Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 999 A Treasure Room

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With a tired look, Li Du waved his hand. "I just pa.s.sed out. I didn't know what I was saying."

Good squinted. "Mr. Li, why do you always provoke me? To attack my dignity or my IQ?" As his voice faded, he looked to the soldier next to him. "Thoroughly search and see if there's anyone else hiding diamonds. I will execute them accordingly."

Li Du was extremely angry. Good implicitly said that for Li Du; he was threatening him with the lives of the miners.

The lives and deaths of the miners shouldn't have anything to do with him. He swore that he would never come back to South Africa.

However, he had to save the lives of the miners. For one, he could not watch the deaths of these innocent people because of him. He also could not watch the deaths of the innocent miners under the guise of the his previous personality.

He had to maintain his image of a tough guy. Even if he was acting, he had to complete it. Otherwise, this would make Good raise doubts about him. It was unclear what this madman would do.

Li Du stopped the soldier and swallowed his anger. "Good Commander, I do not dare to provoke you. Let's leave this place. The tour is over. Let's go back and I will tell you everything I know."

Good said, "Not just that. I also want to work with you. You will help me manage my diamonds to turn them into cold hard cash."

Li Du tiredly said, "Alright, I will try my best—"

"No, not try," Good said. "You must do it."

They got in the Jeep and drove back to the military camp.

At this moment, the old devil said, "Alright, Mr. Li. I think you must be exhausted. Go and get some rest. I will arrange soldiers to bring you to my office in two hours time. Then, we will talk business."

Li Du washed his face when he got back to his room. He looked at Brother Wolf and said, "Motherf*cker, I was about to—"

"Boss," Brother Wolf interrupted, "there's a bug on your face. Don't move. I will get it."

Li Du was shocked. A bug on my face?

Brother Wolf did not remove anything from his face. Instead, he walked over to a porcelain bottle, grabbed it, and showed it to Li Du.

There was something that look like a black b.u.t.ton under the bottle. Li Du knew what it was. It was a spy bug.

Li Du immediately reacted and went along with Brother Wolf. "F*ck! Help me get rid of it! Why are there so many bugs in South Africa?"

They messed around for a while. Then, Li Du gave G.o.dzilla a look and softly said, "Make some noise. Pretend to hit the bugs."

G.o.dzilla nodded and found a stool. He hit the legs of the stool on the ground and yelled, "Hey, boss. Move aside, let me finish these bast*rds! Oh, G.o.d! There are so many of them!"

In the meantime, Li Du took the opportunity to speak with Brother Wolf in a low voice. "We have to find a way to leave this place. Good is a mad killer."

Brother Wolf frowned. "It will be quite difficult. They have helicopters. We have no weapons. If Remonin brings his army to attack them, then we might be able to find an opportunity to escape."

Li Du paused for a while and eventually asked, "What if we hide in the wilderness?"

Brother Wolf shook his head. "No way, boss. The helicopters can easily spot us."

Li Du trusted Brother Wolf as this was his area of expertise. If Brother Wolf thought that it wouldn't work, then he could only frustratedly give up the idea of escaping.

However, this was only temporary. Li Du would find a way to leave Good.

The two hours of rest time came to an end. A soldier cam to escort him to meet with Good.

G.o.dzilla and Brother Wolf wanted to follow, but the soldier pointed a gun at them. "Get back, both of you!"

Li Du knew that Good wanted something from him and that they were going to discuss working together. So, there was no danger. He gave the two of them a look, commanding them to stay.

After a thorough body search, he entered Good's office once again. This time, Good was not there. It was quiet. The only sound was from the hands of the floor clock moving. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Li Du went over for a look and was struck by a sudden bolt of irony. This floor clock was a product of Harry Winston Inc., a clock jointly developed by the Cole and Halewinner Watch Company.

As he stood in front of the floor clock, he sent out the little bug to examine the situation in the office.

Good's office was quite simple. It had a huge office table, maps on two sides of the wall and some guns and swords hanging next to the maps.

Behind the office table was a chair and behind that sat a big bookshelf. There were some books and firearm models on the shelf. Next to it was a small room with a dining table and a bed to rest in. Besides these, there was nothing else.

Li Du felt unusual. Based on his understanding of Good, this guy was greedy and loved to enjoy himself. His office should not be this simple.

His had an epiphany. He had the little bug fly to the back of the map to see what was in the wall hidden behind.

As expected, there was an intermediate area in the wall, embedded with a safe.

The little bug flew into the safe, and inside was an object like a beehive. It was stuffed with bullets and triggers connected to the door of the safe.

There was no doubt that this was a trap. If someone opened the safe, this beehive gun would activate and a large number of bullets would instantly fire and kill the thief.

Both maps had the same safe behind them. One was with a beehive gun while the other one had a nozzle filled with a type of sticky oil.

As he was controlling the little bug to fly out, it went for a detour in the wall after leaving the safe. There was another one!

This safe had no weapons in it. Instead, the little bug found a pile of stones.

The stones were different sizes. They were like frosted gla.s.s pieces and appeared to be gray on the outside. A large number of them piled up inside the safe.

This safe was quite big, about half a meter long and half a meter wide. The pile of stones covered nearly the entire floor of the safe, which showed that there were quite a few of them.

Seeing this, Li Du gasped. Diamonds! These are all diamonds! All raw diamonds!

This bast*rd Good was incredibly wealthy. He had collected a large number of diamonds over the years. Li Du was certain that the diamonds in the safe were worth billions of dollars!

Besides this safe, he found yet another safe in the other wall. This other safe was filled with jewelry, all finished products. There was a diamond necklace, ruby earrings, a sapphire bracelet, and so on.

Aside from the jewelry, there was also a golden Glock. This pistol had his heart beating intensely for a moment. This is very likely a golden gun!

He wanted to continue searching with the little bug but suddenly there was a sound coming from the office door.

He turned back and found Good in front of him with a smile on his old wrinkly face. "Mr. Li, what are you looking at?"

Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 999 A Treasure Room

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