Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1591 - 10,000 Streams of Murderous Qi

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Chapter 1591: 10,000 Streams of Murderous Qi

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing Chen Xiaobei alive and well, everyone wanted to find out how he blocked the Murderous Qi.

The doors had only released a stream of Murderous Qi; who knows how much more of it could be lurking behind the door!

Only by finding out what Chen Xiaobei did, would they have a chance at surviving.

“It’s too difficult. You guys won’t be able to learn it!” Under the eager gaze of the people, Chen Xiaobei smiled. “Those who do not wish to die should follow closely behind me!”

Xiangyu, Liu Xuanxin and the others had their full trust in Chen Xiaobei. However, the people of the Anti-Bei Alliance were unhappy. They suspected that Chen Xiaobei deliberately did not want to reveal the answer to them.




It was then that thousands of streams of Murderous Qi were suddenly unleashed from the Evil Dragon Doors!

They were a few hundred meters away from the door but they could very clearly see a blood-red aura flooding towards them!

“Wh… why are there so much Murderous Qi… and why are do they keep coming… it looks like there are more than tens of thousands of them… What is happening?”

Panicked, people began to scream.

“Ten thousand?” Chen Xiaobei gasped. “Could the source of these Murderous Qi be the evil spirits of the ten thousand Black Dragon Riders?”

“That must be it!” Long Zishan nodded quickly in agreement. “To form Murderous Qi, the evil spirits must have fought hundreds of battles when they were still human. They had to be ferocious men who walked out alive of the mountains of corpses and seas of blood! Ten thousand Murderous Qi would be consistent with ten thousand Black Dragon Riders! This is definitely not a coincidence!”

“This is going to be a problem. My method won’t be able to take on so many Murderous Qi.” Chen Xiaobei’s forehead furrowed.

The people of Anti-Bei Alliance went hysterical when they saw the Blood Qi coming for them.

“Faction leader Chen! Don’t be selfish and keep things to yourself! Tell us the method you used now!”

“Yeah! Faction leader Chen, we’ve already surrendered to you! Please share with us how you did it!”

“Faction leader Chen, the Murderous Qi is approaching fast! If you don’t share your method with us… you alone won’t be able to block so many Murderous Qi!”

“Fa… Faction leader Chen… Faction leader Chen…”

“Shut up! All of you! You bunch of idiots!” Chen Xiaobei roared.

The aura that emanated from him was as powerful as an ancient dragon. Hundreds of people behind him did not even dare to move a single muscle after hearing Chen Xiaobei’s thundring bellow.


Chen Xiaobei raised his right arm and a burst of blood-red light appeared in the center of his palm.

In that instant, the whole place was painted in a red brilliance.

A three foot long sword flew out from Chen Xiaobei’s palm and hovered in front of him!

The body of the sword was a deep red color and appeared to be made of crystal but with the cold glint of metal!

“Chaos Blood Sword!” Xiangyu and Six-Eared Macaque’s eyes lit up. “We understand it now! When the Murderous Qi went into Xiaobei’s body just now, it weakened him so that he was pale and helpless, but the Chaos Blood Sword was able to engulf the Murderous Qi! That’s why Xiaobei was unscathed!”

“Are you saying that that blood-red long sword is the bane of the Murderous Qi?”

Long Zishan’s brows were raised.

“That’s right!” Six-Eared Macaque and Xiangyu nodded. “There is only one sword like this in existence in the three realms! That’s why no one would be able to learn Xiaobei’s methods!”

When they heard this, the faces of the Anti-Bei Alliance turned an ugly shade of green. They wanted to learn Xiaobei’s method so that they could protect themselves but in the end, they still had to rely on him for protection!

“Stand behind me and don’t move!” Chen Xiaobei barked.

Like the G.o.d of War, Chen Xiaobei was prepared to face hundreds of thousands of enemies with a sword in his hand.




The Murderous Qi was coming at them like a storm of arrows, h.e.l.lbent on swallowing Chen Xiaobei and the people whole.

“My G.o.d! Faction Leader Chen! Save us! We don’t want to die!” The Anti-Bei Alliance screamed.

Xiangyu and the others said nothing but their hearts were in their throats.

Clearly, all hopes of surviving this disaster hung on Chen Xiaobei alone. If he failed, everyone of them would be doomed for all eternity!

“Blood Chaos! Devour!”

Chen Xiaobei shouted, and the Crimson and Black Dragons around the swords started rotating at an incredible speed.

Crimson Dragon was the sword’s Special Ability, specializing in engulfing Blood Essences.

The Black Dragon, on the other hand, was the Soul Consuming Enigmatic Jade’s Special Ability, which was specialized at devouring spirits. Like a vortex, all the Murderous Qi that charged at Chen Xiaobei were being destroyed and devoured by the Chaos Blood Sword. Upon seeing that, everyone could finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Faction leader Long’s description is so accurate! The Chaos Blood Sword is the bane of the Murderous Qi!” Xiangyu praised.

Long Zishan nodded, and sighed. “We’re lucky we have faction leader Chen with us. We would all be dead otherwise!”

The people of Anti-Bei Alliance were just as delighted. “This is great! When Faction Leader Chen is done absorbing these Murderous Qi, we can then break down that Evil Dragon Doors and leave this d.a.m.ned place for good!”

Just when everyone had thought that the danger had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiaobei shouted, “Bro Yu! Six-Eared! Come here!”

“Oh no! It’s not as easy as we thought!” Xiangyu and Six-Eared Macaque hurried over.

The rest of the people were thrown into panic once again.

“Sifu! Do you think something happened to Xiaobei?” Liu Xuanxin asked worriedly.

“I can’t say for sure.” Long Zishan frowned. “We can’t be of any help at all. We can only trust that Mr. Chen would be able hold them off!”

“Mm, I believe in him!” Liu Xuanxin nodded confidently.

Xiangyu and Six-Eared Macaque reached Chen Xiaobei. “Xiaobei! What is it?”

“The Chaos Blood Sword won’t last much longer. Do you guys have any ideas?” Chen Xiaobei asked, his voice stricken with trepidation.

Both Xiangyu and Six-Eared Macaque looked at the Chaos Blood Sword, and saw cracks forming on it’s exquisite blade. Obviously at it’s limits, it looked as if it was about to explode into pieces at any moment now.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1591 - 10,000 Streams of Murderous Qi

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