Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 939 Painstaking Effor

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The four little ones were intelligent fighters and the best of their kinds. They were obviously extremely arrogant.

However, after the incident with the alligator snapping turtle, their arrogance had been curbed. Just as Li Du had said, they might have understood now not to think too highly of themselves as there was always someone better and stronger.

Or, they might have matured. They were no longer undisciplined and out of control. While Ali was younger than the other animals and had a poor memory, as soon as its wound stopped hurting, it became just as high in fighting spirit as before.

Once Li Du woke up, he continued to search for diamonds. Ali was bouncing vivaciously back to the pile of crushed stones, hoping to find the alligator snapping turtle.

Sophie grabbed its thick and large tail, then lifted it up like a bag. She took it along with the three little ones back to the park.

Li Du had G.o.dzilla and Brother Wolf use the wet sifting method to search for diamonds. As for Li Du himself, he continued his thorough search in the garbage area with the a.s.sistance of the little bug.

The fact that he had sent the scammers to the police station made him slightly popular in the garbage area. Someone approached him and greeted him.

The one who had greeted him was curious. "Why aren't you picking up the stones to look for diamonds? What can you find them by just strolling around?"

Li Du laughed. "I rely on G.o.d. There are too many stones here. If I were to examine each and every one of them, I'm afraid that I would never finish looking."

Another person agreed with him. "Exactly. Actually, searching for diamonds here is absolutely unreliable. Might as well go wet sifting in other places."

Later that morning, someone found a diamond. It was light yellow in color, a small yellow diamond.

However, it was too small. Li Du went over to have a look. This yellow diamond was smaller than half a green pea. Its founder must have had excellent eyesight. An average person would not have spotted it.

This yellow diamond was worth 2,000 dollars. A young man had found it. His parent had brought him here for a vacation, and this diamond was an unexpected delight.

The young man gave this yellow diamond a name, "Hannah." He named it after his girlfriend. He happily expressed that he had no intention of selling the diamond. He was planning to set it in a ring and use it to propose to his girlfriend in the future.

Everyone sent their blessings by applauding and gasping in admiration. After that, everyone enviously returned back to work.

The people mining for diamonds in the park were primarily tourists because diamonds were extremely difficult to find. Just relying on this to lay down a family fortune and become rich was too challenging. No one could do it for a steady income.

Initially, the tourists did not know each other. However, they eventually talked to each other. Their conversations usually revolved around the diamonds found here in the past and recently.

Li Du was searching by the perimeter. Suddenly, Kelly ran over and waved at Li Du. "Mr. Li. Mr. Li. How are you?"

She politely greeted Li Du. Her manners had improved significantly compared to yesterday. She was even a little humble.

Li Du already knew her objective. He gave Cole a phone call yesterday. Harry Winston Inc. was interested in Kelly's diamond.

As soon as Kelly found this diamond, Li Du was already interested. This diamond was very valuable. Not only was it large with excellent quality, but it was also a strong conversation topic in the media.

This was the largest diamond found in the park in the last eight years. A lot of the media had their full attention on this. If Harry Winston Inc. could purchase this diamond, it would give them excellent publicity.

Kelly was not aware of these details. All she knew was that America's most famous diamond company had approached her and offered her a decent price with some pretty good terms.

She bowed as soon as she saw Li Du. Sophie helped her up and laughed, "What are you doing?"

Kelly spoke emotionally. "I am here to thank Mr. Li. He's actually a shareholder of Harry Winston. This is really shocking. Thank you, Mr. Li. Thanks so much for your help."

Li Du laughed, "This is a win-win situation. Our group is also in need of your diamond."

Kelly said, "Not only the diamond. President Cole even met me personally and promised to help my daughter find an excellent professor at New York University. My daughter can finally have a better education!"

She was extremely thankful to Li Du due to this. She could become rich overnight by selling the diamond, but she was still a single mother in a slum.

With her status, she could only send her daughter to New York University. Anything other than that was beyond her capabilities. She was willing to help but unable to do so.

Cole was different. Harry Winston Inc.'s headquarters was located in New York. He was well known among the upper cla.s.s. Ergo, he could definitely help Kelly's daughter find a better professor.

After the conversation, Kelly said that she was going to return back to New York. "The chance of finding another diamond here is extremely low. G.o.d has blessed me once. I am extremely lucky and grateful for this. I shall not request more.

"I plan to spend most of this money to buy a house, have it divided and rent the rooms out. Then, I am going to use the remaining money to buy a breakfast car to start a small business."

Li Du nodded after listening to her. This woman is pretty good at managing her finances. She didn't lose all logic after receiving a huge sum of easy money.

Before leaving, Kelly gave her earnest and well-meaning advice to Li Du, telling him to not stay in the garbage area. She had spent enough time here to realized that diamonds were found every day in the park but never in the garbage area.

Li Du expressed his grat.i.tude with a smile. He turned back and continued his search in the garbage area.

He stayed in the garbage area for a few days straight. He was traveling back and forth, controlling the little bug and examining every inch of the land.

The noon sun was scorching hot. Most of the people had left to get some rest. However, Li Du had a bottle of iced orange juice and continued to wander around the garbage area.

The Little bug slowly pa.s.sed by a small hill of gravel around a meter high. It scanned the hill. A yellow crystal was there!

As Li Du saw this piece of crystal, he took a deep breath. He remained calm and allowed the little bug to approach the crystal. He was able to examine it well.

This crystal was as big as the belly of his little finger with a light yellow color that was well-distributed. It was naturally shaped like a small pillow and hidden inside a piece of grey stone . . .

After examining for a while, Li Du exhaled the air inside his lungs.

G.o.d would not disappoint a person's painstaking efforts. He had searched here for several days, and he had finally found a diamond!

This diamond was not very deep. Li Du turned it over and released the little bug and directed it to the gem. Then, he used a shovel to remove the crushed stones around it.

As people noticed his efforts, everyone in the garbage area gathered one after another.

In the past few days, Li Du had made a name for himself. Everyone knew that there was a rich Chinese man strolling in the garbage area to search for diamonds.

Everyone thought that Li Du's imagination was wild. It was impossible to look for a diamond by strolling around as he did.

However, nothing was impossible. As people noticed Li Du shovel away the crushed stones, they became curious. They gathered around to see if he had actually found something.

Li Du was not bothered by the crowd. He went all out and dug. As he found the grey stone that was near the diamond, he threw away the shovel and started searching.

The tourists stared with wide eyes as he revealed the diamond. After everyone stared at it for a moment, Li Du stood up and walked away with the shovel in his hands.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 939 Painstaking Effor

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