Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1506 - The Finale Begins

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Chapter 1506: The Finale Begins

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Gongpao: Lu Bu! Are you ready?

Lu Bu: Ready for what?

Shen Gongpao: Hey! Are you really that pig-headed? I told you yesterday that I would be using a portal to send you to Chen Xiaobei sometime soon!

Lu Bu: Look… if you have anything to say, just say it! You don’t have to call me pig-headed!

Shen Gongpao: Ohh! Spare the rod, and spoil the child! So what, if I did call you names? What are you going to do about it huh? Bite me? If you want, I could crush Diao Chan so that she could never reincarnate!

Lu Bu: Fine! You win! I’m ready! I can fight Chen Xiaobei anytime now!

Shen Gongpao: Remember, I don’t want you to just fight Chen Xiaobei, I also want you to beat him! I want you to totally get rid of him!

Lu Bu: Yes, I remember!

Shen Gongpao: Good! Then Chen Xiaobei will lose the compet.i.tion! Then, even if the Prime of Tongtian shows up, he would have to admit defeat, and he would have to give me the Dragon’s Edge as reward! ?

Lu Bu: When that happens, you’ll have to keep your promise and send Diao Chan to the world to start a new life with me!

Shen Gongpao: Don’t worry! I will keep my promise!

It was obvious that there was a reason why a jerk like Shen Gongpao could replace Jiang Ziya as the ruler of the place.

Even though Chen Xiaobei had pretended to be incompetent since the beginning, taking in three inept teammates and was even accepted the mockery as a weak-a.s.s team, Shen Gongpao did not for a second underestimate Chen Xiaobei.

In fact, the situation was quite the opposite. Shen Gongpao sent out Lu Bu, his killing p.a.w.n to eliminate Chen Xiaobei. Whether or not Chen Xiaobei was pretending to be bad at the game, wouldn’t matter so as long as he did not win it.

Not only was Shen Gongpao dangerous and despicable, but he was also a con! It was no wonder he was made the Primordial Lord of Heaven’s famous disciple!

The first round of the compet.i.tion between 16 of the strongest teams began.

Chen Xiaobei drew G.o.d Erlang’s team, Three Eyed Battle Squad as his opponent.

In the previous round, the Three Eyed Battle Squad had performed very well. The that Xiao Tianquan played had managed to impress everyone around him, and was thought to be the team which would most likely win the champions.h.i.+p t.i.tle.

Due to G.o.d Erlang’ being Chanism’s disciple, Xiao Tianquan had to show him respect on the surface. That was why Xiao Tianquan had displayed his best and gave it his all in this compet.i.tion.

However, Chen Xiaobei was simply a mediocre player. He could win a battle against newbies but against those who were experienced, he would definitely lose.

Of course, Xiao Tiangquan and Chen Xiaobei were good friends, but he said that he would do his best because he knew that Chen Xiaobei had hidden a scary killing machine in his incompetent team!

The scary killing machine, or rather, the person was Old w.a.n.g!

Old w.a.n.g, who had pretended to know nothing, was secretly giving his best, and attacked Xiao Tianquan a few times during the group fight.

The Three Eyed Battle Squad lost their core member Xiao Tianquan and defeat was just a matter of time.

Of course, in this compet.i.tion, Old w.a.n.g had remained on the sidelines. Every time after he killed Xiao Tianquan during the group fight, he would always step back to let Chen Xiaobei kill the rest of the players, allowing him to claim the glory.

Eventually, the system named Chen Xiaobei MVP! The other people who were watching also saw Chen Xiaobei as the best performing player in the whole compet.i.tion.

Tu Xingshun: s.h.i.+shu Shen! Oh no! Chen Xiaobei won again! And he even got MVP!

Lei Zhenzi: Ugh! This kid’s been actually lying to us, pretending to be bad at the game and hiding his true power!

Shen Gongpao: Hehe, what is there to get all worked up about? It wouldn’t be Chen Xiaobei if he didn’t pull a couple of smart little tricks!

Tu Xingshun: s.h.i.+shu Shen! Aren’t you the least bit bit worried? What if there’s more that he’s hiding? Then we’ll surely lose!

Lei Zhenzi: Yeah! I didn’t sleep or eat at all for this compet.i.tion! You know what… I’ve been training so hard! If we lose, d.a.m.nit! I’ll die of frustration!

Shen Gongpao: Yo. Don’t worry! Chen Xiaobei can’t win!

Tu Xingshun: Now why is that?

Shen Gongpao: Ah, I can’t possibly reveal my secret! Forget about Chen Xiaobei! Just go get ready for the next match!

Lei Zhenzi: Since Shen Gongpao has a way around this, then we should all quit worrying!

The elimination round of 16 to 8 ended very quickly.

Up next was 8 to 4, then 4 to 2. In each of the matches, Chen Xiaobei and Old w.a.n.g used the same strategy and tactics.

Old w.a.n.g would attack the core members of the opposing team, and then allow an enemy to target him, while Chen Xiaobei would take down the rest of the team, taking the t.i.tle of MVP.

That way, Old w.a.n.g actual skills remained hidden, and Chen Xiaobei became known as the core player of his weak team. Without Chen Xiaobei, the rest of the team were just a bunch of noobs.

Eventually, Chen Xiaobei’s team was up against Shen Gongpao’s team in the finals!

Wei Xiaobao: Place your bets! Place your bets!

G.o.d Erlang: s.h.i.+shu Shen’s team will definitely win the finals because that weak-a.s.s team is too reliant on Chen Xiaobei! Just watch. Once Chen Xiaobei is dead, the four remaining team members will fall like dominoes!

Emperor Zhen: Heck yeah! Shen Gongpao’s team will surely win! Those weakness are just too obvious! G.o.d Chen keeps winning the MVP, but the other four are horrible at the game! All the opponent needs to do is to defeat Chen Xiaobei and the they will surely lose!

Tiangong Xingjun: G.o.d Shen’s team can use two team members to fight G.o.d Chen! This is a solid win!

Almost everyone in the group believed that Shen Gongpao would s.n.a.t.c.h the winning t.i.tle.

Monkey King: No matter what all of you say, I will still bet that little Xiaobei will win!

Wei Xiaobao: Monkey King, aren’t you just being a little too stubborn? You guys might be close but you can’t just place a bet blindly! You’re still going to bet on him even though you know that it’s a losing battle?

Monkey King: Hehe, since you’re so confident, why don’t you bet a bigger amount?

Wei Xiaobao: No, I won’t place a bet! I’ve learnt my lesson during the Go Compet.i.tion! G.o.d Chen is totally unpredictable! He might be hiding a trump card!

Monkey King: You are so cunning! No wonder you are encouraging people to place their bets! You want to use G.o.d Chen to earn a huge score for yourself!

Wei Xiaobao: I’m not cunning! I’m also taking a risk, you know! I’m just afraid that G.o.d Chen will lose and I’ll have to sell myself to pay off my debts!

Monkey King: Don’t worry, this time, you won’t need to be the gigolo!

Wei Xiaobao: Let’s hope so.

At Silver Plume Planet’s Secret s.p.a.ce.

“Xiaobei! The finals are about to begin! I have this feeling that something is not right!” Old w.a.n.g said worriedly.

“Relax. With your skill level, even if the 4 of us die, you can still beat our opponents in a 1 vs 5 game!” Chen Xiaobei answered.

“No! I’m not worried about the compet.i.tion itself! It’s something beyond the compet.i.tion!” Old w.a.n.g frowned. “Didn’t you notice how strangely quiet Shen Gongpao has been? He never lays low and keeps quiet like that! There must be something going on!”


Just as he had finished speaking, what sounded like a loud impact boomed outside the building.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1506 - The Finale Begins

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