responsible for picking things up, and the other is responsible for powering the back, which is as good as a leather raft."

The sh.o.r.e that emerged from the low tide was a swamp with occasional reefs exposed. It was difficult to navigate by any means.

Li Du and Brother Wolf were on the same tire boat. He suddenly asked, "Is this considered using a tool to harvest the black gold abalone?"

Hans looked around, then said, "Apparently not. Look, the others are on rafts, too. Cruz, the bad boy, is in front."

In this case, Li Du had something in mind. He signaled to Brother Wolf to start.

Ah Meow, Ah Ow, and even Crispy Noodles wanted to play. Li Du tapped them down and said with a strict face, "Don't you know how to judge? Can't you see daddy is working?"

The two of them already had a hard time just by pus.h.i.+ng the raft, and the three puffy little ones made him roll his eyes.

Three small creatures fell to the ground and ran along the tire raft, unwilling to leave.

Li Du was getting a headache. He turned and said, "Dear, call them back. They are going to become mud monkeys!"

"Yes, they have become mud monkeys. Since they are already dirty, just let them play. We'll clean them up when we get back," Sophie said with a smile.

The bottom of the sea was very muddy. Some places were the same as the sandy layer, but the others were sea mud, because the seawater flowed down from the river, and river water contained a lot of soil. The soil settled down after entering the sea.

In addition, the seaweed and various plants in the sea died, fell to the bottom of the sea, and decomposed, eventually turning into sea mud.

Li Du was worried that they would sink into the mud.

Sure, the mud was soft, but their little paws were strong, and unlike humans, they didn't have big feet. When they got into the mud, they could be pulled out as easily as a dog sled.

Li Du's eyes s.h.i.+ned when he discovered this. He saw how tired Brother Wolf was, and looked at the galloping three little animals. He immediately brightened.

He let Brother Wolf stop, and then found some rope and cotton cloth. He took big Quinn, Lu Guan, and Hans and made three simple sets of reins.

These three sets of reins were for the three small animals to use. Li Du put them on their bodies. The three little animals were not brilliant, and they did not know what was going on. They swayed their heads in retreat.

Li Du did not say anything but hit their b.u.t.tocks. This made them come back gloomily and put their heads into the into reins.

The bridle was fastened to the three small bodies in the front and tied to a tire boat in the back.

Thus, with Li Du's instruction to start, the three small animals tugged the tire boat and ran forward.

Ah Ow, who was the strongest, became the sled leader, while Ah Meow and Crispy noodles on the sides played the roles of auxiliaries. The tires were very slippery, and the sea mud was also very slippery. It was a little difficult for three of them, but they still could manage.

When they saw this, Sophie and the others were shocked. After a long time, Hans shouted, "These little b*tches, they run so fast!"

The three of them dragged the tire boat across the muddy sea and attracted a lot of attention.

Some of the black gold abalone fishermen who were struggling with their rafts were very envious. They were paddling a raft similar to a boat, standing on it with a thick pole, and then pus.h.i.+ng the pole and pus.h.i.+ng the raft with a counteracting force.

"Good morning, boys. You've got to work harder. You're too slow," said Li Du, waving triumphantly as he pa.s.sed them in the tire boat.

The black gold abalone fishermen were jealous but had no alternatives. Even if they wanted to do something, they could not keep up with his speed!

Li Du let out the little bug to search in the periphery. In just a moment, he found a black gold abalone, then ordered the three small animals to run to its location.

The three small animals understood his command. They felt the envy of the people around watching. They were proud of it, and ran happier and faster.

The tire boat pa.s.sed their destination, and Li Du shouted to stop, but the three small animals did not. They continued to run and while running, Ah Ow kept howling, "Awooooo! Awoooo!"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 791: Three Small Creatures Pulling the Boats

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