Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1508 Heavenly Halberd

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An ominous rumble trembled the ground…

The Lighting Ethereal Force was still growing after Osnur swung his sword. From afar, it looked as if a ma.s.sive Lightning Dragon had just struck down from the nine heavens, ready to annihilate every single living being that were in its sight.

"Okay. Now that is f.u.c.king powerful! Since when did we have such a powerful individual from Bei Xuan Faction?! Not to mention being foreigner as well!"

"Judging by his cultivation, I think he is a legendary demiG.o.d! I feel like that the Lightning Giant Sword he is holding is way more fearsome that real lightning!"

"You sure are right! With such a powerful elite here, it looks like I can finally feel safe once again!"

After seeing Osnur unleas.h.i.+ng his unG.o.dly attack, everyone from Bei Xuan Faction let out a sigh of relief. To them, they had faith that Osnur could defeat Lu Bu.

Unfortunately, their wishful thinking did not come true.

"Those who dare stop me will die!"

Facing Osnur's ultimate strike, Lu Bu showed not a single ounce of fear. Instead, he glared at Osnur in disdain.



In a calmed manner, Lu Bu welcomed Osnur's attack with his hand knife, and a deafening sound was heard following the clash of their attack. That deafening sound had also caused a huge shockwave! Like a pile dried leaves blown by a leafblower, everyone from Bei Xuan Faction was flung around by the hurricane-like gale. Not even Xiangyu could stand on his feet.

"Ugh!!! This is so terrifying! Could this be the true power of a demiG.o.d?!"

"And this just the shockwave caused by the clash of their attack! Imagine being near to the attack! I'm pretty sure we would have tuned to dust or a pile of dead meat if we got too close to it!"

"What's happening now? Who has the upper hand?"

Shaking themselves clear of dirt and after being forced behind tens of meters, everyone could finally stand up on their feet again. Surprisingly, n.o.body was hurt by the powerful wind that had hit them just now. Immediately, all of their attention turned to Osnur and Lu Bu with the desire to know who had won the fight.

"Wait!!! How… How is that even possible…?"

The people were left stunned by shock, not believing what they had just witnessed.


Osnur was sent tens of meters away from his original position. Coughing out a mouthful of warm blood, Osnur had to muster all his strength to stand on his feet once again. Seemingly, he had suffered critical internal injuries. Though the both of them were demiG.o.ds, it was clear that Osnur was way weaker than Lu Bu. Osnur could be considered an elite at an early phase of demiG.o.d cultivation. Lu Bu however, was possibly an elite at a middle or later phase of demiG.o.d cultivation hence the loss.


With Lu Bu worrying about Diao Chan, he showed no mercy and readied himself to charge at Osnur with the intention of killing him with his hand knife. The truth was, that Lu Bu actually hadn't wished to kill anyone here. However, if someone had intentions to stop him, he would not mind killing Osnur to serve as a warning to everyone.


It was then that Lu Bu was about to land a merciless and lethal strike on Osnur.

"s.h.i.+t… He is done for sure…" shouted a few people, obviously startled and shaken.

Merely a few seconds ago, everyone thought Osnur was powerful enough to defeat Lu Bu. The reality check had now woken everyone up from them wishful delusions. Once Osnur was dead, the rest of them would surely turn into a pile of dead meat on a chopping board. Soon enough, a wave of despair started to spread like a disease amongst the crowd.

"Okay. We are so dead…"

Seeing Lu Bu's Ethereal Force powered combat saber was about to land on him, Osnur lost all hope.

"Thousand Snows! Slice the Heavens!"

During that critical moment, a snow-white Ethereal Force was suddenly launched from afar and was targeting Lu Bu.


Seconds later, it clashed with Lu Bu's weapon producing a metal-on-metal shrieking sound so sharp, that people from miles away could hear it. The bright light from the friction was enough to disperse away all darkness around them.

The snow-white Ethereal Force had turned into hundreds of thousands of tiny droplets and struck Lu Bu.


Both of Lu Bu's feet remained unmoved but his body was forced back at least a few meters. With a shocked look on his face, he frantically stole a glance at his attacker. He could see that the attacker was a gorgeous woman with three snow-white fox tails behind her. The thing that shocked Lu Bu the most wasn't her looks, but her unparalleled Ethereal Force. After taking a hard hit from Lu Bu, the lady did not even move a single step from where she stood. She was still standing in front of Osnur. Clearly, this woman's cultivation was way more powerful than Lu Bu.

"It's Ms. Bai! That is the lady that our Sifu brought with him earlier! d.a.m.n... she sure is powerful!"

"Ms. Bai has just neutralized Lu Bu's attack! We're saved!!! We are safe once again!"

"Our Sifu is the best! I can't believe that he managed to take her in! He's truly the most charming Sifu in this world!"

"I must say this. The only person that I admire now has to be my Sifu!"

Immediately, everyone lit up with a ray of hope once again and they started chatting excitedly about it. The person that had just saved Osnur was none other than Bai Linsu!

"I know that you are Mr. Chen's friend! That's why I only used 70% of my strength to attack you! You better wait here and do nothing for a few minutes! If you make any rash moves, don't blame me for subduing you with a hundred percent of my strength!"

Bai Linsu might have looked demure and tender on the surface, but the way she spoke actually revealed that she was not the type of woman that one should mess with. If she did unleash all her strength, she could have easily defeated Lu Bu.

However, Lu Bu gave a reply that left everyone in shock.

"Get lost now! I don't mind killing a woman at all!"

Everyone thought that Lu Bu was out of his mind. They did not expect that Lu Bu to say such arrogant words when he was obviously on the losing side. Seconds later, they realized that the reason why Lu Bu dared to act in such arrogant manner was because still had a powerful trump card hidden within him.


Lu Bu then swung his hand and took out a Heavenly Halberd measuring a staggering 14 feet with an image of a golden dragon engraved on it. Reflected by the sunlight in it's golden glory, the Halberd looked like a one man army powerful enough to defeat everyone in this world. With the hefty Lu Bu holding it, he now looked like a Heavenly General that one should never ever mess with.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1508 Heavenly Halberd

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