Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1097 Emperor God Is Moved

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"What… You've always told me that they died because of some strange disease…"

Phantom Rain trembled.

Uzuis.h.i.+ Akaihi took in another deep breath before continuing, "I could not protect you under those circ.u.mstances. I was afraid to speak against the Emperor G.o.d… I didn't want you to try to take him down and get yourself killed! My only option was to live out an ign.o.ble existence! I had to live to tell you this secret when the time is right! Luckily, they kept me alive to gain better control of you!"

Chen Xiaobei was shocked and disgusted that the Emperor G.o.d would use such an unscrupulous beast!

Of course, with Tenshou G.o.d as their criminal ringleader, the Emperor G.o.d's cold-blooded crime went unpunished but was rewarded!

Through his every little action, it was clear that the Emperor G.o.d would do anything to get his way!

"No… Elder s.h.i.+xiong is not that kind of person… Grandfather, you have to show me evidence or I will not believe a single word…"

Phantom Rain's eyes flickered with doubt. She did not know what to think.

How could someone she believed to be her savior for more than ten years suddenly become her worst enemy?

It was really difficult for someone as loyal as she was to accept it.

 "I am the proof!"

Green Dragon Enigmatic Ninja came out from the room and said, "Everyone knew about that incident! The Emperor G.o.d was rewarded with 3,000 Spiritual Stones in the Tenshou Palace. Everyone was jealous of him!"


 Phantom Rain shot him a look.

"I know. Now that I'm on Bro Bei's side, that's why you don't trust me!"

Green Dragon Enigmatic Ninja said, "You can go ask White Tiger yourself. He's in the hospital now. He hasn't had any contact with Bro Bei. He can testify what I just said!"

Phrantom Rain did not run off to see White Tiger Enigmatic Ninja. She merely kept quiet.

Chen Xiaobei was about to comfort her but Uzuis.h.i.+ Akaihi shook his head.

"Mr. Chen, don't worry. My granddaughter is not fragile. She will get out of it herself!"

 "Oh okay…"

After a few minutes, Phantom Suddenly let out a long sigh. She no longer looked confused.

"I will always believe Grandpa's words! All these years, I have felt that the Tenshou had been keeping something from me!"

Phantom Rain was sound and good at regulating herself. What she said was proof that she had calmed down.

Chen Xiaobei raised his brow. Phantom Rain was not what he thought she was. Her past experiences strengthened her emotionally. Not everyone could remain so calm after such a big new was broken so suddenly!

 "Chen Xiaobei! What was it that you want me to do?"

Phantom Rain enunciated each word. "No matter what, I must have this revenge!"

 "When night comes, you are to contact the Emperor G.o.d, tell him…"

Chen Xiaobei made the arrangements without a second thought.


In the Divine Sovereign Sect.

The Emperor G.o.d personally welcomed the four Americans at the door and said meekly, "I heard that the 4 of you are coming so I asked my men to prepare 4 rooms for you. It's nothing fancy I hope you don't mind."

 "You are too modest. We came here to do our jobs. Why should we mind?"

The silver haired man smiled, his tone was casual.

He was the vice leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, Zar.

Before this, he was a proud man who disregarded Nikkawa Uchu but before the Emperor G.o.d, he kept his theatrics to themselves.

The pinnacle phase of Celestial Cultivation! j.a.pan's strongest warrior! Only a fool would disrespect such a powerful individual!

There were three other men behind Zar.

The first one was the skeletal man who was his personal bodyguard.

The second was a man with no pupils, his eyes were just white, as if he had cataract, it looked frightening.

The third man was bald and had a permanent scowl on his face! He wore a pair of red rubber gloves that no one had ever seen him take off.

These three were the cla.s.s S.H.I.E.L.D agents that Zar had handpicked for this mission.

They walked with their nose in the air and looked down on everyone.

But, similarly, before the Emperor G.o.d, they were polite and meek, and they did not walk out of line.

The reason was simple: the Emperor G.o.d was way stronger than they were.

This was the power of strength!

In this world where the fittest survive, strength was respected and highly regarded!

Of course, the Emperor G.o.d did not put on any show. He merely showed his guests to their room, chatted with them for a bit and left.

 "Elder s.h.i.+xiong!"

He had just stepped out of the guest room when someone called to him.

 "Oh? Phantom Rain, why did you come here today?" The Emperor G.o.d asked, half-smiling.

 "I've discovered Chen Xiaobei's latest hiding place!"

Phantom Rain jumped right into it.


The Emperor G.o.d place a finger in front of his lips and brought Phantom Rain away from the rooms before allowing her to continue.

"After the fight, Chen Xiaobei left a black sword that I took with me to Shallow Gra.s.s Temple!"

Phantom Rain said, "Early today morning, I found Chen Xiaobei hiding in Shallow Gra.s.s Mountain. I think he wants to retrieve the sword!"

 "Mmm, I heard about that black sword from White Tiger! It seems that Chen Xiaobei really did show up!"

All these years, he had used the four enigmatic Ninjas to keep watch of Phantom Rain. She was his nemesis after all so he had to keep an eye on her.

What Phantom Rain had told him was only the half-truth.

Thankfully, he knew about the black sword, so he believed even the second half of her information which was a lie.

 "That kid's strength is too unpredictable. Since he came, he maimed all of our Enigmatic Ninjas, leaving only Green Dragon still able-bodied! I am still recovering from my injuries. So I had to ask for your help!" Phantom Rain explained.

 "Understood! Your problem is my problem! I will do all I can to help you!"

The Emperor G.o.d smiled and said, "But, we have some very important guests. I need to entertain them first before I can leave!"

 "No! Time does not wait! Let's go now!"

Phantom Rain paused before adding, "Once we capture Chen Xiaobei, all the credit will go to you! I was afraid that that p.r.i.c.k would run off again, I will be severely punished…"

 "Heh, don't worry. How could I let my little s.h.i.+mei be punished? Let's go now! We can't waste another second!"

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1097 Emperor God Is Moved

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