Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1302

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Chapter 1302: Remains of a Hall

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“The two of you, stay close to me.” Chen Xiaobei said. “We'll be entering the Black Desert soon. Although it's bright daylight now, we cannot overlook the possibility of harmful Yin Qi!”

Luo Puti nodded and drew near to Chen Xiaobei. Luo Puti had been obediently following Chen Xiaobei's instructions the entire journey.

Zhuo Qunfeng, on the other hand, looked confused.

“What harmful Yin Qi?”

Chen Xiaobei briefly explained the history of the 36 kingdoms buried by the sandstorm to Zhuo Qunfeng.

As Zhuo Qunfeng had done his own research as well, he believed Chen Xiaobei.

“Mr. Chen, do you have any methods to ward off the Yin Qi?” Zhuo Qunfeng asked nervously.

“I am wearing a holy item on me. All those ordinary evil spirits won't dare come close to me!”

Zhuo Qunfeng scooted near to Chen Xiaobei as he was speaking.

Most certainly, Chen Xiaobei was talking about the Cleansing Bodhi in his Seven Fragrance Pouch.

Even though it was not a type of Pure Yang Spiritual Item, but it had been absorbing divine forces for ages. Hence the reason why it possessed the ability to ward off evil beings!

Besides, it wasn't too long ago where Chen Xiaobei got his hands on a Buddhist Magical Item called Heart Cleansing Ancient Plate in Penglai Faction!

Ying Wuqiu had told him that Daqing Mantra was being engraved on the Heart Cleansing Ancient Plate. Legend has it that many high monks chanted it every day to ensure no evil beings would get close to them.

What was even more vital was that Ying Wuqiu had explicitly mentioned that this item was related to the Xijiang Black Desert's Jingjue Ancient Faction!

The fact that it was still during the day and that Chen Xiaobei had the Cleansing Bodhi and the the Heart Cleansing Ancient Plate with him allowed him to move forward boldly and with ease.

Once Zhuo Qunfeng and Luo Puti were beside him, Chen Xiaobei began to increase his pace.

The three of them found themselves moving at the same pace as when they first entered the desert, and landed themselves in the hinterland of Black Desert shortly after.

They somehow did not face a single hazard along the way; the desert army ants and blood-crowned snakes were nowhere to be seen. Even the terrifying sandstorm that Zhuo Qunfeng's grandfather wrote about in his journal did not show up either.

The only problem they had was Yin Qi!

It was in the middle of the afternoon, and the sun was high up in the sky. But whenever Zhuo Qunfeng and Luo Puti were slightly behind Chen Xiaobei by just two meters, they would feel bone chilling Yin-cold sensations, heart palpitations, and began to drip in cold sweat!

They were only immune to the effects of the Yin-cold when they were within the same two meter radius as Chen Xiaobei.

Undoubtedly, it was the Yin Qi of the spirits that brought about this Yin-cold.

“We're here!”

In less than two hours after travelling nearly a thousand miles, Chen Xiaobei finally came to a halt.

“What? Where? I don't see anything!” Zhuo Qunfeng commented.

“It's the ruins, of course!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Xiaobei, are you sure? It's all sand here. Where are the ruins?” Luo Puti asked, hesitant.

“Beneath our feet!” Chen Xiaobei said. “Below where we are standing, there are at least 100,000 evil spirits! I can guarantee that one out of the 36 countries is buried here!”

“What? 100,000 evil spirits?!” Zhuo Qunfeng gulped nervously.

Luo Puti's brows were knitted together. “That's a lot of evil spirits. And it's buried down there. How are we supposed to get in?”

“Of course we can.” Chen Xiaobei replied. “I'll be able find the entrance to the remains. But the both of you must remember to stay within a three feet gap from me!'

“Alright! We'll keep that in mind!”

Luo Puti and Zhuo Qunfeng nodded.

“But how are you going to find the entrance under all this sand? Are you really going to dig all the way in?” Zhuo Qunfeng asked.

“I already have a plan!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

He blinked and his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes were activated. Semi-translucent figures began to form all around the golden sand.

Now that the location of the ruins had been confirmed, Chen Xiaobei only needed to locate the weakest spot on the sand to find the entrance to the ruins.

“It's here!” Chen Xiaobei found it almost instantly.

He pointed to a spot not far from where they were standing. It was covered in the same golden sand and looked no different from any other areas.

But with his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes, Chen Xiaobei could see through that the sand covering that area was only two meters thick, and beneath the sand was just an empty s.p.a.ce!


Chen Xiaobei released a True Kang. All 100,800 combat power shot out like a cannon and hurtled towards the weak spot on the sand.


The ground trembled and caved inwards. The golden sand on top spilled into the cavity like an avalanche!

“Stay close. Let's get in quick! The hole might be filled up and block out the entrance!”

Together with Chen Xiaobei, Luo Puti and Zhuo Qufeng jumped into the crater, and landed themselves alongside golden sand into the s.p.a.ce underneath.

When they finally looked up, they realized that they had entered a completely different place.

They found themselves in an ancient hallway, and Chen Xiaobei had blasted right through its roof.

Colorful, bizarre ancient stone sculptures furnished the giant hall. Surrounding them were hundreds of weathered, brittle skeletal remains.

“If I'm not mistaken, this used to be a temple. These stone statues must have been the G.o.ds that this nation wors.h.i.+pped! When the sandstorm came, the people came here to pray to their G.o.ds for protection!” Chen Xiaobei said.

Luo Puti's beautiful eyes widened in surprise as she slowly took in her surroundings. “Yeah! That must be what happened!”

On the other hand, Zhuo Qunfeng was thrilled. “My gos.h.!.+ Who would have known?! Mr. Chen really did find the ruins first! This is great! That means we are near to a water source! We're safe! We're all going to survive! Thank you, Mr. Chen! Thank you so much!”

Chen Xiaobei only shrugged. “I don't make empty promises unless I am certain! Every single thing that I promise, I keep to my word till it comes to realization!”

“Mr. Chen! You're incredible!” Zhuo Qunfeng grinned from ear to ear. “From now on, I will listen to everything you say!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his shoulders nonchalantly.

Those who obeyed him were often pretty lucky.

“Mr. Chen, give me a minute! I'll go shoot the flare gun!” Zhuo Qunfeng called out.

As the sand on the roof top was merely a thin layer, the hole was not obstructed.


Zhuo Qunfeng aimed at the hole and fired the flare gun into the sky.

It was the latest military flare gun, bright enough to be seen even in broad daylight.

Once that was settled, the three of them began their search for water.

“We've found the remains, but the whole kingdom is buried under sand! We can't even get out of this hall, how are we supposed to find water?” Luo Puti asked.

“Follow me!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. He already had a plan in mind.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1302

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