Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1385 - Elite Hunting Competition

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Chapter 1385: Elite Hunting Compet.i.tion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Oh my G.o.d… Mr. Chen… I can’t believe that you are powerful enough to kill a Platinum Demonic Beast King… You… Which high-tiered starfield are you from? You are just way too powerful…”

Gu Congwen was shocked to know what Chen Xiaobei had just did. Previously, Chen Xiaobei told Gu Congwen that he was from a higher tier starfield but he had a hard time believing him. This time, all his doubts were cleared. In his twenties, Chen Xiaobei had managed to kill a Platinum Demonic Beast King. This was such a huge achievement that not even Lu Changwei, who was about the same age with Chen Xiaobei could’ve done it.

This was sufficient enough to prove that Chen Xiaobei did come from a higher tier starfield! Otherwise, it would have been definitely impossible for him to obtain such an achievement.

“Mr. Chen. Please follow me to the back of the garden. I will give you a fair price for it!” said Gu Congwen politely.


The two of them then walked to the back of the garden. Chen Xiaobei immediately took out the Platinum Mythical Tiger that was as big as a bus from his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.

“I killed this beast with just one quick slash. You can see that the body’s condition is almost perfect. I did not extract its Beast Core. It is still inside its body.”

“Oh my G.o.d… This really is a Platinum Demonic Beast King… I have not seen such a powerful Demonic Beast’s body for a long time! And, you are right! The condition of this body is almost perfect! This is really rare! Too rare!”

Gu Congwen circled around the Platinum Mythical Tiger to examine a good look at it. Judging from the excitement on his face, one could imagine how rare the Platinum Demonic Beast King was.

“Mr. Chen… Are you sure you want to sell it? This Platinum Demonic Beast King is filled with treasures!”

The reason why Gu Congwen had not seen a Demonic Beast King for such a long time was because no one in their right mind would sell it if they somehow managed to kill it! Its skin and bones could be used to craft different items. Its flesh was one of those top-tiered ingredient in a kitchen! As for its blood, it could be used for medicinal purposes. Lastly, its Beast Core was extremely valuable for one to improve the cultivation.

Those that were powerful enough to hunt down a Demonic Beast King were mainly the rich folks of Silver Plume City. None of them would have ever sold it for money, which justifies why Gu Congwen had a hard time believing that Chen Xiaobei wanted to sell it. He was oblivious to the fact that Chen Xiaobei had already started using Divine Items instead of Spiritual Items. Things like the Demonic Beast’s skin and bones were of no use to him. His healing skills were good enough to search for a replacement for its blood. As for the Beast Core, it was true that it was an extremely powerful item for any cultivators.

However, Chen Xiaobei’s body was filled with a huge amount of Beast Core and he would need a long time to digest all of them. In other words, this Platinum Demonic Beast King’s Beast Core was equally of no use to him as well, thus his decision to trade it off for Spiritual Stones.

“Offer me a price since you have decided that you want to sell it! Let’s just go by the old rules. I will say yes to the deal if I think the price is right, I don’t like others bargaining with me.”

“I know that… Mr. Chen, you have always been a quick dealer… The highest price that I can offer you is 3,000 medium-grade Spiritual Stones. Are you okay with that?” asked Gu Congwen while gulping.


Chen Xiaobei was filled with excitement after he heard the price of it. A medium-grade Spiritual Stone was equivalent to 1,000 low-grade Spiritual Stones! And 3,000 medium-grade Spiritual Stones was equivalent to three million low-grade Spiritual Stones!

To Chen Xiaobei, it was an enormous amount of wealth! Remembering that the Silver Demonic Beast he hunted back then sold only for 500 medium-grade Spiritual Stones, he realized that the Platinum Demonic Beast King that he killed this time managed to sell for six times the price of his previous trade!

Of course, Chen Xiaobei would never reveal how ecstatic he was. As usual, he wore on a composed look.

“Deal! Can you pay me all the Spiritual Stones now?”

“It’s really nice doing business with you! Of course, I can pay you all the Spiritual Stones right now! Please follow me to the main hall!”

At the third floor of the Chamber of Commerce.

Gu Congwen brought out all 3,000 medium-grade Spiritual Stones for Chen Xiaobei without wasting any time. Northern Wilderness Chamber of Commerce was after all the financial pillar of Northern Wilderness Starfield. To others, all these Spiritual Stones might be an astronomical amount of wealth but to them, it was no big deal. Once Chen Xiaobei had kept all the Spiritual inside his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring, he was ready to leave the place. However, Gu Congwen stopped him.

“Mr. Chen! Hold on! There’s something I want to tell you!”

“What is it? Please go ahead.”

“An Elite Hunting Compet.i.tion will be held in ten days’ time. Am wondering if Mr. Chen is interested in joining it?”

“Elite Hunting Compet.i.tion? What’s that?”

“The purpose of the Elite Hunting Compet.i.tion is to train the youngsters in Northern Wilderness Starfield to become more powerful. Those that are below 30 years old are welcome to join this hunting, which will be held on Overgrown Forest Planet. There are only Demonic Beasts living on that planet, no humans. Every year, there will be at least a couple of huge scaled hunting held on this planet. Partic.i.p.ants are encouraged to hunt as many Demonic Beasts as possible!”

“The winner of the Elite Hunting Compet.i.tion is determined by the level and amount of the Demonic Beasts that one hunts. The top ten hunters will be awarded abundantly and all the Demonic Beasts that you hunt will be your possession! Those whom are lucky will get to earn a huge amount of wealth. Since Mr. Chen is powerful enough to kill a Platinum Demonic Beast King, I think you are definitely qualified to join this hunting compet.i.tion! Go and compete with those n.o.bles! If you manage to earn yourself a good position in the compet.i.tion, the temple will provide you with a good amount of resources to boost your cultivation!”

Gu Congwen was clearly excited about it.

“It seems like Manager Gu really wants me to join this hunting compet.i.tion! Does it benefit you in some way?”

“Mr. Chen. Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any other intentions with me! I just hope that you manage to hunt some high-tier Demonic Beasts and sell them to me!”

“Selling them to you is no big deal! The problem is that I’m not sure if I’m qualified to join this hunting compet.i.tion. You show know better than anyone that I’m neither a n.o.ble nor a Northern Wilderness Soldier.”

“Well… I’ll probably think of something to make sure you are qualified to join this hunting compet.i.tion. All you need to do is say yes! Of course, you don’t need to answer me right now. You can go back and think about it first. As by agreeing to it would mean putting your life at risk, it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to be a part of it!”

“I’m willing to join!”

“Alright! All set! I will do my best to get you to qualify to join this compet.i.tion! I will contact you once there’s an update to it!”

Chen Xiaobei then nodded excitedly. The Spiritual Stones that he could earn from this hunting compet.i.tion was just a bonus to him. What he actually aimed for were the rewards from the temple and becoming a n.o.ble! This hunting compet.i.tion could be the breakthrough that Chen Xiaobei had been looking for!

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1385 - Elite Hunting Competition

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