Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 792: A Brilliant Plan

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Chapter 792: A Brilliant Plan

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Li Du waited for them to have their fun before ordering them to take him to harvest black gold abalone.

With their help, the entire muddy land became Li Du's territory. So long as the little bug found a black gold abalone, Li Du would be able to hurry over to it in the shortest time possible.

As such, in a short time, a large pile of black gold abalone could be seen on Li Du's raft.

When Li Du's rubber raft b.u.mped into Cruz, Li Du smiled and said, "Hey, mate, when does the ebb war begin? I can't wait."

Cruz, who was strenuously pus.h.i.+ng his rubber raft, was dumbfounded. "Oh my, you can also use your pets like this? I swear, I will raise a group of sled dogs during this year's winter."

When the three furry children speedily ran off while dragging the rubber raft along, Li Du purposefully shouted, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you clearly. Bye, I have found another black gold abalone!"

As the black gold abalones were huge, Li Du had to return to unload them after harvesting a bunch of them.

Hans, who had become envious of Li Du, said, "Hey, Li, come down. Let me board the raft and have some fun."

Li Du responded, "Have fun? I'm working."

After giving the three furry children food and clean water, and letting them rest to restore their energy, Li Du set out once more to harvest black gold abalone.

Sophie's heart ached a little after seeing the three furry children covered in mud. Only when they occasionally opened their mouths could their white teeth be seen. If they did not open their mouths and laid on the exposed seabed, no one would be able to see them.

Despite that, the three furry children were having a blast. Furthermore, as there were lots of people constantly looking at them in admiration and many others continuously taking pictures of them, they felt honored and were much happier running around with the rubber raft.

The black gold abalone harvesters could only curse jealousy, "Is that son of a b*tch really blessed by G.o.d? How is he so successful in whatever he does?"

"No, he has definitely sold his soul to the devil. D*mn it, he found another black gold abalone!"

"Are there still a lot of black gold abalones that fit the criteria here? How is it that I haven't even found one?"

In the afternoon, swash sounds from distant areas of the sea could be heard.

Knowing that the sea level would be rising soon, everyone hurriedly packed their things and returned to the safe areas on the sh.o.r.e.

In order to prevent accidents from occurring, the officers and a few volunteers searched the surroundings to ensure that there was no one staying behind on the sh.o.r.e.

When Li Du and his group had packed their things and were about to go back to rest, someone walked over to them.

After taking a look, the group was stunned. The person walking over was Brooks, who was the Australian man that the ama had just divorced.

Brooks walked over with a gloomy look on his face. Without even looking at Li Du and his group and only looking at the ama, Brooks said, "Dear, can we talk?"

With an emotionless look, the ama responded, "What's there to talk about?"

Brooks let out a sigh and said dejectedly, "I know. I know now that what I did in the past was wrong. You must hate me. Sorry, I didn't know last time, I was a jerk…"

"You really are a jerk. Nonetheless, we benefitted each other during my marriage to you. I helped you dive into the sea to harvest black gold abalone while you saved my family. We don't owe each other anymore," the ama said.

Brooks responded, "Yes. Back then, I was still…"

The ama did not wait for him to finish speaking before interrupting him, "We are already divorced and are not a family anymore. We don't have to meet again in the future. Also, it is pointless to talk about things that happened in the past."

Brooks frowned and asked. "Are you really that heartless?"

The ama sneered. "I'm heartless? Is it me who's heartless? I was alright with you abusing me all the time. What I couldn't stand was how you never respected my family, and how you would go as far as to humiliate me in front of them."

Brooks forced a smile and said, "Sorry, I didn't realize that I had actually hurt you so much. But we…"

"There's no but, let matters that happened in the past stay in the past. We are already divorced. There's no use thinking about it," the ama said.

Brooks gave a dejected look and said, "Alright, seems like our relations.h.i.+p can't be salvaged, right? There's no way we can get back together?"

With a strange look on her face, the ama said slowly, "Yes, Mr. Brooks Rodney, there's no way we can get back together. What I meant was that I'm not going to go through with the plan that you had for me."

Taken aback, Brooks asked, "What are you saying?"

The ama replied, "You know what I'm talking about. From your perspective, our divorce is not legitimate, right? I would make use of Mr. Hans Fox's compa.s.sion for women and gain his support to divorce you.

"After which, I would take the opportunity to infiltrate their group and figure out where they had gone in the past few days to harvest so many black gold abalones. Knowing the location, I would return and get back with you. Isn't this what you have planned?"

Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing the ama's words.

All of a sudden, Brooks's entire face turned red. While grinding his teeth, he said, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"You know full well if I'm talking nonsense or not," the ama gave a contemptuous smile. "You miscalculated. I did not have a fake divorce with you. We are really divorced. You can go and find another person to help you harvest black gold abalone. I won't endure your humiliation and abuse anymore!"

Hans walked over and asked, "What are you guys talking about? What's going on?"

The ama replied calmly, "It was just as you have heard. This was initially a ploy. Brooks Rodney pretended to have a falling out with me so that I could get close to you and divorce him with your support."

"After which, I, a helpless and weak woman with no relatives in Australia, could only follow you guys for the time being. Having infiltrated your group, I would then obtain information on your black gold abalone harvest.

"In due course, I would return, remarry with this man, and continue working for him by harvesting black gold abalone in the area where you guys had found so many black gold abalones."

While waving his arms, Brooks bellowed, "Are you mad? What nonsense are you talking about?"

The ama smiled, "I'm not talking nonsense. This was a ploy you came up with to benefit you. In order for it to be successful, you viciously beat me. In order to find the place that groups of black gold abalones are living in, which may not even exist, you beat me as if you were beating an animal."

While reaching to grab her, Brooks bellowed, "What exactly are you talking about?"

Brooks shoved Hans, who was standing between him and the ama, and they began fighting.

Hans was at a disadvantage when facing Brooks, who was tall, hefty, and plump. With Brother Wolf stepping in, Brooks was very easily toppled.

The ama said, "We can't possibly get back together. I will not endure your abuse anymore. I will not endure your torture and humiliation. Now, I'm free!"

Embarra.s.sed, Brooks stood up and bellowed, "You b*tch, you had a plan all along, right? You lied to me. Give me back my money!"

In an emotionless manner, the ama said, "My lawyer won that money for me, and you have willingly signed the divorce settlement. That money is for the hards.h.i.+ps that I have suffered for so many years. I will not return it to you."

After letting out a horrifying shout, Brooks rushed over to beat up the ama. Stepping in once again, Brother Wolf grabbed Brooks's arm and threw him onto the ground.

While looking at Brooks in a sympathetic yet hateful manner, Sophie said, "You lost your wife and lost the fight."

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 792: A Brilliant Plan

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