Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 987 Dragon’s Tooth

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Li Du immediately declined this. He stopped Remonin. "Apologies, General. I cannot eat or touch this. It's against my religion."

"Religion?" Remonin was somewhat displeased.

Li Du realized that he was getting angry and immediately said, "Yes, General. It's my religion. Trust me, I am not doubting your decision and do not dare provoke your authority, but I really cannot eat that."

Musa grabbed him and pleaded, "Halp, halp meh! Chainah is gwait! I . . . I . . . I . . . no steal. I not tiff. Dat is my one. Not his one . . . "

He surprisingly spoke in Mandarin, but he looked hopeless and frightened—it was extremely pitiful.

However, Li Du was helpless. Musa had violated the mine rule. Although Remonin's decision was quite cruel, it was not to be criticized.

His Mandarin intrigued Li Du. Who taught him Mandarin? It's not bad at all. Also, he implied something with those words.

It seemed like Musa was telling him something. He did not steal the diamonds. Those two diamonds were not Remonin's, but they belonged to him.

Li Du hesitated for a while and then stopped Remonin. "General, please forgive me for asking. If I may, how are you going to punish this poor guy?"

Remonin gently said, "First, I will chop off his d*ck and make a dish. Then, I will add a few cuts to his body and rub honey on them. We'll let the spear ants eat him alive."

Spear ants were also known as army ants. The rumor online said that these ants were human eating ants.

This kind of ants could grow up to 2-3 cm in length and had a huge head. They were extremely deadly with incredible biting strength that could tear anything apart.

If the question, "What do you fear most?" was asked of the natives of South Africa, they would not answer lion, leopard, crocodile, snake, eagle, elephant, rhinoceros or any other wild beast. The answer would be spear ant.

As the spear ants formed an army, they ate everything in their way. Besides fire and water, there was nothing in South Africa that could match an army of spear ants.

Spear ants were the same as other ants in that they were very sensitive to sweet things. If Remonin really decided to do that, Musa would attract an army of spear ants and then be eaten by them!

Even hard-hearted Brother Wolf was shocked. He whispered, "Bullsh*t!"

Remonin gave him a sullen look and immediately walked over. He shouted, "What did you say? Are you insulting me?"

The troops immediately lifted their guns. Clack. Clack. The sound of fingers on triggers could be heard.

Li Du raised both of his hands. "Alright, general. Your method is really cruel."

"I'm being lenient," Remonin said aggressively. "Otherwise, I would deal with everyone here who's related to him. Keep in mind that anyone who pleads for him is related to him!"

This was terrifying.

Lion Hunter pulled Li Du back and said, "This is the rule, Li. Don't get involved."

Li Du did not want to get involved but he realized that Remonin's behaviour toward him had changed.

Initially, Remonin appeared to be friendly and respectful, but gradually, he realized that it was just an act. Remonin just wanted to take advantage of him to make money.

He did not respect Li Du and his group at all. Thus, when Li Du was saying good words, he would laugh. But when they disagreed with his opinion, he would become furious.

Li Du was not pleased with Remonin's behaviour. He did not want to be involved with him and wanted to leave this place.

Hence, he calmly spoke to Lion Hunter. "I do not want to get involved, but every man on earth has his own code of conduct."

Lion Hunter laughed, "What do you mean?"

Li Du said, "Let's put this aside for now. First, you lured me here. Then, you put me in danger. I don't know what your objective is. But I know that you've made Harry Winston your enemy."

As Lion Hunter heard this, he immediately said, "No, you have misunderstood!"

He could offend Li Du, but he couldn't offend Harry Winston Inc.

Lion Hunter was an intelligent man. He knew exactly how American businesses thought of third world countries, especially the ones in Africa. If he offended Harry Winston Inc., then Harry Winston Inc. would contact major diamonds valuation and jewelry companies to deal with him.

He did not wish for this to happen. He wanted to make money with Remonin and with Harry Winston.

As Remonin heard this conversation, he became displeased and frowned at Li Du. "Mr. Li, are you threatening me and my friend?"

Li Du knew that he had appeared too weak in the beginning, which caused Remonin to underestimate him. This had been a mistake. In a place as chaotic as South Africa, only the strong ones could gain respect!

In other words, the dragon had to show its teeth and the tiger had to show its claws!

He smiled. "Of course not. I was just telling the truth, general. Actually, you and your men have been threatening me since the beginning."

Remonin did not know what had caused his sudden change in behavior. He was extremely displeased by it and said, "You were just a coward, I . . . "

Li Du maintained his composure and fiddled within his clothes. The lighting on him was slightly dark so no one could tell what he was doing.

After Remonin started speaking, he found an opportunity to unb.u.t.ton his s.h.i.+rt and said, "If I was a coward, I would not have come into your territory like this."

He opened his clothes. It appeared there were a few tiny green melons on his belt and in his pocket.

They were US army M68 grenades, gathered from a batch of weapons he had collected. He had put the grenades and guns in the little bug's black hole.

Looking at the grenades on him, Lion Hunter took a deep, cold breath.

The army of black troops were shocked. All of them retreated one after another. After all, they were not well trained soldiers and were still fearful of death.

Remonin was also shocked. As the corner of his eye twitched, he asked, "Since when did you have this?"

Li Du pa.s.sed two of the grenades to Brother Wolf, who stood behind him, and said, "Do you think that I would enter a warlord's territory without preparations? Is that normal?"

Brother Wolf removed the firing pin and held onto the safety lever. He raised his hand and threw the grenade far into the underground river next to them.

The miners around were looking but didn't know what was happening. They just kept their eyes on the grenade being thrown into the river. Then, after a loud Bang, the river water and sand were blasted all over their surroundings.

Brother Wolf was aware of the grenade's power, and that was why he had chosen to throw it into the deep region of the river—to prevent injuries. However, grenades were considered weapons with high killing power. Just the sound from the explosion caused their ears to buzz and their eyes to go blurry for a moment.

The miners now realized that it was a grenade. They were shocked and ran away like a swarm of bees. A few of the soldiers followed them and ran away too. Remonin was extremely furious!

He turned back and look at Li Du. His expression resembled a wolf.

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 987 Dragon’s Tooth

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