Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1635 - Miraculous Blueprint

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Chapter 1635: Miraculous Blueprint

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What is it? Tell us now!” Chen Xiaobei said impatiently.

Jiang Ziya nodded. “When I was still in the Chanism, I was placed in charge of the merit points ledger! We just need to use merit points to exchange for a Divine Instrument from the merit points ledger, and we’ll be able to fix this wreckage in no time!”

“Divine Instrument? How can I afford… The last time when I scrolled through the merit points ledger, a One-Star Deity Pill was priced at 100 million merit points! A One-star Divine Instrument should cost about the same!” Chen Xiaobei frowned. “More importantly, Shen Gongpao and the old crook Primordial Lord of Heaven had made some changes to the merit points ledger to target me! For every item I exchange, 10 times the merit points will be deducted! That means 1 billion merit points will be deducted for a one-star Divine Instrument! I can’t afford that even if I save up for 100 years!”

“What?!” Jiang Ziya shouted. “The Chanism is getting more and more ridiculous! This kind of behavior is against the heavenly laws! Using unscrupulous methods to achieve their personal objectives – how is that any different from the demons?!”

Six-Eared Macaque was fuming. “Since you were banished and replaced by Shen Gongpao, the Chanism’s behavior reached a whole new level of obscenity! Even demons are better than them!”

“Alright, enough! There’s no point talking about that now!” Chen Xiaobei said. “Old Jiang, tell me, what is that Divine Instrument called? I’ll see if I can borrow some points from my friends!”

“If you can use your merit points to exchange for it, that’s going to be very difficult to borrow!” Jiang Ziya said, filled with resentment. “Only Tiangong Xingjun has that instrument. Tiangong Xingjun is an officer in the Celestial Court, and the Celestial Court is a minion of the Chanism. Tiangong Xingjun might not lend it to you! He would be too afraid to lend it to you!”

“Tiangong Xingjun?” Chen Xiaobei asked. “Can you just tell me what the Divine Instrument is called?”

Jiang Ziya nodded. “It’s called ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’!”

“What? ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’?” Chen Xiaobei lit up. “That’s like manna from heaven!”

“What does that mean?” Jiang Ziya scratched his head.

Chen Xiaobei’s smile only grew wider. “Last time, during a Red Envelope s.n.a.t.c.hing session after the King of Glory compet.i.tion, I managed to s.n.a.t.c.h a ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’! I haven’t had time to take a closer look at it and find out what it’s used for!”

Jiang Ziya exclaimed, “Wow! What!!! You’re one lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You already got what you need!”

Those who with them were also stunned. They thought that Chen Xiaobei would never be able to borrow the ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’. It never even crossed their minds that Chen Xiaobei would have already possessed one!

How convenient!

Chen Xiaobei nodded. “That’s because I received 30 million merit points. My luck was at an all-time high. The things that I received were all very useful!”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Jiang Ziya rubbed his hands gleefully. “Take it out now! We can fix this wreck now!”

“Alright!” Chen Xiaobei took out a drawing printed on a piece of blue paper.

It was not very big, only about the size of a book. The closely-packed architectural drawings were reminiscent of a construction blueprint.

Chen Xiaobei knew nothing about architecture or construction, and he could not understand the complicated drawings but what he was certain of was that the blueprints’ Spiritual Attribute was very strong – no ordinary Spiritual Instrument could compare to it.

“This ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’ is very arcane and very convenient!” Jiang Ziya said. “You only need to visualize the exterior of a building, and the blueprint will automatically produce a construction blueprint. You can adjust the blueprint in your mind, and once it is confirmed, the building will take form immediately!”

“Wow! That’s like fairytale magic!” Chen Xiaobei was very eager to try it out.

He walked towards a pile of debris, raised the ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’ into the air with both hands and began to make a Spiritual Connection with it.

Chen Xiaobei moved his mind, and an illusion of a blueprint appeared in his head.

He had seen many of Ancient Chinese buildings in Green Hill Starfield, so an idea popped into his head. Immediately, a cla.s.sic Chinese pavilion materialized in his mind!

“Wow! This is incredible!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. “All the buildings in Atlantis were European style buildings. Today, I will completely renovate it, and turn it Chinese!”

Chen Xiaobei then chose the interior design of the pavilion. He could even choose the style of the furniture himself! It was magical!

Once everything was selected, it was the final, most important step.


Chen Xiaobei smiled. He could not wait to witness a miracle.

Ding –

This design plan requires 200 thousand low-grade Spiritual Stones. Please put in the corresponding amount of Spiritual Qi.

“Oh…” Chen Xiaobei exhaled. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch! One low-grade Spiritual Stone is equivalent to 1 billion yuan! 200 thousand low-grade Spiritual Stones is equivalent to 200 billion yuan! I can build a country with that!”

“You can say that, but how many years does it take to build a country?” Jiang Ziya said. “You only have three days left! Your only option is to use Spiritual Stones to buy time!”

“Mm, that is true!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “A problem that can be solved with Spiritual Stones is not a problem anyway! There’s no need to be conservative and mediocre if I can use Spiritual Stones to create miracles!”


Chen Xiaobei waved his hands, and 200 thousand low-grade Spiritual Stones fell out of his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.

An invisible force crushed the stones, and released the dense Spiritual Qi inside, which was sucked clean by the ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’ in a blink of an eye.

Shortly after, a magical event took place.

Gravel, wood chippings, waste and residue on the ground were lifted into the air and then combined in a specific order to form bricks, doors, windows and furniture!

After that, the bricks, doors, windows and furniture came together and formed the exact cla.s.sic Chinese pavilion that Chen Xiaobei had thought up in his head!

“Wow! That was fast!” Chen Xiaobei exclaimed.

Except for Jiang Ziya, the others were all sh.e.l.l-shocked. Who knew that the ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’ was that effective?

“Experiment completed! Next, I want a big one! I want to rebuild the entire Atlantis in one go!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned as he stepped onto his Somersault Cloud and flew into the skies.

With the ‘Tiangong Construction Blueprint’ in both hands, Chen Xiaobei quickly constructed the new Atlantis in his mind.

Because he had the Sholar Heart, his mind moved faster than a supercomputer.

Pavilions, streets, alleys, the whole landscape – all of it came together in Chen Xiaobei’s mind to form a grand city!


[This design plan requires 30 million low-grade Spiritual Stones. Please put in the corresponding amount of Spiritual Qi.]

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1635 - Miraculous Blueprint

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