Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1550 Tough Figh

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"They are just a bunch of walking dead… They have no souls!"

After activating her Yin Yang Eyes, Liu Xuanxin could see that there were no souls within their bodies.

"You sure are right about that! All these Black Mystical Dragonriders look like they are controlled by some form of power! That's why they could attack us!" said Chen Xiaobei.

"It's actually a good thing that they are soulless creatures! All we need to do is to destroy their bodies and they'll be useless! Without their bodies, whoever it is that controls them will not be able use them to attack us and we can continue moving forward!"

"No... no! It's not that simple!"

Immediately, everyone gathered and turned their attention towards Chen Xiaobei once again.

"Did you manage to figure out another hidden secret?"

"I'm not too sure about it for now, but we will know soon!"

After that, everyone redirected their attention to the battlefield again.

"Motherf*cker! We have been doing the killing for so long! Have we not killed all 10,000 of them yet?! I have spent way too much Ethereal Force! I need to rest badly!" said Ding Xiadong who was looking very pale and somewhat greenish.

"Alright. Faction Leader Ding, you'd better rest! From the looks of it, there are not many of the walking dead left! I think the six of us should be able to handle the rest of them!" said Zhou Daoxian.

It might have looked like an easy task but the truth was, a few among the powerful elites had spent at least 30% of their Ethereal Force to destroy the horde of walking dead. Fortunately, there were only 10,000 of them. They were lucky as all their Ethereal Force would have been drained completely if they were up against 40,000 or 50,000 of them!

In an unfortunate turn of events, more walking dead came out from the back of the path just as all the 10,000 Black Mystical Dragonriders were almost eliminated! Like a giant tsunami, the new bunch of walking dead started charging at them mindlessly. From the looks of it, it seemed like they were five times the number of the Black Mystical Dragonriders!

"Oh G.o.d! Xiaobei! You are right again! It's not as simple as we thought!" exclaimed Liu Xuanxin.

"This is within my expectation! There were at least tens of thousands of people being buried alive here! In other words, the mysterious force can at least control tens of thousands of corpses to attack us!"

"Are you trying to say that the powerful elites which travelled with us are going to spend all their Ethereal Force to defeat all those walking dead?!"

Upon hearing that, Chen Xiaobei did not answer the question. Instead, he had a thoughtful expression plastered on his face.

"What… What the h.e.l.l is going on? Why are there even more zombies now?!" shouted Ding Xiadong with beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

"s.h.i.+t! This is the worst case scenario! With so many walking dead, our Ethereal Force will be drained completely!" said Xu s.h.i.+qiu.

"Let's retreat! We are all going to turn into dead meat if we continue to fight them!" said Zhou Daoxian.

Clearly, all of them were not pleased by the decision of them having to leave the place. After all, they had spent a great deal of effort to enter the tomb. Asking them to return empty-handed was definitely the last thing they hoped for. Rendered with no other options, their only chance of staying alive was to retreat. The situation henceforth was similar to a one-to-ten thousand circ.u.mstance during the ancient times. If they continued to put up a fight, they would not die being killed by their enemies but rather of exhaustion instead. Xiangyu was the prime example of this. During his last battle, he was surrounded by Liu Bang's soldiers and he managed to kill mountains of them. Though he did not suffer any major injuries, he was forced to end himself in the end due to extreme exhaustion.

All the hordes of walking dead were clearly not powerful enough to hurt all those elites. However, the elites would need to come up with every single ounce of their Ethereal Force within them to destroy all of it. When the last ounce of Ethereal Force had been depleated, it would mean be a confirmed death. That was why they were ready to exit the tomb simply to stay alive. None of them were willing to risk their lives in such a circ.u.mstance.

"Sifu! Xiaobei! Let's retreat as well! The moment all the elites in front of us retreat, all those walking dead zombies will come charging at us! We should leave now to prevent any unwanted injuries!" said Liu Xuanxin.


Long Zishan nodded her head in agreement.

As for the Werewolves, they had already retreated without even thinking twice.

"Lucky G.o.ddess, I'm afraid I will not be backing out of this place. I'll need you to follow your Sifu closely okay? Send me a message when you step out of this tomb! I need to know that you are safe!" said Chen Xiaobei.

"Why are you not coming with us?" asked Liu Xuanxin.

"Silly girl… All those people in front of me are members of Anti-bei Alliance! Five Swords Mountain has a beef with me as well! They will definitely put me to death the moment I leave this tomb!"

"What… What should we do now?"

With Chen Xiaobei's current state of cultivation and without the protection of the Demonic Beast Kings, he would definitely be killed within seconds if all of the Anti-bei Alliance attacked him at the same time.

"There's nothing much I can do now! Leave this place and I will be killed! I just might stand a chance to survive if I move forward!"


It was easier said than done though. She found it hard to believe that Chen Xiaobei could stop the entire horde of walking dead when even the seven powerful elites in front of her had failed to do so.

"Little Qi, come with me! In times like this, only Faction Leader Chen would be the one who can get himself out of a sticky situation! He has to risk his life to do it!" said Long Zishan.


Liu Xuanxin was struck by despair immediately. She had to admit that not even her Sifu was not where near powerful enough to stop all the members of Anti-bei Alliance. In order to stay alive, Chen Xiaobei had to stay here to fight off all the walking dead. Knowing that she would not be much help if she stayed, Liu Xuanxin left the place with her Sifu harboring a heavy heart.

"Faction Leader Chen, do you want me to take care of your friends?" asked Long Zishan.

"Thank you so much, Faction Leader Long. I will leave them to you!"

"We are not leaving! Who says that we are leaving?! We are brothers! I would rather die together with you than abandon you here! We are not cold-blooded animals! There's no way that we will leave this place without you!" said Xiangyu, Six-Eared Macaque, and Li Xiang at the same time.

"Brothers, believe in me! I will have to do this on my own!"

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1550 Tough Figh

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