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Chapter 1046: Daitengu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What is this place?”

Phantom Rain was walking alongside Chen Xiaobei.

But she did not recognize her surroundings.

There was not a soul in sight, and the sky was bleak; it was dim and there was not a trace of a cloud.

It was all very unfamiliar to her, it did not look like they were on earth at all.

“You wouldn’t know if I told you. Just follow me and don’t even think of informing Nikkawa Uchu!”

Chen Xiaobei dismissed her question and focused his attention on the road ahead.

Qie Loulan had said that in there a certain danger lurking in this place. A danger so menacing that even he, an Eight-Stars Wight, was so afraid of. Chen Xiaobei did not dare to take it lightly!

“What you just said is not even logical I don’t even have any communication tools on me. How am I supposed to inform Nikkawa Uchu?” Phantom Rain said frostily.

“It’s good to be honest. If you try to pull anything, don’t blame me for being rude!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“What could I do?” Phantom Rain mumbled. Slowing down her pace a little, hands behind her back, trying to activate her ninjustu!

But she had used up her True Qi. Her Dantian was emptied; she could not use unleash any ninjutsu at all.

She could only hope that Nikkawa Uchu could find this place…

Phantom Rain was reluctant but right now, she would have to follow Chen Xiabei obediently.

“Bro Bei! Bro Bei! There’s danger ahead!” Qie Loulan suddenly screamed.

Because he was in Spiritual Form, people without Spiritual eyes would not be able to see him.

So, he flew about 10m ahead of Chen Xiaobei to make sure that the path was clear and warned Chen Xiaobei of any incoming threat.

“Danger? Who said that?”

Phantom Rain’s eyes widened in alarm.

“You could hear his voice?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Of course! It’s so loud! Only a deaf person wouldn’t be able to hear that.” Phantom Rain barked.

“That voice belongs to a spirit that I rear! Ordinary people cannot hear him!”

Chen Xiaobei pointed ahead to Qie Loulan who was flying hurriedly towards them.


Phantom Rain froze.

Chen Xiaobei was just as surprised. “Who knew that not only are you naturally born with X-ray Eyes, you also have Yin Yang Eyes. I think you are the only mutant born with these two abilities, right?”

Actually, Chen Xiaobei’s Yin Yang Eyes were actually Netherspirit Battlescouter and his X-ray Eyes were actually Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes. And these were not inherent! Only people like Phantom Rain that born with special abilities would receive favor from Mother Nature!

“Chen Yasai, what are you daydreaming about?” Chen Xiaobei laughed, “Your cover’s already blown. You can stop pretending now. Do you take me for a fool?”

“You… Are you really that stupid?” Phantom Rain’s voice trembled a little and she gulped. “This is a Daitengu! But you keep calling it a spirit!”


Both Chen Xiaobei and Qie Louland were dumbfounded at this revelation. Chen Xiaobei had felt that Qie Loulan looked like a j.a.panese monster called the Tengu. But he was unfamiliar with j.a.panese history and did not study too much about it. Who would have thought that Phantom Rain had given him a sure answer today! And from the look on Phantom Rain’s face, the Daitengu must be pretty formidable.

“What is a Daitengu?” Both Chen Xiaobei and Qie Louland asked in unison.

Chen Xiaobei was purely curious whereas, Qie Loulan wanted to find out who he was prior to his memory loss. And why was he in hibernation?

“You uncultured fools!” Phantom Rain then set to explain in detail. “In j.a.pan, as long as you reach Sky Ninja, or as you Chinese say demiG.o.d, you can use secret technique and sign a contract with the Demon G.o.d so that your spirit will not end up in h.e.l.l or go through reincarnation! Their spirit will transform into Tengu so that they can stay amongst men to continue to train themselves! As long as they train till they become an Earth G.o.d, they would receive the chance to ascend to become a real deity in heaven! And Daitengu is a Tengu that has gone through an innumerable amount of years of evolution and is very close to becoming an Earth G.o.d!”

Both Chen Xiaobei and Qie Loulan could not believe what they were just told.

“The f*ck! There is such a thing?!” Qie Loulan exclaimed. “Then, does that mean that I was a Sky Ninja? And now I’m very close to becoming an Earth G.o.d?”

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, asked, “Is there a difference between a demiG.o.d and an Earth G.o.d?”

He had heard Lu Bu mention the word Earth G.o.d many times before. It was apparent that they were two different things altogether.

“DemiG.o.d means the person is half human half soon-to-be-G.o.d! And Earth G.o.d is a real G.o.d! How could they be the same?” Phantom Rain said, “To put it plainly, DemiG.o.ds are still human and Earth G.o.d is an ent.i.ty between an ordinary human being and the deity in heaven!”

“Oh…” Chen Xiaobei nodded and then asked again, “But Qie Loulan is not as strong as you said, he only had 40,000 combat power! Let alone an Earth G.o.d! He hasn’t even achieved pinnacle phase of True Nirvana cultivation!”

“Maybe it’s because he was hurt badly by a Pure Yang Item… Give it some time… He will recover in no time!”

Phantom Rain came up with a logical guess.

But her shock had not dissipated.

How could Chen Xiaobei possibly rear a Daitengu?! Luckily Qie Loulan’s was badly hurt or he would be the scariest enemy.

“Could it be that,” Chen Xiaobei tried to come up with a logical explanation. “The ruins was an island on the sea and Qie Loulan was the owner of that island! And many years ago, the island collapsed because of the war and Qie Loulan died! His spirit then became a Tengu and had been training here ever since. After that, another force invaded this place and used the Pure Yang Item to destroy Qie Loulan! And that was why Qie Loulan could not but fall into a long deep sleep and had awakened only recently.”

Qie Loulan’s face fell.

Chen Xiaobei’s conjecture was like repeating history. It sparked something in his blotted memory and helped him remember most of what had happened.

“Bro Bei, your speculation is accurate! I suddenly recall so many things!” Qie Loulan looked nervous. “The danger ahead is the force that had invaded this place. I was injured by their kind!”

“They? Who are they?”

Both Chen Xiaobei and Phantom Rain’s blood ran cold and they were on high alert.

The danger ahead was nothing ordinary!

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1046 - Daitengu

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