Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1081 - A Major Discovery

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Chapter 1081: A Major Discovery

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Xiaobei left the battlecruiser with his two new dogs back to the forest.

He had found out a little about the crown prince’s big wedding from Green Dragon and Phoenix Enigmatic Ninja.

It was a business deal, through and through. Demonic Fox was merely a tool whose purpose was just to pa.s.s on the power of the emperor to G.o.d Emperor.

And since G.o.d Emperor was Tenshou G.o.d’s closet disciple, the power would eventually belong to Tenshou.

In return, Nikkawa Uchu would get the ‘special training’ from G.o.d Emperor. This was also one of the things that Chen Xiaobei was interested to get to know more about.

“Enlighten me, what would you get if the wedding took place as per the day it was planned?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Nikkawa Uchu nodded and expounded, “We will have to back to the start, starting with Phantom Rain. Besides the fact that she was extremely talented, Phantom Rain was able to reach the later phase of Celestial Cultivation at her age was largely because of that place Tenshou G.o.d brought her to. It was a very special place. You needed to have Sky Ninja, also a demiG.o.d to help you in order to enter the place. Legend has said that that place is rich with resources, Spiritual Items, Spiritual Medicine; you get almost anything and everything! I heard that their Spiritual Stones are palm-sized! The Prosperous Cave is there as well and is stocked with Spiritual Qis all year long. You could also get a hold of many high-tiered martial art manuals there! What’s more, Celestial Cultivation is considered a very common cultivation. Countless of elites are born there yearly, but only the truly powerful one could earn the rights to dominate the rest of them! I’m guessing that Phantom Rain did not even have any ranking there. She only came back because she could not mingle with them any longer!”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised upon hearing this.

That place sounded like a heaven for every elite!

If he could get his hands on a bunch of Spiritual Items and Spiritual Medicine, he would borrow Xiao’er’s Special Ability; eating and sleeping all day long so that his cultivation would soar!

And there were even palm-sized Spiritual Stones, and the Prosperous Cave that had an abundance of Spiritual Qis!

If Chen Xiaobei could somehow get there, then he would be able to use all the trump cards he had inside his Treasure Chest! He wouldn’t have to constantly crack his head rationing his Spiritual Qis anymore!

Just thinking about it was enough to make him happy.

“So, where is that place? I must go see it!” Chen Xiaobei asked excitedly.

“I don’t know…” Nikkawa Uchu shook his head and said, “Tenshou G.o.d is very secretive about this. I’ve tried talking to those who know the DemiG.o.ds but so far I still have zero leads!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded understandingly, and then turned his gaze towards Kitagawa Heya, “What about you? You are the grand elder. Do you have any inside information?”

“That… I’m not too sure either…” Kitagawa Heya smiled bitterly, “I may be the grand elder but I’m just a n.o.body in the Tenshou Hierachy. I’ve heard plenty of rumors but nothing solid.”

“I understand that the two of you do not know the exact location, but don’t you guys know the direction at least?”

Chen Xiaobei’s brows furrowed.

“The earth is so big. I’m sure you’ve sent your men to a thorough sweep. Didn’t you find anything at all?”

“Tell me about it! I’ve already sent hundreds of secret agents to search the whole world! In fact, I’m not the only one! Nearly every country is looking for it as well!”

Nikkawa Uchu sighed and said, “Until today, the total number of agents every country has sent is more than a hundred thousand! They’ve searched nearly every corner of the earth. Even the Arctic and the Antarctic sent large scales of manpower in the name of science! When this topic was brought up this year in each country’s high-level meetings, there seemed to be a general consensus –”

Nikkawa Uchu paused for a while and said, “That place is not on earth!”

“Not on earth? How could that be?” Kitagawa Heya raised an eyebrow at Nikkawa Uchu, his gaze filled with doubt.

“You didn’t know that, right?” Nikkawa Uchu said, “You grew up in Jianghu and are no different from the commoners. So you wouldn’t know any of the top-level secrets! Every nation has searched deep into the depths of the earth! There are practically no secrets left to be found on earth anymore. Big countries like the US, Russia and China have already started their search in s.p.a.ce! I also know that they have found extraterrestrial life forms as well! Their scientists are attempting to communicate with them currently. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m the Emperor, I wouldn’t have known all these either! And because I know that, I believe that there’s a possibility that the special place is not here on earth!”

“Oh, that’s why!” Kitagawa Heya nodded thoughtfully and said, “Of course, your position as Emperor does give you some sort of special superiority. It’s really no wonder that Tenshou G.o.d was willing to make the exchange with you, and take your place!”

Sitting on the throne of an Emperor meant control over the entire country and its army, and rubbing shoulders with foreign ministers and people of power.

It was a valuable position indeed.

Being the strategic visionary, Tenshou G.o.d was able to foresee that.

Unfortunately for him though, he was just a little too late.

Chen Xiaobei had already bagged that position!

“I believe it too!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded in agreement to what Nikkawa Uchu had said.

In the earlier days, when he had just started the Three Realms Mission, Chen Xiaobei had already gotten to know the truth about this world from Monkey King.

After the three calamities, the Void Land could not withstand it anymore and shattered into the boundless universe today.

Billions upon billions of universes.

That would mean to say that in this vast, infinite universe, earth is but a tiny grain of sand. There were plenty of intelligence as well as other forms of human life out there!

Monkey King even said that the realms of heaven and earth realm are both within the universe, but are much higher than the ceasing human world.

And between these three places was a special realm known as the doors to the three realms. The almighty Hong Diao created the fourth realm and it was called the Earth G.o.d Realm. Chen Xiaobei postulated that the special place which Nikkawa Uchu talked about was most likely the Earth G.o.d Realm.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1081 - A Major Discovery

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