Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1509 The Perfect Plan

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In a time long ago on earth, Lu Bu fought Old Luo with the Heavenly Halberd. In the end, he was defeated by Old Luo. One should know that the Heavenly Halberd was just a mirage created by the Ethereal Force.

This time though, the Heavenly Halberd followed Lu Bu to the underworld realm, strengthened and honed for over a thousand years, and had eventually become a bonfide Divine Instrument! The moment the Heavenly Halberd made its presence known, the entire place was flooded by its imposing presence. One could safely say that it was way more powerful than Chen Xiaobei's painting. Immediately, everyone from Bei Xuan Faction took an unconcious step backward.

Even Osnur and Xiangyu could not bear to stand near him, and slowly retreated.

"Tha… That's a One-star Divine Instrument!" Bai Linsu was shocked. All of her confidence was washed off clean.

"Hmph! Smart!" Lu Bu said coldly. "My Heavenly Halberd is actually a Six-star Divine Instrument, but because of the restriction, it can only wield the strength of a One-star Divine Instrument! But that's more than enough to kill you ain't it?"

Bai Linsu was dumbfounded, and her face grew solemn.

She knew very well that demiG.o.ds were humans, but Divine Instruments were at a 'deity' level and that was way beyond 'human'!

A one-star Divine Instrument was enough to kill a demiG.o.d!

Just like the Blood G.o.d's Deity-killing painting, if Chen Xiaobei managed to find ten thousand 150,000 combat power evil spirits, it could also be used to kill demiG.o.ds!

That was why Bai Linsu could say or do nothing. It was obvious that by this time, the conclusion of this battle had already been determined. Bai Linsu would lose – there was no doubt about it!

"Oh, do you think that just because you're keeping quiet, you'll be alright?" Lu Bu raised the halberd with one hand, and ran towards Bai Linsu.

"Those who stop me shall die!" Lu Bu roared and the special ability of the Heavenly Halberd was triggered. 

In a shocking swift moment, everyone could see an immense amount of golden rays emitting out of the Halberd, outs.h.i.+ning the sun on the clearest of skies. No one could stare at it directly with their naked eyes. Within the midst of the golden light, a ten-meter long tiger with sharp claws had materialized. 


Lu Bu then swung his Heavenly Halberd and the golden tiger savagely charged at Bai Linsu without any mercy.

"Everyone," Bai Linsu's forehead was slick with sweat and her pupils narrowed. "Run! Run now!

Bai Linsu knew all the better that she could not take on Lu Bu, and besides telling everyone to run for their lives, she could do nothing else.

"d.a.m.n! The enemy has a Divine Instrument! Even Ms. Bai can't seem to fight him! Where should we run to?"

"That Divine Instrument is d.a.m.n scary! Looks like we're really dead this time!"

"Sifu? Where did Sifu go? Sifu! Save us! Save us!"

The people of Bei Xuan watched the battle from afar, their hearts in their throats as they cried out for their lives.

Once Bai Linsu was dead, the rest of them would soon follow suit.

Alas, in such a dire moment, Bei Xuan's leader Chen Xiaobei was nowhere to be seen.

Chen Xiaobei was their Sifu, their religion, their last hope.

However, as Chen Xiaobei was nowhere in sight, they were left in terrible despair.

Some people even squeezed their eyes tightly shut so they did not have to watch Bai Linsu getting killed, while at the same time awaiting for their own deaths to arrive.

"Sifu! Sifu, don't die!" When she saw that the Halberd was about to strike Bai Linsu's head, Linghu Shuang instinctively ran to the arena, tears streaming down her face.

"Shuang'er! Don't come over here! You'll die!" Bai Linsu's face and lips were ashen, the rims of her eyes raw and red.

"Even if I die, I want to die with Sifu!" Linghu Shuang had completely lost control of her emotions, and she was running as fast as she legs could carry her, not caring about the consequences of her actions. 

"Don't come here!" Bai Linsu trembled, a river of tears running down her face.

"Stop!" A commanding voice thundered.

All heads turned and suddenly, hope began to rise; the despair on their faces lifted as if they had just seen their saviour.

Lu Bu's attack suddenly was suddenly frozen, and his murderous eyes turned from Bai Linsu to the person that approached him. 

The only person who could turn a situation around with a mere 'Stop!" would have to be the faction leader of Bei Xuan, Chen Xiaobei!

"Chen Xiaobei! You've finally come!" Lu Bu's tone was frosty. "I thought you would have been hiding behind a woman like a coward!"

"Oh, I was not hiding! I have only just come because I am now sure that my plan would surely succeed!"

Chen Xiaobei walked over to the arena, and signalled for Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang to retreat.

"Will you be alright?" Bai Linsu looked worried. "This guy has a Divine Instrument!"

"Don't worry. He won't attack me!" Chen Xiaobei smiled.

"Ho… how is that even possible?" Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang stared at him in disbelief. But knowing that they would be no help even if they stayed behind, the two women retreated to a safe place far away.

"What did you say? I won't attack you? Has all that fear in you fried your brains?" Lu Bu growled. "Today, I won't stop until I destroy your Dantian!"

With a loud roar, Lu Bu swung the Heavenly Halberd again, ready to strike at Chen Xiaobei's Dantian. 

"No! That guy is going to attack Mr. Chen!" Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang exclaimed.

The hearts of the people of Bei Xuan were shaken to the core. "The fight is starting! Will Sifu be able to block that Divine Instrument? It's too scary! If Sifu can't do it, then we're all dead for sure. This is our last chance!"

The entire atmosphere was tense, and everyone in the place were on pins and needles, holding their breaths, with their eyes unblinking.

Whether they won or lost, and whether they would live or die – everything would depend on this strike.


Right at such a threatening moment, Chen Xiaobei remained where his was, unmoved, not avoiding and not blocking the attack.

"You stupid f*ck! What is the meaning of this? Why aren't you fighting back? Are you looking down on me?

Lu Bu did not hold back but increased the intensity of his force instead.

"Die now!!!"

With the Heavenly Halberd only inches away from him, Chen Xiaobei said calmly, "Would you like to listen to my plan? The perfect plan that can help you save Diao Chan!"

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1509 The Perfect Plan

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